• Your favorite sports anime is set to be released in mid of this year with a bang! The volleyball-based series based on the manga’s 5th season will be rumored out this August.
  • Written by Haruichi Furudate, the manga series is a compilation of 45 volumes. 
  • The fictional series illustrated a high school boy “Shoyo Hinata” who despite his small height aims to become a prominent volleyball star in the future. His initial journey begins after joining his high school volleyball club at Karasuno High School. Later he joins the Karasuno club, to achieve big. Shoyo Hinata also nicknamed as the “Litte Giant” must overcome his arch-nemesis Tobio Kageyama, and work together to play for Karasuno.
  • This post shall illustrate all details related to the series and the people involved in creating such a masterpiece. You will find details about the voice-over artist, plot, vision, release dates, leaks, and fandom. 

Haikyuu season 5 release date

Season 5 will be released on mid-week of August 2023
Haikyuu season 1 release date 6 April 2014
Genre/category Animation, Manga, Sports, Comedy 
Country of origin Japan
Available on  Netflix
Director  Susumu Mitsunaka and Masako Satō
Production studio Production I.G
Total volumes 9
Original Manga is written by  Haruichi Furudate
Based on  Volleyball


Inspiration for Haikyuu

Inspiration for Haikyuu

  • Haikyuu is based on a popular Japanese manga series, written by Haruichi Furudate. The series has 45 volumes and was published by “Shueisha” publishers. It was first published in ” Weekly Shōnen Jump”, a weekly manga magazine by “Shueisha” publishers from 2012 February to July 2020. Apart from Haikyuu, Haruichi Furudate also wrote another prominent series named “King Kid”, and “Philosophy School, Yotsuya Sensei’s Ghost Stories”. 
  • The inspiration for “Haikyuu” was largely drawn from his own childhood as Haruichi himself was a volleyball player in his middle school and high school. Despite being a bellow average student in class, volleyball club was the sole motivation for him to attend school during childhood. His “Haikyuu” series was awarded the 61st Shogakukan Manga Award in 2016 and it even was ranked of the top three manga series for the year 2015 in Sugoi Japan Award. His this series was able to secure 5th position for best-selling manga series in Japan, in the year 2020. It was finally in 2014, an anime series was made by the “Production I.G” based on “Haikyuu”. The series became an instant hit thereafter.

Anime adaptation and series

  • Production I.G studios were the ones who made an anime series on “Haikyuu”. The first episode of the series was aired on 6th April 2014 on the “MBS” platform. The maiden season consisted of 25 episodes. After the series was immensely liked by viewers the second season soon followed on  4 October 2015 to March 2016 with 25 episodes. The very next year to be in sync with the hype, The third season was aired from 8 October 2016 to December 2016, with just 10 episodes.
  •  The fourth season however was released after a fairly long time of four years spread across two parts. The first half had 13 episodes on 11 January 2020 till April 2020 while the second half had 12 episodes that were aired from 3 October 2020 to December 2020. Now, after a long wait of 3 years, the final season has been announced to be released on August 2023. Recent updates indicate that the final season will also consist of two parts and will be released separately.
  • Sentai Filmworks is responsible for anime series and Viz Media is responsible for manga series in the North American continent. In India, the series is available on Netflix platform.
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Haikyuu reviews

Haikuu has become popular overnight and has been top rated Anime series on all platforms. Its series always remain in the top 10 trending list for anime on Netflix. Rating platforms such as  IMDb have given it a rating of 8.7 out of 10. Another great website for movie rating, rotten tomatoes have given it a 91% score. It is one of those series that has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google reviews. Now finding such a rating in Google reviews is rare but this series have managed to achieve it owing to its popularity among the users. Whenever it’s new season is released, it always remains a hot topic for discussion over forums and Q&A websites such as Quora.

Haikyuu characters, casts, and voice-over artists

  • The lead protagonist character is “Shoyo Hinata” and the voice behind him is “Ayumu Murase” while the English translation is done by “Bryson Baugus”. Another main leading character is “Kageyama Tobio” whose voice-over is given by “Ishikawa Kaito”. Another character from this series is “Oikawa Tooru” voiced by “Namikawa Daisuke”.
  • Other supporting characters include “Nishinoya Yuu”, “Kozume, Kenma”, “Tsukishima Kei”, “Kuroo Tetsurou”, “Sugawara Koushi”, “Tanaka Ryuunosuke”, and “Yamaguchi Tadashi” and the voice-over artists behind them are “Okamoto Nobuhiko”, “Kaji Yuuki”, “Uchiyama Kouki”, “Nakamura Yuuichi”, “Irino Miyu”, “Hayashi Yuu”, and “Saitou Souma”.

Where is Haikyuu season 5?

Where is Haikyuu season 5?

  • Post season 4 the official Twitter handle of “Haikyuu” tweeted that they will be working on two part film sequel which means the making of season 5 is going to take a bit longer than viewers have anticipated. Now since the work for the sequel movies has been completed viewers can expect both series and movie any time soon. You as a viewer will always have a win-win situation even if the studio wishes to launch either a movie or a series. 
  • The makers will not leave their viewers hope suspended any longer. However, it is speculated to be released on August 2023 but an official confirmation is still pending. So far the anime series has been able to capture 293 chapters of the manga series and the remaining chapters are to be completed in the following sequel. I do agree the wait is a bit longer but in the meantime, you can again binge-watch the previous seasons of the series so that whenever a new season shall be announced, you do not miss any details or references from the previous seasons. 

Why Haikyuu is immensely popular?


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  • The main reason for its popularity is people nowadays are more inclined to Japanese and Korean content. Viewers nowadays have become experimental and are always on a quest for new content other than Hollywood and Bollywood. There is also a significant rise of anime viewers among the Genz and millennial viewers. Anime offers unique scripts and storylines. The thrill and suspense compel the viewers to binge watch full series at a go. Anime showcases reality in the form of animation that is suitable for all viewers. To some people, anime is a way to escape the real world and immerse themselves in a fantasy world.
  • The huge popularity of Haikyuu is due to the fact it revolves around volleyball. There are not many series that are based on sports and volleyball is not showcased anywhere else like in Haikyuu. It features nail-biting matches filled with thrill, action, and strategy. All characters have a unique story that one can easily relate to one’s own life and its challenges. The animation, humor, and music depicted here are at par with other famous animation series. The music in Haikyuu is given by “Spyair”, “Burnout Syndromes”, “Yuki Hayashi”, and “Tachibana Asami”. The humor component in the series can also be appreciated. Even in English subtitles and dubbing the main crux of the humor has been maintained and it does not fade away due to any language barrier. It also showcases team spirit, friendship, rivalry, and sportsman spirit above all.
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Plot of Haikyuu

  • The series revolves around a central character named Shoyo Hinata. His obsession with volleyball started when he saw the Karasuno High School team playing the Nationals on TV. His actual inspiration in the team was “The Little Giant” named by the commentators. He saw similarities between himself and “Little Giant” as both were short in height. Later, Hinata becomes the second shortest person to play for his school team.
  • He was talented and athletic as well his vertical jump astounded many but initially when he started his own volleyball club in school he was the only member but within a few years, he was able to gather some other members to his team. In their final year of junior high school, his own friends joined his club so that he is able to qualify for the tournament but they had to face the adverse result due to lack of experience. Tobio Kageyama aka ‘The King of the Court’ became Hinata’s arch-nemesis after the tournament and he pledged to defeat Tobio in high school.
  • Shoyo worked hard and excelled in studies so that he is able to seek admission to Karasuno High School, the same school in which “Litte Giant” played but his dream of defeating Tobio is shattered there because he too was admitted to Karasuno for high school. The reputation of Karasuno High was at stake and it desperately wanted to bring back the glory it once had during the “Little Giant” era. Karasuno was also termed as “The Wingless Crows” by other teams.
  • His rivalry was short-lived with Tobio Kageyama, they both teamed up and became an undestructive duo. With Hinata’s speed and Tobio’s skills, their team became almost unconquerable. With this union, their individual strength was also magnified and very soon they were able to make it to the Nationals again.
  • Post high school both promised to become professional volleyball players and then parted ways with an intention to play in the same court in the future.
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Where can you watch Haikyuu season 5?

Whenever season 5 shall be released it will be available on Crunchyroll and Roku but the telecast is subject to the geography of the place you are currently residing in.

Release over Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu is a bit skeptical this time however you must check on such platforms regularly or follow their tweets, post, or trailer videos on social media platforms for the latest updates.

Other mentions and appearances

  • Apart from manga series and famous anime series, the radio drama of the same “Haikyuu” was broadcasted in 2012 November where voice actors provided samples for the characters of the series.
  • The series has also a game version of itself named “Haikyu!! Tsunage! Itadaki no Keshiki” which was released on the Nintendo platform on 25 September 2014 in Japan. Another game of the same series was launched in the same platform on 3rd March 2016 and was named “Haikyu!! Cross Team Match”.
  • Your favorite volley star has given cameo appearances in other games such as “J-Stars Victory VS” for the PlayStation platform.

Here are some FAQs regarding Haikyuu

When will the 5th season be released?

Your favorite series will soon revert with either the finale season or with two movie sequels covering all the remaining stories ahead.

How many Haikyuu movies are there?

  1. So far the makers have released four movies. The first one was released after the first and before the second season in 2015 named “Haikyu!! The Movie: Ending and Beginning” on 3rd July 2015. While another was also released shortly after the first one named “Haikyu!! The Movie: Winners and Losers” on 18 September 2015.
  2. The other two sets of the movies were released after the third season and were released on September 15th and 29th respectively. The name of the first movie released after the third season was “Haikyu!! Genius and Sense” followed by “Haikyu!! Battle of Concepts”.
  3. The last movie of the series is yet to be released though it was announced a year ago on 13 August 2022.

Who is the voice behind Shoyo Hinata?

Ayumu Murase is the voice behind Shoyo Hinata in Japanese while for English, the dubbing was done by Bryson Baugus.

Who dubbed Tobio Kageyama in Haikyuu?

Kaito Ishikawa is the man behind Tobio’s voice for Japanese while Scott Gibbs, an English voice-over artist dubbed it in English.

When was the first episode of Haikyuu released?

The very first episode of the sports-based series was aired on 6th April 2014.

Is Haikyuu available in English?

Yes!! Haikyuu has been dubbed in all major languages including English. You can also choose from various subtitles available.

Where can I watch Haikuu?

It totally depends on the country from where you are operating your device. However, the series is available on all popular platforms such as Netflix and Hulu.

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