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SZA before and after surgery photos have been surfacing the internet time and again. SZA fans as well as other associated people are curious to know whether the singer has undergone any kind of surgery or implant recently. SZA before surgery pics appeared initially after Christmas. Here, I will try to unearth the reason behind comparing the two pics. Is it real news or fake news and what does SZA, the singer herself have to say in this regard, we will unearth all the theories surrounding SZA before and after surgery pics. 

What is SZA before surgery and after-surgery image?

It is nothing more than a comparison image where two images of SZA one belonging to her early career and the other belonging to 2023 are compared where you can see the contrast between them. In the newer picture, her nose looks bigger, her chins look chiseled up and her lips look smoother. Fans are suspicious that SZA has undergone some kind of Facial surgery. 

First of all, it is not uncommon for celebrities to undergo any kind of surgery or an implant. Many times for the looks or for the matter to seek attention, celebrities often undergo the knife to look more youthful and attractive. Previously, celebrities like Kim, Kyle, and others have undergone surgeries. SZA herself had undergone Brazilian Butt upliftment surgery in the past. But before we dive further into SZA before surgery facts and figures, let us know who SZA is.

SZA’s early life and background:

  • SZA, the full name is Solana Imani Rowe. She was born on 8th November 1989 and later on, adopted the SZA as her stage name. SZA is a professional singer and songwriter from America. Her initial hits included her self-released albums “The S”, “See.SZA.Run”, and EP.Z. In 2014, one of her creations topped the Top 10 US Independent Album charts. Her singing style consists of both R&B, Jazz, and Rock since her mother was a huge fan of the former while her father was of the latter. 
  • Though she was born in St. Louis Missouri, her childhood was mostly spent in Maplewood New Jersey. Her family believed in Islam and SZA was raised as a Muslim. Her father, worked as an executive producer in the CNN Network, while her mother was an executive in a leading telecom company. Apart from her parents, Solana has one half-sister and one brother. For her contribution to the music industry, SZA has won one Grammy Award in the year 2022 and 14 nominations so far. Apart from this, she was also nominated for the Golden Globe and the prestigious Academy Awards. In her career, she has collaborated with other famous artists including DJ Khaleed, Doja Cat, Rihanna, and others.
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As of now, SZA is one of the leading singers and songwriters. She has millions of followers on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Each of her song videos on YouTube has millions of views which depicts a lot about her popularity amongst the public. Each of her songs remains in the chart for longer duration but it was in one of her videos that caught the public eye. Fans began to notice some changes in her physical topography and very soon the SZA before surgery and after surgery poster circulated all across the internet. 

It was only after this post, she had to remove the clout. Here is a structured sequence of the events that followed. Also, know what SZA herself has to say in this regard. 

What does SZA have to say about before and after pics?

The singer SZA herself confirmed in a media briefing that she had undergone plastic surgery where she had butt implants done in Brazil but she denied all the allegations of any facial surgery or implants even though there is a huge contrast in her claims and what can be easily deduced from the SZA before and after pics. The difference is evident. Anyone can compare her new stills, photographs, and videos to the previous ones that were not more than a year ago and easily see the difference. 

Her last public concert happened on August 2023, along with fellow artists like Lil Baby & Friends, that was the moment when everyone was able to figure out the difference live. This rumor or controversy also gained air after this event. Fans all over social media began comparing the pictures and debated at length with each other. She is also being trolled for undergoing surgery and meddling with her natural looks. If you are still not convinced, then here are some more facts regarding SZA transformation that will convince you to believe what others have. 

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The year 2017 was a turning point in her career when she launched her first album “Ctrl”. Her looks in each of the soundtracks are different. Her hair is darker, lips look natural, while other features like breast, cheeks, and butt also look natural. Since the singer has already admitted Butt implant then accepting facial surgery should also not cause any hindrance. Her statement from the 2017 interview also tells that she had lost 200 pounds to be in shape despite this, her face still looks puffier. 

Why SZA is not accepting she has undergone surgery?

  • The main reason why she is being ignorant of this news is mainly because of religious beliefs. In Islam, any kind of surgery, piercings, or tattoos are strictly prohibited. She is either of regressive thoughts or is progressive and wants to be at peace in the religion. Any controversy regarding any religion is generally not welcomed by the people which might impact SZA’s career negatively. 
  • Another reason for her not accepting the fact of going under facial surgery is that maybe she is enjoying the attention. This attention is creating brand awareness amongst the people. We have often seen celebrities sparking unnecessary controversies to gain public attention so there is a possibility that she is following the trend. 
  • Another reason why she is not disclosing the actual reason for surgery is maybe she does not want to. Sometimes people get insecure about their looks and undergo some facial surgeries. Surgeries are not only restricted to celebrities. Anyone can undergo facial surgery and can reserve the right to keep it a secret. It can also be the case that SZA doesn’t want to share this with anyone therefore she is doing her best to keep it a secret.
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