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There are countless people involved in making of an anime. It includes animators, voice artists, dubbing artists, producers, and directors. This post will provide you all the basic information regarding all leading characters in the anime with a brief description of all of them. Based on the remarkable works of  Haruichi Furudate, “Haikyuu” is an anime based on a popular volleyball manga series by him and consists of 45 volumes.

“Shoyo Hinata” is the main character in the anime who is a determined volleyball player despite his small height. It reflects the values of teamwork and sportsman spirit where high schools compete against each other in volleyball matches at a national level.

Haikyuu voice artist English and Japanese

Here are all the details you want to know about “Haikyuu” in a lucid manner. You will find here details of voice artists with some interesting facts about the character.

Karasuno High School Volleyball team





Shoyo Hinata Ayumu Murase Bryson Baugus
  • Jersey number -10
  • Main protagonist
  • Student at Karasuno High

idol – Little giant

  • Also called – “the greatest decoy”
  • Physical feature- short height
  • Went to Brazil after high school
  • Finally was able to beat Tobio officially later in a professional league match after school.
  • Currently is a player for “Asas São Paulo” in Brazil
  • Plays for Japanese national team with Tobio
Tobio Kageyama Kaito Ishikawa Scott Gibbs
  • Jersey number – 9
  • Friend of Shoyo Hinata
  • Played for Karasuno high school as a volleyball player

Known as – King of the Court or volleyball genius.

  • Is an introvert
  • Played for Japanese national team
  • Other teams include “Schweiden Adlers” and “ Ali Roma” Italy.
Kazuhito Narita Kōtarō Nishiyama Gabriel Regojo
  • Jersey number 8
  • Left volleyball team
  • Worked well in duo with  Kōshi Sugawara
  • Now works for a reality firm
Hisashi Kinoshita Nobuyori Sagara Blake Shepard
  • Jersey number 7
  • Wing spiker at Karasuna high school volleyball team.
  • A supportive team member
  • After school started working for a train company.
Kei Tsukishima Kōki Uchiyama and Tomo Muranaka   Leraldo Anzaldua
  • Jersey number 11
  • Middle blocker
  • Tallest player at Karasuno high school
  • Also called “Tsukki”
  • Works for “Sendai city museum”
  • Later played for Sendai’s local team
Tadashi Yamaguchi Sōma Saitō and Hiro Nakajima Cameron Bautsch
  • Jersey number 12
  • Hardworking spear player
  • Is coached by Makoto Shimada
  • Best move “foat serve”
  • Now works for home electronics company
Yū Nishinoya Nobuhiko Okamoto Greg Ayres
  • Jersey number 4
  • Plays the defense position for Karasuno High school and also as a “libero”
  • Nicknamed as “Karasuno’s Guardian Deity”
  • Highly skilled player
  • Signature move “rolling thunder”
Asahi Azumane Yoshimasa Hosoya   Orlanders Jones
  • Jersey number 3
  • Strongest player of the Karasuno high school and a brilliant wing spiker
  • Despite being physically strong is soft spoken and kind hearted
  • Also referred as “glass heart”
  • Currently is a fashion designer based in Tokyo
Kōshi Sugawara


Miyu Irino Adam Gibbs
  • Jersey number 2
  • Nick name “Suga”
  • Is the vice captain of the team
  • Has a charming personality and is also called “ “Mr. Pleasant” specifically by  “Tōru Oikawa”
  • After school he works as an elementary teacher
Daichi Sawamura


  Satoshi Hino Justin Doran
  • Jersey number 1
  • He is the captain of Karasuno high school volleyball team
  • Is a wing spiker and a receiver in the team
  • Posses all the qualities of a good leader
  • Later becomes a police officer after leaving high school
Ryūnosuke Tanaka Yū Hayashi Greg Cote
  • Jersey number 5
  • Is a wing spiker in the team
  • K
  • Well known for his aggression
  • After school he opens a sports goods shop
  • Is married to “Kiyoko Shimizu”
Chikara Ennoshita Toshiki Masuda Adam Noble
  • Jersey numer 6
  • He is also a spiker in the team
  • Was part of “”ungrateful second-years” where due to some reasons players had to quit the team but returns later
  • Has self doubts
  • Now works as a physical therapist

Other faculty members and coaches of the Karasuno High School





Kiyoko Shimizu


  Kaori Nazuka Rebekah Stevens
  • Manager at Karasuno’s volleyball club
  • Former track club member
  • Is married to “Ryūnosuke Tanaka”
  • Secretly called as “the attractive manager” among the team
Hitoka Yachi

(assistant manager)

  Sumire Morohoshi   Brittney Karbowski
  • Is assistant manager at “Karasuno’s volleyball club”
  • Is clusmy and unorganised person but extremely intelligent
  • Is often intimidated by Shimizu’s presence
  • Later works in design company
Ittetsu Takeda

(faculty advisor)

Hiroshi Kamiya Gareth West
  • Teaches japanese literature at Karasuno High school
  • Also is the faculty advisor of the volleyball team
  • He is a complex person
  • Later becomes the head coach for  Karasuno volleyball team
Keishin Ukai


Kazunari Tanaka and Hisao Egawa David Wald
  • Is the alumni of Karasuno school
  • And later joined as a coach in the same school
  • Is considerate with to all players
  • Later he assists “Ittetsu Takeda” when he becomes the head coach


Who are the rivals of Karasuno High School?? All you need to know!!

Here is the list of all the rivals:

  • Aoba Johsai High School
  • Fukurodani Academy
  • Date Tech High School
  • Nekoma High School
  • Kamomedai High School
  • Shiratorizawa Academy
  • Inarizaki High School
  • Itachiyama Institute

Here are some facts about top rival schools and their characters

Aoba Johsai High School- The most prominent rival of Karasuno High School is “Aoba Johsai High School”. It has a position in the top 4 volleyball team but is always defeated by “Shiratorizawa Academy”. It star players are listed below:

Tōru Oikawa(Captain)   Daisuke Namikawa Chris Patton
  • Is captain of Aoba Johsai High School.
  • Was Tobio’s senior in Kitagawa Daiichi team
  • Named “Shittykawa” and “Crappykawa” by Iwaizumi
  • He has renounced Japanese citizenship and has acquired Argentina’s citizenship
  • Now plays for  CA San Juan S, Argentina league and Argentina National team.
Issei Matsukawa Isamu Yūsen Paul Locklear
  • Middle blocker player
  • Nicknamed “Mattsun”
Takahiro Hanamaki Tōru Sakurai Jack Ivy
  • Nicknamed “Makki”
  • A wing spiker with acute sense of humour
Hajime Iwaizumi Hiroyuki Yoshino Benjamin McLaughlin
  • Also referred as  “Iwa-chan”
  • Is a strong built athlete
  • Later becomes the coach of Japan’s national team
Kentarō Kyōtani Shunsuke Takeuchi Michael Wronski
  • Nick named “Mad Dog” due to his unpredictable behaviour
  • Superior agility

Nekoma High School -Their team is referred to as the natural enemy of Karasuno High but shares a friendly bond outside the court. It is based in Tokyo

Tetsurō Kuroo(Captain) Yūichi Nakamura Ty Mahany
  • Captain of the Nekoma High School team
  • Middle blocker
  • Nickname “scheming captain”.
  • Later works for Japan Volleyball Association
Nobuyuki Kai   Takanori Hoshino Joel McCray
  • Vice-captain of his team
  • Is a wing spiker
  • Ace player
Kenma Kozume   Yūki Kaji Clint Bickham
  • He is a team setter
  • Plays video games
  • Considered as brain, heart and backbone for his team.
  • Later he becomes CEO of a sports company and approaches Hinata for sponsorship.
Morisuke Yaku Shinnosuke Tachibana Jason Duga
  • Is the libero of his team
  • Also called  “the demon senpai”
  • Later played in the Japanese National team.


Here are some FAQS related to Haikyuu

What are some unknown facts about Haikyuu?

“ Haruichi Furudate” writer of the original manga series was himself a Volleyball player and has represented his school while he was young.

Where can I watch Haikyuu all seasons?

You can visit Netflix and Crunchyroll platforms for all seasons of Haikyuu. To watch all the seasons click (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

What is the rank of Haikyuu teams?

The ranks of the top 5 teams are:

  • Karasuno High Schoo
  • Shiratorizawa Academy
  • Nikoma High School
  • Aoba Johsai High School
  • Itachiyama Institute

How many Haikyuu seasons are currently available?

Currently, there are four seasons of Haikyuu

  • Season 1 – Haikyu!!
  • Season 2 – Haikyu!! 2
  • Season 3 – Haikyu!! Karasuno High School vs Shiratorizawa Academy
  • Season 4 – Haikyuu!! To the top

How many Haikyuu movies are there?

Here is the list of four Haikyu movies released till now

  • Haikyu!! The Movie: Ending and Beginning
  • Haikyu!! The Movie: Winners and Losers
  • Haikyu!! Genius and Sense
  • Haikyu!! Battle of Concepts

What is Shoyo Hinata’s age?

Hinata’s age is 16 years. All the players are in the first, second, or third year of high school so all their ages vary between 16 to 18 years.

Who is the most attractive character of Haikyu?

Kiyoko Shimizu is the most attractive character in the anime series.

Who marries Kiyoko Shimizu in Haikyu?

Ryūnosuke Tanaka marries Kiyoko later in life after finishing high school and getting settled.

Which is the best duo in Volleyball in Haikyu?

Shoyo Hinata and Tobio Kageyama are the best duos in the series. One is highly skilled and another is clever and tactful during the game. Initially, both were rivals but after they joined Karasuno High they played for the same team with the same motive. They both became the most lethal duo after playing together for a while.

Has Shoyo Hinata ever defeated Tobio Kageyama?

Shoyo’s dreams were shattered after he saw Kageyama in the same high school where he took admission and they played for Karasuno High till high school.

But after finishing high school, both entered into professional volleyball teams in Japan where Hinata who was playing for MSBY Black Jackal defeated Tobio Kageyama who was in Schweiden Adlers club.

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