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“Good Trouble season 5 episodes 11 and 12” or “part two of the Good Trouble” of season 5 will soon be made available for you. The show is one of the longest-running shows in television history and has completed 5 seasons so far. The Good Trouble episodes 11 and 12 have made the fans wait a bit longer as the previous episodes were available right one after another but since the work was not completed, the makers decided to telecast the show while the remaining ones that are yet to be completed will be made available to viewers within a year. The final season of the drama web series was aired on 16 March 2023 with a total of 10 episodes and if you believe in rumors the Good Trouble season 5 episodes 11 and 12 are confirmed to be released on 16th of March 2024. To have more insight about the Good Trouble show read below but before that, I must give you a disclaimer about spoiler alerts ahead.

Good Trouble series season 5 episodes 11 and 12

  • If you have already watched “The Big Bang Theory”, which is the second highest watched series after “Friends”. Good trouble like the TBBT is also based on science and tech and has many references from the subject. This show is extremely popular among the scientific community but that does not exclude others from watching the show. 
  • The show is made by the Freeform studios and was telecasted on the Freeform channel. The first season of Good Trouble was aired on January 8, 2019, and so far 5 seasons have been completed with a total of 78 episodes. Since the new season of the show is released each year without fail, fans can pretty well make out that “Good Trouble season 5 episodes 11 and 12” or “part two of the Good Trouble” series is confirmed on 16th March 2024 with a bang. 
  • Good Trouble is a spin-off of the popular American series, The Fosters. The genre of the show is a drama where Adams-Foster siblings Callie and Mariana move to LA for better opportunities. You can also consider “Good Trouble” as the sequel to The Foster series. Callie joins a law firm where she works under Judge Wilson whereas Mariana lands a job as a software engineer. The two characters explore the world around them where their neighbors are extremely helpful and become their close friends. This show is the best example of modern-day challenges such as becoming queer parents or excluding time for loved ones, it has drama, action, thriller, and romance. So much is the popularity of the show that each season promo on the Freeform YouTube channels has millions of views in each video. The show runs across parallel stories of all the characters and how they are interlinked with one another. The busy schedule of LA shows how people are juggling between jobs and struggling in their personal lives, love lives, or emotions.
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Here is the list of seasons with the number of episodes and release date

Good Trouble Season 1 – The first season of this drama American series was released with 13 episodes where the first one was aired on January 8, 2019, while the last one was on April 2, 2019.

Good Trouble Season 2 – The second season was released in three parts having 18 episodes in total to hold the public together, The first part had just 8 episodes followed by the second part with 2 episodes, and the final part with again 8 episodes but the season took nearly a year to complete.

Good Trouble Season 3 – The third season had 19 episodes in total and was also released in 3 parts having 10, 9, and 9 episodes respectively in each part.

Good Trouble Season 4 – The season before the fifth season has only two parts of 18 episodes in total with 9 in each part.

Good Trouble Season 5 – The data of the previous season shows that each season consists of more than 15 episodes for each season but for the fifth one only 10 have been released so the next part of “Good Trouble” season 5 consists of episodes 11 and 12 is declared to be released on 16 March 2024.

Where can you watch Good Trouble season 5?

If you are already living in the North American continent then you can enjoy the show and repeat the telecast on the Freeform channel but if you are outside the States, then for you the show Good Trouble is available on Disney and Hulu platforms and both these platforms have all the seasons combined. On 16 March 2024 when the “Good Trouble season 5 episode 11” will be released, it will be aired exclusively on these two platforms only. To enjoy the series, you have to buy a subscription that has been charged accordingly based on your requirements and usage.

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Good Trouble series rating at a glance

The American show, Good Trouble has a huge fan following in the states as well as across, the show largely drew its viewers from “The Fosters” fanbase. It has been highly suggested and appreciated by the critics. Talking about the rating, the show has a decent score 0f 7.5/10 on the popular IMDb platform while in Google reviews it has been rated 4.5/5 

Good Trouble Story so far

Mariana is trapped on Silas’s farm and is shocked to see Evan and Joaquin also being captivated on the same farm. All three characters then decide to free themselves in which they succeed. The trio devises a plan but as soon as they reach the last phase of the execution, an unexpected event occurs. Dennies and Davia are going through a rough patch in their relationship whereas Alice is actively looking for better job opportunities. Fans were left brokenhearted when news about Callie leaving the show was circulated but she has made a comeback in the fifth season and is here to stay longer. 

Mariana is back to the Speculate with her mom to support her and Malika is seen juggling between work and life balance but a surprise visit from someone from her past will give a new direction to her life. In the later episodes of the fifth season, Mariana is extremely stressed regarding Evan still both working together to mend ways whereas Gael and Jazmin are still recovering from the news of being queer parents, Dennis has invited everyone to Haven’s lunch party but is anticipating that someone will bail out from it. Madison on the other hand is still beyond traceable and Joaquin and Mariana are still finding trails of him.

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Good Trouble Cast 

Maia Mitchell Callie Adams Foster
Cierra Ramirez  Mariana Adams Foster
Bryan Craig   Joaquin Peréz
Josh Pence  Dennis Cooper
Emma Hunton  Davia Moss
Roger Bart Judge Curtis Wilson
Priscilla Quintana  Isabella Tavez
Beau Mirchoff Jamie Hunter
Tommy Martinez Gael Martinez
Booboo Stewart Luca Ryusaki 
Emma Hunton Davia Moss
Sherry Cola  Alice Kwa
Zuri Adele  Malika Williams
Beau Mirchoff Jamie Hunter
Producer Joanna Johnson
Director Bradley Bredeweg
Cinematographer Peter Paige


Good Trouble is already a hit show in the American continent which is full of entertainment, emotions, romance, and modern-day challenges. Since all the seasons of Good Trouble were aired sequentially every year from 2019 to 2023, so the “Good Trouble season 5 episodes 11 and 12” will be aired on 16th March 2024 as promised by the makers while the first half of the fifth season having 10 episodes has already been released March 16, 2023. Before this date, a promo of the “Good Trouble season 5 episodes 11 and 12” will be uploaded on their communication platforms such as Twitter, Youtube, or Instagram which will serve as a confirmatory tool for you.

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