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Konnichiwa anime lovers!! you are at the right place where you will be provided will all details about the romantic comedy series that is available on Netflix “Romantic Killer” and its upcoming second season, cast, plot, and release date predictions. So far only the first season is available on the Netflix platform and speculations about the next season are being made. All 12 episodes of season 1 were released on 27 October 2022 which was followed by outrage on social media for the second season. As the one-year anniversary of the release date is approaching, fans are hopeful but nothing about “Romantic Killer” season 2 can be said right now. There isn’t any official confirmation from the maker’s end nor there is a buzz about the same. On a positive note, neither the makers have denied anything which keeps anime lovers hopeful about season 2. 

Why the hype? What is “Romantic Killer”?

Based on the manga series by Wataru Momose, Romantic Killer is a romantic comedy adaptation in the form of anime of this manga series. The anime web series is created by 

DOMERICA with Netflix having the exclusive rights for this series. Aging Japan’s population with low fertility rates and reluctant youngsters to propagate is the theme of this anime. Where a young girl named “Anzu Hoshino” is constantly involved in playing video games and has seclusion from actual romance. One day while playing a simulation video game named “Romantic Thriller“, a love cupid named “Riri” appears before her and guides her to involve in actual romance. Anzu is reluctant in the beginning but after “Riri” seizes her three beloved things from her life that is her video games, chocolates, and her cat “Momohiki, she agrees. 

Romantic Killer Reviews

It remained trending on Netflix for weeks after it was released. It has received positive feedback from all the platforms. On the rotten tomatoes platform, 97% of the viewers gave a positive review followed by 96% of people reviewing on Google. Popular movie rating platform IMDb rated 7.6 while MyAnimeList rated a solid 8.1 for “Romantic Killer”.

Romantic killer season 1 story so far

Romantic killer season 1

  • The story is deep-rooted around the situation of the low fertility rate Japan is currently facing and tries to convey a message to the young population of Japan to take an interest in the opposite sex instead of being bogged down by selfish desires and goals. It is a fantasy-based romantic-comedy anime that enshrines the life of Anzu Hoshino who is a high school girl and is very fond of three things from her life. The first one is about video games, the second is about chocolates and the third is about her beloved cat  Momohiki. 
  • One day she is busy playing a simulation video game named “Romantic Thriller” and all of a sudden “love cupid” from  Japanese folklore, named “Riri” appears. Riri’s ultimate motive is to indulge Anzu in a romantic relationship with some guy and in exchange “Riri’s” world will prosper. 
  • Anzu is shocked all of a sudden and tries to power down the game console but does not succeed. Then Riri withdraws three things from her life mentioned above that she is deeply fond of and can go to any extent in return. Then unwillingly she has to continue further in the game where she first meets her classmate named “Tsukasa Kazuki”. Tsukasa is a good-looking individual with all the qualities a girl can ask for. All her encounters with him in the anime are willfully staged by Riri so that they end up being together but this does happen.
  • Our second individual with whom Riri tried to pair Anzu is “Junta Hayami” a childhood friend. He was Anzu’s admirer since elementary school and had a history of being an overweight kid named “Tonta”. Junta discovered somehow that Anzu is more into athletic guys, he quickly transformed and shredded weight to play baseball. But all these were not enough and the two also do not end up being together. 
  • After Junta, a third character named Ryuya enters the game. Having qualities similar to Hoshino does not prove to be of great help here. Both are avid video game lovers but still do not end up being together.
  • The final guy here is Hijiri Koganei who is rich and good-looking. Anzu still is not convinced by any of the boys she has seen so far and decides not to date any one of them. 
  • Conventionally, we have seen the male and female protagonists end up being together but this anime is all about respecting the choices of other individuals and not rushing into things haphazardly. Sometimes you need to devote more time in finding a suitable match. This all is a big picture of season 1. There is a possibility if any further seasons are made, Anzu is able to find a perfect match and Riri’s task might be accomplished. Till then we can only speculate about forthcoming seasons or read into the lines of the manga series that have not been animated.
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Romantic Killer all characters, cast, and voice artists

Based on the manga series and writings of Wataru Momose Romantic Killer anime is a rom-com series by DOMERICA studios. Kazuya Ichikawa is the director of this anime series while Netflix is the main broadcasting platform. So far just season one has been released with a total of 12 episodes having an average runtime of 25 minutes. There aren’t any characters in the series which makes it more indulging and relatable. The character are mentioned below:

  1. Anzu Hoshino – Anzu is the leading character in this web series who is a high school student. She is mostly confined to her comfort of playing video games, eating chocolates, and petting her cat Momohiki. She is least interested in real-life scenarios of dating boys. Everything was going well on track until she plays a video game named “Romantic Killer”. Things start to go north for her after a wizard name Riri appears from the game whose primary motive is to involve Anzu in a romantic relationship with some boy. Rie Takahashi has given her voice for Anzu’s character in Japanese while Deneen Melody has given hers for English.
  2. Riri – Riri is a wizard who appears in the simulator video game. Forthcoming all Anzu’s encounters with any guy is plotted by him. Riri is a mischievous wizard who has the capability to manipulate situations. At the end of season 1, we see that Riri violated some policies and was replaced by Kate. Due to Riri’s spell, Yukana had to lose her memory which is forbidden to do so. Riri isn’t allowed to cast any spell that does not help Anzu romantically but Anzu is able to retrieve back Riri after declaring him as one of the romantic candidates. Mikako Komatsu is the Japanese voice artist behind Riri and Courtney Lin is the English voice artist. 
  3. Tsukasa Kazuki – Tsukasa is a good-looking boy and the first one to encounter Anzu. He is a reserved personality and they both met at school where Anzu accidentally breaks his phone after a collision. He is desired by most of the girls in school but does not revert back to any advances made by them. Both he and Anzu do share some alone time together but do not end up as a couple. For Tsukasa, Yūichirō Umehara is the voice artist in Japanese and Jason Griffith is the voice artist in English. 
  4. Junta Hayami – Riri plots Junta Hayami as a childhood friend for Anzu. Anzu later recognizes him who she referred to as “Tonta” and was a bit overweight then. After Junta discovers that Anzu likes athletic boys, he is determined to lose weight and later becomes a star baseball player. He is also scared of cockroaches similar to Anzu but overall is a courageous individual. Gakuto Kajiwara voiced Junta Hayami for Japanese while Aleks Le voiced for English.
  5. Hijiri Koganei – He is another individual plotted by Riri for Anzu. He is from a well-off family. He first meets Anzu after a minor accident where he is responsible for hitting Anzu with his car. After going on a date with her, he is rejected by Anzu which is a kind of shock to him. Later he is seen picking up odd jobs along with Anzu at a retail outlet. Still neither this duo ends up being together. Natsuki Hanae and Kellen Goff have voiced Hijiri Koganei in Japanese and English respectively.
  6. Other characters of Romantic Killer 
  7. Yukana Kishi – Voiced by Yoko Hikasa in Japanese and Jesse Valinsky in English, Yukana is a Tsukasa’s stalker. She fell for Tsukasa after a brief incident. She isn’t someone ordinary but a toxic stalker. She used to wait for him and send him parcels under fake addresses and names. She also drugged him once to have an advantage. This incident moved Tsukasa and he tried moving away but she is able to find him with the help of social media. She envies Anzu and has assaulted her once but was later arrested. She is sent to a medical facility but Riri is the one who solves this issue permanently. He erases her past memories despite the fact he wasn’t allowed to tamper with someone’s life in such a manner.
  8. Tsuchiya – Tsuchiya is the buttler of Hijri Koganei’s family. He is Hijiri’s well wisher and a fanboy. Anzu’s presence in Hijiri’s life is greatly acknowledged by him and wants them to end up being together. Kenjiro Tsuda for Japanese and Matthew David Rudd for English are the voice artist behind Tsuchiya.
  9. Arisa Kazuki – She is Tsukasa’s elder sister and is caring towards her brother. She first met Anzu at a coffee shop after an incident where she was heckled by a stranger after she accidentally spilled coffee. She is a protective sister and has rescued Tsukasa multiple times from unfavorable conditions. Marina Inoue voiced Arisa’s character in Japanese while  Gilli Messer voiced the English language.
  10. Saki Takamine – Saki is Anzu’s best friend. But the duo share a sister-like bond with each other. Anzu once saved Saki from a bully and since then they have bonded together. She is also a popular girl in school but one guy spread rumors about her in school after failing to get his feelings acknowledged. The voice behind Saki’s character in Japanese is Manaka Iwami while Jenny Yokobori has voiced her for English.
  11. Makoto Oda – He is a trustworthy friend of Tsukasa. His action is o mainly a coverup for Tsukasa’s hostile attitude towards girls. He is a good individual and a helpful friend to all. Once he helped Saki escape after she became uncomfortable with meeting her abuser at a Festival. Hiro Shimono is the voice behind Makoto Oda for Japanese and Ryan Colt Levy for English.
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Here are some FAQs about Romantic Killer Anime.

Where can I read Romantic Killer season 2 manga online?

There are several websites where you can read any manga series including “Romantic Killer” by paying their subscription fees. Mangakakalot and Viz Manga are such sites that have an abundance of manga series available.

 5 reasons to watch “Romantic Killer”?

  1. Though it is a comedy anime it is addressing a serious issue that Japan is currently facing of low fertility rates.
  2. It is one of the most highly-rated anime and underrated at the same time. It has a 7.6 rating on IMDb and 8.1 on MyAnimeList.
  3. If you have fallen for someone in your life ever then here you will find ample moments that might bring back nostalgia.
  4. If you love comedy then this series is for you. In between the episodes you will encounter many scenes that will compel you to laugh out loud.
  5. Here the female is the lead. In “Romantic Killer”, a young high school girl Anzu Hoshino is shown in the decision-making role where the course of the next action that will happen is dependent on her decision.

Where can I watch “Romantic Killer”?

All 12 episodes of season 1 from “Romantic Killer” are available on Netflix.

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