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Hazbin Hotel is an adult music comedy animation whose pilot episode was released by YouTube animator Vivziepop on his YouTube channel on October 28, 2019. 

The Hazbin Hotel episode 1 was a collaborative animation creation by multiple animators and voice actors which had gained more than 90 million views as of November 2023.

After the overwhelmingly thrilling first episode fans are eagerly waiting for the takeoff of Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 since then and their wait seems to end soon as the Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 premiere season is about to begin. 

Fans are always asking when Hazbin Hotel episode 2 will be released and telecasted as they want to know more about Charlie’s rehabilitation center. 

In today’s article, we will learn everything about Hazbin Hotel Episode 2, its storyline,  cast,  voice actors,  plot,  and release date. 

We will also discuss the platform on which fans can watch Hazbin Hotel Episode 2.

When Is Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 Telecasting?

After the success of Hazbin Hotel Episode 1 which was launched in October 2019,  Animation movie fans are waiting for the announcement regarding the Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 premiere. 

But the liftoff of Hazbin Hotel episode 2 seems to have been delayed due to the onset of the coronavirus pandemic as many other websites and animation movies also got delayed during that period. 

But Now on September 28, 2023, Vivziepop announced through a YouTube video on his channel that Hazbin Hotel will have two full seasons of Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 which will premiere on Amazon Prime in January 2024. 

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 is expected to premiere as the full season in January 2024 and its second season release is also confirmed by the makers.

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The A24 and Bento Box entertainment studio stands for the production of Hazbin Hotel episode 2 or season. 

Hazbin Hotel Episode  Plot

Hazbin Hotel Episode  Plot

Series Name Hazbin Hotel
Genre Musical

Adult comedy

Dark Comedy

Creator Vivienne Medrano
Pilot Episode Director Vivienne Medrano
Characters  Charlie

Angel dust


Voice Artist
  • Erika Henningsen
  • Stephanie Beatriz
  • Blake Roman
  • Amir Talai
  • Keith David
  • Alex Brightman
  • Kimiko Glenn
  • Joel Perez
  • Christian Borle
Musician Sam Haft
Composer Evan Alderete


Original Language English
Number of episodes 1

Waiting for Hazbin Hotel Episode 2

What Is The Storyline Of Hazbin Hotel Episode 2?

Storyline Of Hazbin Hotel

Animation watchers believe that Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 will be in continuation of the storyline of Hazbin Hotel Episode 1.

Hazbin Hotel episode 1 shows that the princess of hell,  Charlie, opened a rehabilitation center, Hazbin Hotel, for devils to help them reach heaven.  Her rehabilitation institution – Hazbin Hotel – comes to be a laughing stock of hell as it fetches only one customer Angel Dust who is a gay spider. 

Suddenly a radio demon Alastor decides to help Charlie for his entertainment and both of them proceed on a comical journey to redevelop the flunking Hazbin Hotel.

Hazbin Hotel episode 2 appears to have the journey of Charlie to redevelop her rehabilitation hub, Hazbin Hotel, in hell to help others’ demons in a better way. 

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 is expected to be released in January 2024 as a full season on Amazon Prime as declared by the series creator.

What Would Be The Cast Of Hazbin Hotel Episode 2? 

Hazbin Hotel episode 1 of the show was released in October 2019 by YouTuber Vivianne as a pilot episode so animation movie fans can predict the majority of the cast and essences to return for Hazbin Hotel episode 2 of the show in January 2024 with few changes in voice artists which may include –

  • Charlie – Bisexual Princess of hell
  • King Lucifer – Ruler of Hell and Charlie’s father
  • Queen Lilith – Charlie’s mother
  • Angel Dust- A gay Spider demon
  • Alastor – A Asexual Radio Demon
  • Vaggie – Manager Of Hazbin Hotel and Charlie’s Girlfriend
  • Niffty – A hyperactive Cyclops demon
  • Husk – A pansexual and alcoholic cat demon
  • Rosie – owner of an emporium
  • Valentino – owner of the hell’s porn studio
  • Vox – a Television headed demon
  • Bethesda – hell’s aristocrat 
  • Helsa – Charlie’s rival 
  • Octavia 
  • Paimon
  • Stella

Many more recurring characters would be part of Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 which has not yet been corroborated by the creators. 

How to watch Hazbin Hotel episode 2?

The first episode of Hazbin Hotel is available on YouTube. 

And Hazbin Hotel episode 2 of the Orcfuoo season is expected to be available on Amazon in January 2024 in the form of Hazbin Hotel Season 1 and Hazbin Hotel Season 2.

Other Media Related To Hazbin Hotel Episode 2

Dirty Headings

In July 2020, “Dirty Headings” named Webcomic of 22 pages was hosted on the official website of the Hazbin Hotel series. 

The webcomic showed how Angel Dust learned about the Charlies’s Hazbin Hotel and how he entered the same for rehabilitation. 

A Day In The Afterlife

A 16-page comic named “A Day in the Afterlife” was posted on October 19, 2020, which focused on Alastor day to day-to-day life in Hell. 


An animated music video “Addict” was released on July 17, 2020, on Vivianne’s YouTube channel which featured Silva Hound’s song. 

Helluva Boss

Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 is expected to launch in January 2024 on Amazon Prime. 

A spin-off Hazbin Hotel Series was telecasted on October 31, 2020, as Helluva Boss. 

The Helluva Boss season takes place in the same universe as Hazbin Hotel but with a different character and cast members. 

As Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 is supposed to be about rehabilitation and consequences of past actions of the characters,  Helluva Boss was about the characters which already exist in Hell and the series focused on the relationship between characters in the show and runs parallel to the story of Hazbin Hotel episode 2.


Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 will be released as a full season in January 2024 as confirmed by Vivienne through a trailer video on his YouTube channel. 

All the adult animation fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of the Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 and it is believed that it will also gain tremendous viewers worldwide as the Hazbin Hotel pilot episode which was released in 2019.

Stay connected with us for the latest updates about the Hazbin Hotel Episode 2 release date and cast. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a Hazbin Hotel Episode 2?

Vivienne Medrano has confirmed the launch of Hazbin Hotel Season 1 and Season 2 in January 2024 on Amazon Prime. 

Where can I watch all of Hazbin’s hotel episodes? 

Hazbin Hotel season 1 is confirmed to be launched on Amazon Prime Video in January 2024 based on the Hazbin Hotel pilot episode.

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