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In this article, we are going to talk about MovieKids TV. It is a website that is free of cost. On this website, children can watch their favorite movies. There you can watch kid’s friendly movies and shows. If you want to spend some time with your family then you can visit this website to watch any movie.

This website has developed its features in order to help parents they can find the best movie for their children. On this website, you can get more than 2,000 movies and television programs that are family-friendly. There is an additional feature, which is a parent’s guide. There are many parents who like this website.

Here, we will be talking about some alternatives to this website and also focusing on its legality. If you are using any application then it is very important for you to understand whether it is legal in your country or not.

On this website, you may get many movies that you have seen in your childhood. There are many people who have stated that watching their favorite movies with their children makes them fall in love with the same movie again. You may also look for appropriate titles by going through the parental guidelines. If you have looked for the perfect movie everywhere then it might be challenging for you to search for movies but this website will really help you.

You will get both classic and latest movies on this website. We have already told you that this website is free of cost. If you are looking for a website like Moviekids then you must read this article with a lot of patience because we are going to discuss some of the alternatives of Moviekids.

What is Moviekids?

We have already stated that this is a website where anyone can watch movies and TV shows which are kids friendly. If you are a youngster and want to watch a kids-friendly show online then you can try this website. You can watch free TV shows by using the internet.

According to a report movie kids in 2022 have more than 1 million internet searches on a monthly basis. It might be possible that you have not heard of this website before reading this article but this is one of the most famous streaming and downloading websites.

According to many people, Moviekids is one of the most trustworthy websites where they can watch movies without paying anything.

Although, you must be thinking about why you should use Moviekids. There are many people who love watching movies so if you are one of those and looking for a good website then you should definitely use this website. You can enjoy your favorite movie at home with your family with the help of this website. There are many people who have stated that on movie kids they have not seen any kind of ads. You can also get your favorite movie in HD quality.

Features of Moviekids

Till now we have discussed many features of this website but now we are going to summarise all of those. 

On this website, you will get options to watch your movie in different video qualities, such as 480p, 720p, and 1080p. But if you prefer watching any movie in 4K or 8k then you can get movies in these qualities also. So, its first quality is that you get the option to choose the visual quality. You can stream movies of high-definition quality on this website. It might be possible that video lags in high quality if your internet connection is slow so we advise you to get a good internet connection while watching any movie.

You will get different sizes of movies depending on the video quality if you wanted to download any movie. Some of the sizes are 300MB, 700MB, 1.1 GB, 2.56 GB, etc. You can also watch any movie on your mobile phone by using this website if you don’t have a laptop or TV. You just need stable internet service

You will get a number of movies and TV shows to watch on this website because the developer of this website has included many new and old movies in order to entertain people. You can watch movies belonging to many different genres, some of these are romance, action, thriller, slice of life, school life, drama, sports, history, psychology, etc. 

Another amazing quality of this website is that you will not see any advertisements on this website. You will get easy access to the content. If you have any problem understanding English or Hindi language then you will get movies in many different languages on this website. 

There are many people who have stated that this website is safe and secure. There is no need to download any content in order to watch it, you can easily stream that movie or show if you wanted to watch it. According to many people, the quality of streaming is also very good and appropriate. They regularly update its library so people love this website. 

You also get the option to rewind or fast-forward the movie that you are streaming. There is no requirement to register yourself before using this website. 

You can also watch movies with subtitles, but we can say that not all movies have subtitles. We can say that it is easy and convenient to stream movies on this website. The contents of this website were updated regularly. We have already mentioned that anyone can stream a movie on this website but you can also download any movie. 

Another amazing feature of this website is that you can watch movies on any device by using this website. You can use your smartphone or tablet to watch any movie or TV show. You can watch anything from anywhere in the world. Anyone can take advantage of this amazing website. 

You will get an opportunity to watch many famous TV series or shows that have received top rankings all over the world. We have already stated that watching any show is not limited to TV. 

Is it safe to use Moviekids?

We are aware that it is not legal to watch any movie online. The question of whether this website is safe or not arises in everyone’s mind. This website has been shut down many times. But a new one has been created as an alternative to Moviekids. Recently people have started noticing this website and its popularity has increased rapidly. 

We have already told you that if you like watching Hollywood or Bollywood movies then you can use this website for your entertainment. This website has a great list of TV shows and movie series. 

It is not even safe to use this website because you have seen many advertisements and pop-up advertisements if you have ever opened this website. You have to make sure not to click any advertisement because that might result in the installation of some dangerous software programs.

You have to think twice before visiting these kinds of websites because it might be possible that unknown bots, adware, and malware might also affect your system. It is very easy to understand that any website which is illegal is unsafe. Any website which is unsafe is not good for your system and device. Moviekids have claimed that they are providing additional safety to their customers.

Is it legal to use Moviekids?

We have already told you that this website is illegal and it is against the law to use this website. If you are one ring that whether it leads to penalty then it is obvious that it might result in severe penalties.

We have already stated why it is not safe to use this website. Any person who is using this website has to protect his system from any dangerous software that might be present on these kinds of websites. 

How to access MovieKids?

There are many people who are wondering how they can get access to this website. We have told you that this website is illegal and not completely safe. But if you wanted to know the process to get access so we are mentioning each and every point in this section of the article. 

It is very easy to watch anything on movie kids. It is very important to have a good internet connection and a device. You can use a desktop computer or a mobile phone. You have to enter the website the URL of the website is https://www.moviekids.tv . After visiting this website, you may see a lot of TV shows and movies on the homepage. 

If you want to search for anything you can do that in the search bar that is given on the website. You can watch anything without paying any cost by just clicking on the movie of your choice.

If you want to register yourself on this website then you can also do that. Now we would like to tell you the process of signing up. The procedure is very simple. There are just 4 easy steps. 

You have to select the register option which is the first step. After selecting that option, you will get some questions. You have to fill in the first and last names, email addresses, and country of residence. 

The third step is to provide the necessary personal information that is required in order to complete the registration process. After this, you will get an agreement that you have to read its privacy policy in the terms and conditions of the website. This will complete the registration process.

User experience

Now we would like to tell you what has been experienced by several users while using this website. 

There are many people who have stated that their experience of using this website is flawless and they have enjoyed watching any show on this website. They have also stated that it is very easy to use this website and the process is very simple for many users. If you have no knowledge about the movie then you can read the information that has been given by the website on the video.

We have mentioned several features of this website in this article. You can watch any movie in different resolutions. Some of the resolutions are 1080p, 720p, 420p, or 360p. You can even download any movie from this website.

Is Moviekids down?

We have stated that MovieKids is an illegal website so, there is a high chance that it is not working currently. There are many people who have mentioned using VPN while using this website. There are many alternatives to this website, you can choose any of them if this website is not working. All of the other websites are almost similar. 

What are the benefits of moviekids app?

You can use this website on android and IOS. There is an application named the moviekids app. So now we would like to tell you some of the benefits of this application.

If you have any problem with the language of the movie that you are watching on the website then you can use the feature subtitles. We have already told you that you will not get any kind of advertisement while watching any movie or TV show on this application.

If you have any problem with the streaming speed of the video that you are watching on the app then you can also increase or decrease that speed by using the features that have been provided on the application. 

They have added an amazing feature of updates so you will get a daily update of TV shows and movies. In order to get access to this website there are fewer requirements.

How to Download Moviekids App?

If you have no idea how you are going to download this application, we would like to cover that topic in this article. 

Now, we are going to mention some of the steps that you have to follow in order to download MovieKids app.

The first step is to download the app from the internet. If Moviekids app is downloaded on your mobile device or any other device then you have to go to the security and then settings.

Then you have to turn on unknown sources in settings. The next step is to locate the application on your device. After this, you can start the app that you have downloaded.

Alternatives of Moviekids

As you know that this website is illegal so it is important to discuss some of its alternatives. We are just stating some of the alternatives of this website in order to help you. These websites are:

1. YesMovies

Yesmovies is one of the most popular websites. There is a high chance that you have heard of this website before reading this article. On this website, you can watch any movie in full HD quality and there is no need to pay anything, which means that this website is free of cost. On this website, you will get more than 9000 movies, documentaries, and TV shows.

If you like watching movies or documentaries then you should visit this website. There are many people who have stated that they have seen recent episodes of some popular shows on this website. There is no need to register yourself, you can watch anything without registration on this website.

2. LookMovie

Lookmovies is one of the most famous streaming websites. You can stream any movie on this website without any doubt. On this website, you can even watch the most recent movies and TV shows for free of cost.

If you are looking for a website where you can watch any movie or show with your friends and family then LookMovie is one of the best options. It might be possible that you have been going through some difficulties in getting access to this website, so in that case, you can look for some other alternatives to this website. 

According to many people, this website is user-friendly. There are many people who like this website because this website is very attractive. If you have decided on the movie that you are looking forward to watching then you can search for that easily on the website. You will get to select from many different options in respect of genre. 

3.123 movies

You can watch movies of high quality on this website. Some of the video formats are 4K, 1080p, or 720p. There is no need to register yourself on this website if you want to stream any movie or show on 123Movies. There is a chance of getting an advertisement on this website but you will not see any pop-ups. According to many people, this website is user-friendly. 


In this article, we have covered all the important aspects of Moviekids. But there may be some other relevant facts that are not possible for me to cover in this single article. We have already discussed in this article that it is a torrent website which means that it will provide pirated content, so it will be your decision to access this website. 

We have created a separate section where we have mentioned some alternatives of MovieKids which may work, but there are other websites also that we have not covered in this article. You have to read this whole article if you want to know more about this website.

Disclaimer: We have no intention of encouraging or supporting piracy in any way. Piracy is a criminal act and a serious offense under the Copyright Act of 1957. The goal of this page is to educate the general audience about piracy and encourage them to avoid such crimes. We also request that you not encourage or participate in any sort of piracy. There is no piracy promotion on this page; please avoid it and download the movie in the proper manner.

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