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  • Amazon Prime is one of the leading OTT platforms for content streaming where by just paying a minuscule subscription price per year, you can enjoy the benefits of unlimited web series, movies, animes, and some of the other content as well irrespective of the country’s origin. There are countless number of best Crime Drama web series on Amazon Prime that are available for viewers just a few clicks away. Since there has been a substantial increase in the number of Anime viewers, Amazon Prime has some of the best anime on their platform dubbed in various languages from Japan.  The anime on the Prime platform is also categorized into various categories such as comedy, thriller, romance, drama, and horror, and most of them are based on popular manga series. Here all of them have been collaborated for you so that you get a clear picture about the quality and the variation of content available in Amazon Prime.
  •  Like all other web series/movies, they are either based on true events, manga, inspired or are mere fiction. Since the pricing of Amazon Prime is competitive with other platforms, the viewers’ graph is on the rise which has motivated the Prime platform to push for more diverse and good quality content. So in Amazon Prime itself, one can expect Hollywood, Bollywood, Indian, Anime, Japanese, South Indian, and other web series/movies from regional and foreign industries. The second advantage of choosing the Prime platform over others is that it has content available in other languages along with subtitles plus the additional Prime benefits a user gets by subscribing to the platform is self-explanatory. See the complete list of best Crime Drama web series available on Amazon Prime along with their detailed reviews. Also do check the list of best anime on Amazon Prime given at the end.

Breathe: Into the Shadows season 1 and season 2

Breathe: Into the Shadows

  • Breathe: Into the Shadows season 1 and season 2 are the franchise of the “Breathe” series but there is no link between them. Breathe: Into the Shadows has a different plot and one can directly start watching from season 1. If you are familiar with “Dissociative identity disorder” disease, then there are a lot of surprises already awaiting you in the series. It is an Indian web series where a physiatrist himself is suffering from Dissociative identity disorder but is unaware of his condition and how it has affected him and his family for so long. There is Drama, Crime, and Triller involved in each episode of this Indian web series which is enough for a viewer for a nail-biting suspense. Actors from Abhishek Bachchan to Amit Sadh have diligently performed their roles which can be considered one of their best lifetime roles. It tries to showcase how a person’s will to harm others depends on one’s comfort. The reviews and ratings of the web series speak for themselves about the web series. The leading rating site IMDb has rated it a solid 7.6/10 while on the most trusted platform Google Review, it has a 4.5/5 rating. Talking about the reviews, viewers have found the theme of the web series unique and the rest of the praise has gone to the acting of the actors/actresses involved. 
  • Produced and directed by Mayank Sharma, Breathe: Into The Shadows is exclusively available on the Amazon Prime platform with Abhishek Bachchan and Nithya Menon in lead roles. Apart from these two, Amit Sadh, Ivana Kaur, Saiyami Kher, and Shrikant Verma, are also there along with some other supporting and recurring characters. The first season of the web series was released on 10 July 2020 consisting of 12 episodes while the second season was released on 9 November 2022 with 15 episodes. Dr Avinash Sabbarwal whose role is played by Abhishek Bachchan, is a psychiatrist while his wife  Abha Sabharwal works in a leading chain of hotels. One fine day when they send her daughter to a birthday party, goes missing from the party. Months after this incident, the couple received some information regarding their daughter along with a videotape. As all had suspected, Siya had been kidnapped but the kidnapper does not ask for any ransom amount but gives some challenging tasks to the couple to perform in collaboration which involves criminal activities like murder. Inspector Kabir Sawant played by Amit Sadh who is still recovering from the trauma of his daughter’s death, is the investigation officer of the murders that are happening. Will he be able to catch the criminal in a time-bound manner? For that, you must visit the platform and binge-watch the web series. 
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  • Another hit web series in the best Crime Drama web series that is available on Amazon Prime is also from the Indian Industry. “Farzi” as the name suggests involves counterfeit money circulation by an ambitious individual. It is one of the latest additions to the web series collection in the Prime catalog. So far the official trailer of the “Farzi” web series has over 45 million views on the YouTube platform. Now talking about the ratings, it is one of the highly-rated web series in the Crime and drama category. In the IMDb platform, it has a massive score of 8.6/10 and it has also outperformed in Google review platform. Here it has a 4.7 score out of 5. It has performed on the Gadget 360 site where it only managed 3.4/5 but in other leading newspaper platforms like Times of India and India Today, it has a 4.5/5 score. Though the concept of the web series is not new, it involves the same old rivalries, a rough childhood, with some hint of love but still is a good one-time watch. So far only one season of this web series is available and it has a total of 8 episodes. Viewers are eagerly waiting for Farzi Season 2 to be available on the Prime platform but they will have to wait for some time as there is no news confirming its release. 
  • In the Farzi web series, well-known Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor plays the role of Sunny who is a skilled painter by profession. Vijay Sethupathi is the lead in charge of the Counterfeiting & Currency Fraud Analysis & Research Team whereas Kay Kay Menon is Mansoor Dalal who operates a nexus in India. Sunny can replicate the original currency note but to scale and circulate the notes, he has to buy some equipment with some initial capital so in a way he crosses paths with Mansoor who offers him good benefits in exchange. 



  • The most amazing Crime Drama web series from the British industry is Sherlock. Sherlock has a total of four seasons and each season has three episodes each with one bonus special episode. The first episode premiered on 25 July 2010 while the last one was on 15 January 2017. It has a million viewers all over the globe within these years. The Sherlock series is based on the work of popular author “Sir Arthur Conan Doyle” named “Sherlock Holmes” who is a detective by profession. Two movies were also made by the Warner Brothers group but do not be confused as they are from different franchises. The series has been created and directed by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. The theme is based on the Victorian era which will take you on a time travel journey. The picturesque, direction, acting, and plot play will keep you entertained throughout. The madness of this web series can be not only seen from its ratings or reviews but also from the awards it has won all along. It has been nominated in prestigious awards like Emmys, Golden Globe, BAFTA, and others and was the winner of the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards in the leading actor, and supporting actor category. 
  • On behalf of the ratings, it has a 9.1/10 score on the IMDb platform, 4.7/5 in the Google Reviews platform while 78% of the Rotten Tomatoes users have recommended the same web series to other viewers. Talking about the reviews, the third season of this series has become the UK’s most-watched crime drama series while its copyrights have been sold to over 180 nations worldwide. So all in all it is a web series worth watching and the mysteries, thrillers, and suspense will keep you entertained. The cast of the web series is also among the familiar faces. It includes Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, Martin Freeman as John H Watson, Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes, Lara Pulver as Irene Alder, Louise Brealey as Molly Hooper, Rupert Graves as Inspector Lestrade, and many other actors in the lead as well as supporting roles. Sherlock Holmes is a detective based in London while his flatmate is Dr John Watson who served as a doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps and has recently returned from his service in Afghanistan. Time and again Sherlock solves the mystery that often the law enforcement agencies or the government is unable to solve. So missing out on Sherlock Holmes from the Crime Drama series on Amazon Prime is not an option. 
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Reacher series

  • Another recent addition to the Amazon Prime category is Reacher. It has been recently introduced to the platform and within this short period, it has gained a wide popularity among the viewers. The main lead of the Reacher series is Alan Ritchson who is an American actor and has previously acted in many movies/series like “Aquaman” and “Brooklyn 99”. Reacher series involves crime, drama, and action and the direction as well as production work has been fulfilled by Nick Santora. The adaptation of the series is from a book called “Jack Reacher” written by Lee Child. So far only one season is available on the Prime platform but the second season release dates have been announced and is likely to be released on 15 December 2023. The trailer of the Reacher season 2 has been released on the official Prime channel and has surpassed the 5 million views benchmark. The series is now available in multiple audio formats including Hindi, English, and other foreign and regional languages.
  •  The first season of the series consists of 8 episodes and the second season is also likely to contain a similar number. The week “Reacher” was released, it remained the most streamed television series for the week which made it the first Amazon platform series to to make it into the list. On the review part, it has an above-average score of 8.1/10 in the most popular IMDb platform while on Google review it has a 4.6/5 rating. On the Rotten Tomatoes platform, 92% of the viewers approved of the Reacher series. 
  • Though the story of the web series is a bit predictable the characters of the series will keep you engaged the from beginning to the end. The episodes evolve into mysteries one after another and you will be curious to know the outcome as soon as the story becomes deep. Now about the cast and characters, the Reacher series is a mix blend of old and new faces. It involves actors who are experienced to those who are still novices in the field, all have collaborated to give you the best Crime Drama series of the decade. The main characters of the series involve “Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher”, “Maria Sten as Frances Neagley”, “Chris Webster as Kliner Jr”, “Malcolm Goodwin as Oscar Finlay” and “Bruce McGill as Mayor Grover Teale” while it also has some other recurring actors like “Willa Fitzgerald as Roscoe Conklin”, “Willie C. Carpenter as Mosley”, “Kristin Kreuk as Charlene”, “Christopher Russell as Joe Reacher” and few others. The plot for the “Reacher” begins with “Jack Reacher” who is an ex-U.S. military police officer and is homeless. He visits a town named Margrave in Georgia and soon crime begins to happen in the town. He is arrested for a murder and it will be interesting in the sees to know how he is connected to all those crimes. Intially you might think it is an action web series but don’t be mistaken it is one of the best Crime Drama series available on Amazon Prime platform which has recently been released. 



  • You should also check out some of the amazing anime available on Prime from the Crime Drama category. The very first one on the list is “Invincible” which is one of the best in the category. So far only two seasons have been uploaded to the Prime platform while the second one has been recently added to the category but the second season is still incomplete and the addition of a few more episodes can be anticipated in the future. The first season was released on 25 March 2021 and has 8 episodes while part one of the second season of the Invincible series was uploaded in November 2023 with four episodes. The remaining of the episodes are likely to arrive in early 2024. The main reason why this particular animated web series has such a huge fan following is because it is a superhero web series. It has a large viewer base as it falls in anime as well as sci-fi, crime, drama, thriller, and action categories. This show can be referred to as the animated version of another popular Prime series called “The Boys”. Both these web series have many similarities. 
  • About the reviews and ratings of this popular animated series, Invincible has a rating of 8.7/10 on the IMDb platform while on Rotten Tomatoes it has been recommended by 99% of the users. Another popular rating and reviewing platform, Google Reviews has given it a 4.7/5 rating. So the ratings and reviews for the “Invincible” series speak for themselves. The cast of this animated web series is also experienced as they have formerly worked in some of the other Marvel/DC superhero franchises. The voice-over actor for the Omni-Man is given by J.J Simmons who has actively participated in the Spiderman series by Marvel, another popular American actor who has worked in “The Walking Dead” series Steven Yeun voiced the character “Invincible”, the character “Debbie” is voiced by “Sandra Oh”, “William” is voiced by “Andrew Rannells”, and the whole series is the creation of the comic series by the popular writer “Robert Kirkman” who has previously written comic series like “Ultimate X-men”, “Marvel Zombies”, “The Walking Dead” and others. 
  • But it is an R-rated series and is definitely for minors so do check for the disclaimer before proceeding further, here Omni man is one of the main characters and is an alien to the planet Earth, he has arrived from Viltrum planet and possesses superhuman powers but he is married to Debbie who is human and the couple have a son named Mark Grayson aka Invincible. He had a normal childhood but after 17 years of age he starts developing super powers and with the guidance of his father Omni-man he learns to control them the story does not only end in saving others like in other superhero movies/web series, there are a lot of secrets that are yet to unfold. This web series is an attempt to show people the dark side of superheroes and how they are not heroes each time as we anticipate so it becomes necessary for you to check this amazing animated crime drama web series on the Amazon Prime platform as it is one of a kind. 
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Case Closed aka Detective Conan

Case Closed

  • Case Closed aka Detective Conan is another great Crime Drama animated web series that is available on the Amazon Prime platform. It is one of the most highly-rated and most popular anime in this category. The anime may not be available for some countries in the Prime platform or may be just a few seasons available out of many but irrespective of the seasons, there is no link between them. Like all other anime series, Case Closed is also based on a manga series illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. The original publication began in 1994 and is still being published. The original name of the series is “Detective Conan” but due to some copyright problems, the name was adopted as “Case Closed” for English viewers and also translated into the same language. Later, the anime was translated into various other languages like Hindi, French, Arabic, and others. Earlier it was regularly featured on Television but later since the OTT boom it was made available on the Prime platform. 
  • The reviews and ratings of this very series are as follows. In the IMDb site, it has been awarded 8.5/10 while for Google Reviews it is missing by 0.1 from the full score as it has 4.9/5 here. In the leading anime reviewing site, myanimelist, it has a score of 8.7/10 while in a platform that solely offers animes, Crunchyroll, it has a 4.7/5. Viz Media holds the distribution rights of the series outside of Japan. Directed by Kenji Kodama and Yasuichiro Yamamoto, there are many seasons of this particular web series and the dubbed ones are easily available on the Prime platform. “Alison Viktorin” is the voice artist behind “Conan’s” character for the English language while “Minami Takayama” is for Japanese. The story revolves around a student who has detective instincts. Shinichi Kudo is a high school student whose body was transformed into a child while he was following the clues of an organization. He often assists police in solving Criminal cases. The main reason why his body is of a child is that he was drugged with an experimental liquid which was not enough to kill him but due to some side effects, his body got transformed into a child. “Rachel Moore” whose voice has been given by “Cristina Vee” was his girlfriend before he was transformed into a child but she is unaware of this incident. Will she ever find out this mystery or move on thinking that Conan abandoned her? To find out more about this amazing animated web series, do visit the Prime platform.

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