Where can I watch Overflow season 2? Release Date Details


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!! Overflow is an anime that is categorically for adults. It is a hentai porn-based anime and includes the display of nudity, and intimate scenes which are not appropriate for young viewers to watch. This article contains all the details about Overflow anime and has erotic references to the series. Viewers as well as readers should proceed further with their own discretion.

Overflow: season 2 release date 

Before disclosing any details about the release date of the second season it is important to acknowledge that viewers who are thinking Overflow is regular anime should be aware of the fact that every year Japan releases many hent*i-based anime and publishes hen*ai or ecchi manga series. Overflow belongs to this kind. It is one of the best hen*ai anime, first released on 6th January 2020 with 8 episodes. It was created by Hokiboshi Studio and was directed by Rei Ishikura. It is also a manga-based anime based on the works published by Eeyo Kurosaki. There are only three characters in the series that have been brought to life by Yoshihiro Watanabe. Since it has a limited number of characters it makes it easy to understand and binge-watch. Onni Chan/Kazushi Sudo or referred to as Ni-Ni by the Shirakawa sisters. He is a university student who also works part-time at a store. He is visited by his childhood friends Ayane Shirakawa and Kotone Shirakawa who attend high school. This series depicts an erotic relationship between them and is a must-watch anime.  Since it was released first time in early 2020, speculations are being made about the release of its second season. Officially, there isn’t a date that has been fixed for the release of the second season but there are two main reasons why a second season might be on its way. The first reason is that it is customary nowadays that any anime or series which have been released, they have always been released in parts to bring up the hype about any given anime or series. Even movies nowadays have prequels and sequels that are released a couple of years later. The second reason is that the last 8th episode of the first season ended with Onni thinking that his juggling between the two sisters isn’t going to end soon which is a clear indication that the second season might show up and maybe Ayane and Kotone get to know that Onni has been sharing his love with both of them simultaneously. 

Overflow ratings and reviews:

It has been rated 6.8/10 by the IMDb platform and 7.2 by myanimelist platform. The reason was such an average rating for Overflow is the category it is kept. It is an henta* based anime. Here importance is given more to the graphics and audio than the storyline. Nevertheless, this anime has an amazing storyline that everyone can only fantasize about. 

Overflow characters

As mentioned earlier there are only three characters in this anime whose names and voice artists for Japanese have been listed below however, we can expect the introduction of more characters in the Overflow season 2 anime:

Onni Chan or Kazushi Sudou or Ni Ni Naohiro Sada
Ayane Shirakawa  Tomoe Tamiyasu
Kotone Shirakawa  Mai Kadowaki


Besides these three characters, there are also some unknown characters in the anime whose names still need to be discovered. Like there is one character who suggests Ayane to wear an apron to seduce Onni and the cheerleading group of girls whose details are also unknown. This series has not been dubbed in English therefore there aren’t names of the voice artists available but English viewers can watch this anime with the help of the subtitles provided.

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A quick recap of season 1 and the story so far


The maiden season of Overflow i.e. overflow season 1 was released on 6th January 2020. It consisted of a total of 8 episodes where the lead character Onni Chan or also called Ni-Ni narrates his experience of living together with two of his childhood friends Kotone and Ayane. Each of the episodes is of short duration consisting of full erotic scenes and stories described by the narrator. The first season premiered on the TOKYO MX channel strictly for the adult audience. The theme of the anime is “Please enjoy the story of us three” when translated into English. Here are the English-translated names for the 8 episodes of the Overflow anime:

  1. In the Bath with Two Soft Sisters
  2. She Is Amidst a Dream Next to Me
  3. Two Hearts Getting Closer
  4. A Flushed Body Going Wild
  5. Two Excited People in Hiding
  6. I’ll Tell You What’s in My Heart 
  7. Under an Apron-Wearing Temptation
  8. Fully Captivated by Sisters
  • In the initial episode of the first season, we see three characters Onni Chan, Ayane, and Kotone who are high school students living together in an apartment. The beginning of hentai begins with Ayane being furious over Onni for missing the pudding when he returned home from his part-time shift at a general store. After a conversation, they all enter the common bathroom of the house where Ayane is busy washing her hair while Onni shares the space in the bathtub with Kotone. It is the friction between the two in the bathtub that makes Onni to be aroused and he starts exploring Kotone’s body and private parts. Just then Ayane too enters the tub leaving no space but leaves soon for some work. After she leaves, Onni and Kotone go into full banging mode. The same night while all are asleep with Onni in the middle and Kotone and Ayane on either side of the bed. Onni is still thinking about his experience in the bathtub with Kotone and becomes aroused again. He tries to persuade Kotone once more but instead of her, he starts exploring Ayane by mistake probably due to the absence of light. Ayane is unwilling in the beginning but soon tends to enjoy as they proceed further. Onni feels guilty about his actions the next day but to his surprise, Ayane skips classes and reaches home to confront Onni where she admits that she also has likings towards him since childhood. Onni on the other hand is confused because he could not reveal that he had mistaken Ayane instead of Kotone the previous night. As soon as they enter the house they begin action from where they had left the previous night. 
  • After this incident, Ayane is ignoring Onni’s texts and calls. Onni has a misunderstanding and is clueless about the actual reason behind this strange behavior from Ayane. Due to Ayane’s absence things between Onni and Kotone begin to steam up. Kotone enters the home while Onni is alone and asks him why Ayane isn’t responding to her. She doubts that something must have happened between the two while she wasn’t there. Later she asks Onni to help her out in solving mathematical equations to which he agrees. Onni on the other hand is unaware of the fact that Kotone has eating alcohol-filled chocolates and is under the influence. Kotone makes seductive advances towards Onni to which Onni fails to resist and they end up hooking up together once again. But many days have passed and Onni is still unaware of the reasons why Ayane has been ghosting him. He finds a perfect opportunity during a school sports event where after Ayane’s performance he brings her to a secluded locker room to ask her. Ayane is able to clarify the misunderstanding and states that she was feeling a little embarrassed after their previous hookup. During their conversation, they are interrupted by the girls who visit the locker room. To avoid any confrontation, Ayane and Onni hide behind one of the lockers. The two again end up making out in the locker room while Kotone is seeking Onni on the school playground. 
  • After they finish making love both head toward the field where Kotone notices them together and is suspicious about them. Kotone is participating in a scavenger hunt event where she gets the task to run with the person they are interested in. She grabs Onni’s hand and drags him to the finish line securing the first position. Later, she takes Onni to the school classroom where she expresses her love for him. She is also aware of the fact that Onni will always prefer Ayane above her but has no problem sharing him with someone else. This conversation is soon followed by lovemaking multiple times. Later they all head towards the apartment. Onni purposes a plan for an outing because there is an off given by the school. Kotone and Ayane are excited about the excursion and Ayane promises to make lunch for all three. The next morning Onni wakes up and is surprised to see Ayane nearly naked working in the kitchen. She is barely wearing any clothes except for an apron. Ayane explains to Onni that it was a favor from her end that she was returning on behalf of everything he does to make them happy and again Onni falls for the trick that is affirmatively followed by coitus. That very day they head towards a water park that is fully packed with customers. Onni is astonished on seeing both of them together in a bikini. Soon Kotone and Ayane enter the pool and start playing but after splashing from the water ride, Kotone is gripped in an embarrassing situation. Her bikini fell off due to the impact in the water and she was feeling uncomfortable while struggling to cover her private parts. Onni comes to the rescue and takes her inside a room while Ayane goes to fetch a pair of bikinis for her. Here in the room, we witness the last erotic scene between Kotone and Onni after which they head towards their apartment. While returning, Onni still thinks it all began in a tub and ended in a pool bathing together. 
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Here are some FAQs about the Overflow anime series

When is the Overflow season 2 anime release date?

There hasn’t been any official confirmation from the maker’s end. But viewers can still be hopeful for the second season in times to come because of the way things ended up between Ayane, Kotone, and Onni. In the last episode titled “Fully Captivated by Sisters” of the first season Onni thinks that his simultaneously hooking up with Kotone and Ayane isn’t going to end soon which hints that the second season might be arriving where things conclude the way they should. 

Is the Overflow anime suitable for 18 years and below?

No, it is categorially a Henta* anime which includes nude visuals and intimate scenes that are only suitable for adults. It is an adult anime based on fictional characters and is strictly for the audience of 18 and above. 

Is Overflow anime available in English?

No, for the time being, it is only available in Japanese but English viewers can take the help of the English subtitles provided and enjoy without hindrance. 

How many episodes of Overflow season 1 are there?

The first season has 8 episodes with an average runtime of 7 minutes. The name of the English translation of episodes are:

  1. In the Bath with Two Soft Sisters
  2. She Is Amidst a Dream Next to Me
  3. Two Hearts Getting Closer
  4. A Flushed Body Going Wild
  5. Two Excited People in Hiding
  6. I’ll Tell You What’s in My Heart 
  7. Under an Apron-Wearing Temptation
  8. Fully Captivated by Sisters

What is the theme of the “Overflow” anime series?

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“Please enjoy the story of us three” is the theme of the Overflow anime series when translated in English. 

Out of Kotone and Ayane, whom does Onni love more?

So far till the story has developed, Onni is emotionally more connected to Ayane while has only physical attractions towards Kotone. 

Where can I watch the Overflow anime series uncensored?

Although the second season has not been released, viewers can watch the first season from the sites and platforms mentioned below.

Talking about the legit sources of platforms you can always choose to view anime content from Crunchyroll which hosts exclusively anime and manga series after paying a premium of a certain amount. If you wish to watch content other than anime you can always choose from well-known platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Disney+ Hotstar. All these platforms require a subscription that you need to pay either monthly or yearly. All these platforms have a well-organized collection of movie series and a decent amount of anime. 

In order to avail the same content for free, you can rely on the websites mentioned below:

To begin with the free anime providing platforms you should visit:

  • Telegram app
  • anime-planet.com
  • AnimeHeaven
  • Dubbed Anime
  • AniMixPlay
  • Crunchyroll
  • Masterani
  • 9Anime
  • Hidive
  • archive.org 
  • Simplyaweeb
  • MyAnimeList
  • Kissanime
  • GoGoAnime
  • Animedao
  • Zoro
  • Animixplay
  • Animesuge
  • Contv
  • Funimation

All these platforms will provide you with the option to stream or download series movies in 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, or 8k depending on the availability along with audio and subtitle options for multiple languages.

Additionally here are some other websites that you should visit for content other than anime. All these sites will provide you with English, Hindi, South Indian dubbed web series movies and documentaries in 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4k, or 8k formats. You simply need to look up for your desired series and it will give you the results. 

  • bgestv.com
  • vimeo.com
  • Mp4moviez.net
  • Tamilrockers
  • movies123
  • filmy4web
  • Filmyzilla.com
  • Extramovies
  • Yomovies.com
  • dailymotion.com
  • Downloadhub
  • Filmymeet
  • Pagalmoviez
  • Filmy4wap.mom
  • vegamovies
  • Bolly4u
  • fmovies.to
  • Tamilblaster
  • hbomax
  • peacocktv.com
  • rottentomatoes
  • kinopoisk
  • hdtoday.cc
  • free-movies.to
  • justwatch.com
  • Filmyhit
  • nicovideo
  • zoro
  • xfinity
  • sky.com


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