Where to Watch Overflow Anime-Uncensored? Full Details


IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER!! This article contains details about the Overflow h-anime series, its season 1 details, and all updates regarding season 2. The Overflow is H*ntai category-based series therefore it contains uncensored nude scenes, and sex scenes which are not suitable for the younger generation. It is solely based made for entertainment purposes for the adult audience. Therefore this article contains certain references to this erotic series. Viewers as well as readers should proceed further with their own discretion.

There are certain segments of anime viewers as well as manga readers who prefer Hent*i porn, H-anime, or to be more specific Ecchi or Yuri anime. Since manga and anime pornography is a regulated sector market, there aren’t many options available for a viewer to choose from. Anime such as  Amakano, Resort Boin, Prison School, and Bikini Warriors are there but when it comes to selecting the best he*tai anime, Overflow is the one. Overflow is one of the uncensored h-porn anime available. Characters in this series do indulge in frequent sex and the display of b**bs and nudes is prevalent throughout the series.

Here are complete details about the erotic Overflow series

This series is created by Studio Hokiboshi who has a record of transforming manga into anime series. The director of the series is Rei Ishikura while the manga series has been scripted and compiled by  Eeyo Kurosaki. In the animated series, the characters have been illustrated by Yoshihiro Watanabe while in the manga by Kaiduka. 

What is the plot of the Overflow anime series?

Overflow anime series

Kazushi Sudo is a university student. He is visited by his childhood friends the Shirakawa sisters. One of the sister’s names is Ayane Shirakawa while the name of the other sister is Kotone Shirakawa. One day Kazushi and Kotone were having an intimate bath together when the other sister Ayane also decides to join them to seek revenge for a pudding that Kazushi forgot to bring. This is such an anime where words feel short in describing the actual events happening in the series. In order to enjoy this series to the fullest you must watch it online on the platforms discussed below.

Overflow ratings and reviews:

Overflow hentai* anime has been given a decent rating of 6.8/10 by IMDb and a solid 7.2 rating by the myanimelist platform.

Now, in such categories of h-anime series, you generally do not care about the storyline, plot, or background. So irrespective of the rating provided by the different platforms you should still watch it because it is one of the best hen*ai porn-based anime. 

Overflow characters

There are hardly more than three characters in this series

The main lead here is  Kazushi Sudou who is voiced by Naohiro Sada in the original Japanese language. Ayane Shirakawa is voiced by Tomoe Tamiyasu, and Kotone Shirakawa is voiced by Mai Kadowaki in the same language. This anime has not been dubbed into English. However, you can take the help of the subtitles available.

Overflow season 1 details and episodes

The first season of this hent*i anime was released on 6th January 2020 on  TOKYO MX. It is an erotic story of a teen named Onni Chan or Ni-Ni who has frequent and alternate sexual encounters with his childhood friends. He is the narrator of the series where is is sharing his experiences that he had while living together. The theme of this season is “please enjoy the story of us three”. A total of 8 episodes have been released with a short duration of each episode and here is the list of all episodes from the first season:

  1. In the Bath with Two Soft Sisters – The first episode of the first season begins with Onni Chan arriving at his house after his part-time job where is welcomed by his two childhood friends Ayane and Kotone. Ayane is furious with Onni because he forgets to bring her the pudding she had specifically asked for. After some time they all enter their bathtub where Ayane leaves after washing her hair leaving Kotone and Onni alone. Onni tricks Kotone and they both establish an intimate relationship in the first episode.
  2. She Is Amidst a Dream Next to Me – In the second episode of the first season, we see Onni repenting and thinking about the actions he did the previous day with Kotone. Both Kotone and Ayane are sleeping on either side of his bed. Onni feels aroused again and he timidly approaches Ayane for another favor which he mistook her for Kotone. But it is already too late for both of them to receive since they come a long way in intimacy before Onni realizes it. Ayane on the other hand was reluctant in the beginning but later she loosens up to go with the flow. 
  3. Two Hearts Getting Closer – In the third episode, Onni is seen thinking about his actions which might lead to complications in things and relationships among all three. While on his way back home he sees Ayane approaching his house after skipping classes in school. On confrontation, Ayane asks why about his previous night’s action. Onni is confused to reveal the truth because it might hurt her if he accepts that he committed that act after he mistook Aynae instead of Kotone. Before he could say a word further, Ayane accepts that she too was inclined toward him and it had been long since he called her cute. Then both enter the house where Onni apologizes to her for his last night’s actions. Ayane also forgives him and asks wheater he would like to continue where they had left behind. Soon they are seen engaging again sexually. 
  4. A Flushed Body Going Wild – The fourth episode begins when Onni is checking his phone. Ayane has been ghosting him since their previous meeting and Onni is curious to know the reasons for hit because now Ayane is not just a childhood friend to him but something more. Then Kotone enters the room where she asks if is there something wrong between Ayane and Onni, has Onni done something that might have pissed her off? She even explains that Ayane has been reluctant whenever she invites her. Then Kotone asks Onni Chan to review her exam. While they are solving geometric co-ordinates problems, Kotone makes the first move and sits close to Onni. On looking Kotone advances, Onni thinks that he should warn her about the other boys. But before he could utter a word, Kotone swoops up and kisses him right on the lips. Onni discovers that she is under the influence of alcohol which she unknowingly consumed after eating alcohol-filled chocolates. Kotone asks him what he feels about her to which Onni does not answer. In the next scene, they are seen naked sitting together in bed, and soon indulging in action.
  5. Two Excited People in Hiding – The fifth episode opens up with a scene from the garden where all three of them are snacking at a school sports event. The event begins with a performance by the girl’s cheerleading group where Ayane is performing and diverts her attention from Onni. On seeing this behavior from Ayane, Onni thinks that he should clear out the matter between him and Ayane. So he takes her toward the locker room where he could confront her alone. Ayane explains to him the reason that she was feeling embarrassed after their last meeting which was the only reason she was being ignorant to his calls and messages. Their conversation is interrupted by the girls who stormingly enter the locker room. To avoid any suspicion, Ayane and Onni enter one of the lockers alone. Being closely stacked together in the small locker, Onni starts touching Ayane wickedly. When the girls leave the locker room Onni asks Ayane to continue outside the locker to which she agrees. Now they enjoy uninterrupted lovemaking while in the field Kotone is searching for Onni.  
  6. I’ll Tell You What’s in My Heart – This episode continues from the school sports event where Kotone sees Ayane and Onni together. Seeing them together, Kotone is able to conclude that the two have sorted things out between themselves. Then we see Kotone participating in the Scavenger hunt race where she has to run along with Onni and manage to secure the first position in the race. The rules were simple for the race where it was written to run along with someone you are interested in which was revealed later when Kotone sneaks Onni to a room in school so that she could express her feelings for him. She revealed to him that earlier she was interested in Onni but now she has accepted her fate and is willing to be the third wheel in the relationship. She doesn’t mind him preferring Ayane but wants herself to be the second one available for him. In between the conversation, they once again end up making up in the room alone while Ayane is waiting in the hot temperature outside for both of them.
  7. Under an Apron-Wearing Temptation – In the second last episode of the season, Kotone briefs that there is a day off declared in school after the sports event. Onni proposes to go for an outing that day to which Ayane also expresses her will and to add further she purposes to pack lunch for all of them. The next morning Ayane arrives at Onni’s place. Onni wakes up and is shocked to see Ayane in his kitchen wearing only an apron that too in a very seductive way. On inquiring Ayane explains that it was suggested by one of her classmates to wear only an apron to grab his attention. Onni also finds it cute and Ayane explains to him that it was a return gesture from her side for everything Onni has done for the sisters. Onni’s desires are triggered again and they start making out in the kitchen. Kotone arrives after they have finished making out and the seventh episode ends here. 
  8. Fully Captivated by Sisters – In the eighth and final episode, Onni takes Kotone and Ayane to a swimming pool that is filled with people in swimwear. Kotone arrives before Ayane after changing and asks Onni how is she looking in a bikini. The very next moment Ayane also arrives and asks him the same question to which Onni states that he finds it somewhat revealing. Ayane is furious about his remarks and comments that Onni has poor fashion judgment. Kotone and Ayane soon enter the pool and start playing. Ayane mocks Kotone about her breast size and touches them to tease her. Then both of them climb high to enjoy the water ride but Kotone’s bikini falls off and disappears in the water. She feels embarrassed but Onni Chan comes in front of her blocking everyone’s view meanwhile, Ayane goes to fetch another pair of bikinis for Kotone. Kotone thanked him for staying by her and both move to a secret hideout room. Soon both are overpowered by lust and again end up hooking up together. The season ends with all three of them walking towards home where Ayane mentions despite all the trouble they enjoyed a lot. Kotone is thankful to Ayane because she arranged a bikini was her after the incident meanwhile Onni is busy thinking that all this starts with a bath and ends in a bath and it is not going to end very soon for him. 

Here are some FAQs regarding the Overflow anime

Is the Overflow series suitable for kids?

Do not be mistaken by looking at a poster of the series online or by looking at its genre as anime. Overflow is hentai porn anime and is made solely for the adult audience. It contains full-length hentai porn that is too uncensored. Japan is the leading producer of manga and anime series. Sometimes people get confused over the categories in which manga and anime have been divided. Animes are nothing but animated depictions of manga series, comics, or books. Children are mostly attracted to such animation and this becomes the point where the line needs to be drawn. Often parents allow kids to watch any animated series which is a huge mistake. All viewers and parents must acknowledge the fact that anime come in various categories and genres. There are certain animes that are suitable for kids but not all. Most of the anime that are available are created keeping adult viewers in view. There are a plethora of examples in which murder violence or pornographic content is shown. The segment that deals with the depiction of pornographic content in animated form is known as Hentai or Ecchi in Japanese. Overflow anime series come under this category and is therefore not suitable for all viewers. 

Is Overflow anime available in English?

No, it is available only in Japanese but English subs have been provided which will not hinder your experience in enjoying this anime. 

Where can I watch Overflow season 1 all episodes uncensored?

There are several legitimate and illegitimate platforms from where you can watch this particular web series. The legitimate sources include the Crunchyroll platform and Roku. Both these websites are accessible to the viewers after a marginal payment which constitutes their annual or monthly subscription. Here out of these two platforms, Crunchyroll has the upper hand. Crunchyroll is one of those platforms that host anime content only. All the movies and series that are listed here are anime of various genres and categories. You can simply search for Overflow on its platform and start watching. Also, the episodes were telecasted on the Tokyo MX channel. You can check regularly if the repeat telecast is done on this platform.

However, there are other several platforms where you can watch Overflow anime for free. These are torrent websites that will not only provide you with anime but also many other OTT platform series/movies/documentaries for free. Contents from all leading platforms such as Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Roku, and Disney+ Hotstar are available here arranged together in specific genres. You can either choose the option to download or stream online. Almost all the contents that are available here have multiple audio options as well as subtitles. 

There are some leading platforms that provide anime-related content for free. You can look up the sites listed below:

  • archive.org 
  • anime-planet.com
  • Kissanime
  • Funimation
  • Telegram app
  • 9Anime
  • GoGoAnime
  • MyAnimeList
  • AniMixPlay
  • AnimeHeaven
  • Zoro
  • Animesuge
  • Crunchyroll
  • Simplyaweeb
  • Animixplay
  • Animedao
  • Contv
  • Masterani
  • Dubbed Anime
  • Hidive

All these websites are dedicated to anime and depending upon the availability, you will be provided with suitable dubbed language or subtitles for your desired anime. 

Here are also some other websites that will provide you not only with anime but also other newly released web series/movies for the change. Here is a list of a couple of such websites:

  • free-movies.to
  • hdtoday.cc
  • bgestv.com
  • nicovideo
  • kinopoisk
  • zoro
  • rottentomatoes
  • xfinity
  • vimeo.com
  • peacocktv.com
  • justwatch.com
  • filmy4web
  • Filmyzilla.com
  • Mp4moviez.net
  • Pagalmoviez
  • Filmy4wap.mom
  • Tamilrockers
  • Extramovies
  • Yomovies.com
  • Filmyhit
  • Filmymeet
  • Tamilblaster
  • Downloadhub
  • Bolly4u
  • dailymotion.com
  • hbomax
  • fmovies.to
  • sky.com
  • vegamovies
  • movies123

All these websites are easy to access. You can simply open any one of the websites mentioned above and search for “Overflow” either in the search bar or scroll through the anime genre. 


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