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Important disclaimer!! This article contains spoilers from the anime and full-length details that are exclusively mentioned here. This article lists the background, cast, storyline, and well-researched important information for the upcoming seasons. 

Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 release date

NHK television network has already telecasted season 4 part 3 of AOT in Japan. Fans in the USA and other parts of the world are anticipating its release soon. The trailer for Attack On Titan Season 4 Part 3 has already been premiered on various Youtube channels and official platforms. Fans can expect Attack On Titan Season 4 final season towards the end of 2023. The final date of release is approaching for one of the longest-running anime and here in this blog you will get a brief recap of the anime and you will discover all leading platforms where you can enjoy watching all of its seasons.

Attack On Titan Season (AOT)

Attack On Titan Season (AOT)

Attack on Titan is an anime series as well as manga series written by Hajime Isayama. Since its first release on June 28, 2013, it has bagged many awards and prizes for various categories. It has won some prestigious awards and finished at different positions ranging from 10th to the top in Global TV Demand Awards, Anime Grand Prix, IGN Awards, Tokyo Anime Award, and Crunchyroll Anime Awards. It is the best action-based genre anime with some hints of dark fantasy. Till now 4 seasons have been released with a total of 90 episodes.

How many seasons of Attack on Titan are there?

SEASON 1 25 7 APRIL 2013
SEASON 2 12 1 APRIL 2017
SEASON 3 22 (1 – 12) 23 JULY 2018

(13-22) 29 APRIL 2019

SEASON 4 30 (1 – 16) 7 DECEMBER 2020

(17 – 28) 10 JANUARY 2022



Here is a quick recap of the incidents that have occurred in Attack of Titan so far

Since the last season is releasing after gaps of many months, you can refer to this blog to have a glance at the previous season’s plot details and facts.


  • Nearly a century ago Titans appear on the earth and started preying on humans. These people are giants and prey on humans, these creatures have arrived on Earth from a planet called Titans.  Humanity was on the verge of extinction. To save themselves from the foreign invasion, humans built three walls the outermost being “Wall Maria” than “Wall Rose”, and the innermost “Wall Sina”. Due to these walls, protection was guaranteed for further 100 years but one day Titans emerge mainly, colossal titans and armored titans who were larger than the walls. 
  • Our lead character Eren Yeager vows to avenge his mother’s death after she is eaten alive by one of the Titans and trains hard to counter Titan’s attack. Mikasa Ackermann his adopted sister and Armin Arlelt his friend also suffer losses after their hometown is destroyed by the Titans. Later, all three of them are seen working on a single mission where all three of them join the Scout Regiment, which is responsible to counter the attack from foreign invasion outside the walls. They all train hard for 5 years and another colossal titan appears after 5 years destroying the defense wall. 
  • Losing one man after another, Armin is demotivated and loses all hopes of survival. He has nearly surrendered to one of the Titans but is saved by Eren at the last moment.  Things do not go as Eren’s plan and Eren himself ends up being eaten by the colossal Titan. Mikasa fights with all the courage she had but before giving up she watches that one of the Titans is behaving hysterically. That Titan instead of eating humans is killing other Titans and is the strongest among all. With the help of this Titan, humans are able to win over this attack and later discover Eren emerging from this Titan.
  •  Eren is able to convince that he is among one of them and can transform into Titan as per needs. He repairs the damaged wall and is admitted to the Scout regiment which is being led by Levi Ackerman. The Scout Regiment is responsible for outer wall exploration and mitigating external threats beforehand. In one of their exploration, they encounter a female Titan who is intelligent and has transforming abilities similar to Eren. 
  • At one point in time, Armin and the female Titan are face to face with each other but Armin is unharmed by her presence. The group fails miserably in making an attempt to capture the female Titan alive. All of them are either injured or killed by the female Titan. This creates an outrage in Eren and he transforms himself into a Titan but is defeated and captured by the female. 
  • Mikasa and Levi chase them down and succeed in defeating the female Titan and retrieving Eren from her. Armin is able to conclude that the female Titan is none other than Annie who was trained along with Eren and Armin. 
  • At the end of the first season, the Scouts confront Annie and limit her but she transforms into a Titan and breaks all bondages. Eren is able to overpower her to some extent but she crystallizes herself. The damage caused by their scuffle into the walls is huge and season one ends with a Titan face through the walls overlooking the human civilization. It is revealed that the Titans are fabricated amongst the walls. 


  • After the intense battle between Eren and Annie, Hanji and other people discover that Titans have been fabricated along the walls of the City. The reason why this was done is not known to anyone except a priest in the city. Even after intense interrogation, the priest does not reveal the exact reason. Then in another clip, we can see many Titans approaching the city far from the horizon. Mike Zacharias orders everyone to spread on all borders and inform the neighboring villages and cities about this attack. Mike is able to tackle most of the Titans single-handedly but is left astonished by one of the Titans named “Beast” who could converse with humans as well as Titans. The Beast breaks his mobility gear and leaves ordering the remaining Titan to finish Mike. In this way, we lose another brave character Mike, who was considered one of the best warriors for humanity. 
  • Sasha Braus, another member of the Scout goes to her village to warn the residents. On arriving there Sasha is left stunned that all these villagers are missing and only an infant is left unattended where its mother is being eaten by the Titan sitting nearby. Sasha successfully eliminates Titan and takes the infant along with her. After travelling for a while she is able to trace the villagers and her dad among them. 
  • Connie Springer, another member of the elite forces also leaves for his village where he finds destruction everywhere. He finds a Titan resting on his roof who is constantly murmuring “Welcome home”. Connie Springer is deeply shocked by this event. 
  • The priest changes his mind after he witnesses his people suffering and tells Hanji that a member of the 104th corps named Krista Lenz has all the answers about the Titans’ appearance on the walls. Krista at that moment is at the castle along with Reiner Braun and Ymir Fritz. The Titans attack the same castle and our characters are surrounded by them. On finding themselves outnumbered Ymir Fritz transforms herself into a Titan. Just then, a flashback shows Krista is a nobleman’s daughter but is sent to the Scouts after changing her name. Immediately after this, the backup for Ymir arrives and the Scout regiment is able to save all of them. Ymir is severely injured and goes into a state of coma. Then Krista reveals her secret that her real name is Historia Reiss. The citizen after this discovered that there is no hole in the wall through which the Titans could penetrate. 
  • When the troops are returning Reiner Braun discloses to Eren that he is the armored Titan while Bertholt Hoover is the colossal Titan. He also reveals that they were the ones who were responsible for all this havoc after when they breached the wall many years ago. Reiner Braun discloses that their main motive was to end mankind and offers Eren to accompany them with other Titans after which they would leave humans unharmed. Eren declines his offer and all three of them engage in intense battle after transformation. Colossal Titan captures Ymir while Eren tackles the Armored Titan. The moment Eren was going to overpower Reiner, the Colossal Titan jumps over them knocking Eren unconscious. The evil Titans flee the scene after capturing Ymir and Eren. Erwin Smith and the Scout regiment leave for the woods to rescue Eren and Ymir. 
  • In the woods, Ymir and Eren gain consciousness and find themselves surrounded by mindless Titans. Reiner offers them to move to his hometown at night to which Eren refuses but Ymir agrees on a condition. The condition is that Bertholt Hoover and Reiner Braun will not harm Krista and take her along with them. 
  • Then a flashback about Ymir is shown where she is captured by the troops while she was a child. The troops inject a compound into her and throw her from the wall. This was the first time when Ymir transformed herself into a Titan. She spent 60 years as a Titan and ate one of Reiner’s friends. 
  • In the next moment, Scouts arrive at their location but Ymir transforms into Titan and grabs Krista, and all of them began to flee the spot. Erwin is able to block their way by engaging the mindless Titans in the battle. Armin confronts Hoover and distracts him by talking about Annie. Then Armin and Mikasa are able to free Eren. 
  • On the other hand, Krista is saved from Ymir by Sasha Braus and Connie Springer. As soon as you feel nothing can go wrong beyond this, the same Titan who ate Eren’s mother appears in from of him and Mikasa. Hans comes in between the way of the Titan and meets an ill-fated death. Eren is broken again and accepts his fate but Mikasa expresses her feelings for him and how he has always been protective of her. Now, Eren is motivated and unlocks another capability of him. He is able to control the mindless Titans and redirect them toward the armored Titan, colossal Titan, and Ymir. With his ability, he is also able to overpower the female Titan who ate his mother and Hans. 
  • Now they conclude that this capability of Eren to control other Titans was the main reason why all the Titans such as Annie, Ymir, and Reiner wanted to kidnap him. 
  • In the last scene, Connie and Hanji reveal that the Titans on the wall are Connie’s villagers and the one who was laying on Connie’s roof was his mother. 

Attack on Titan Season 3 recap

The third season was released in two parts


  • The first half of the season begins with Hanji performing experiments on Eren in order to unlock his newly discovered potential again so that he can seal the wall like before. The first shock in the season comes as the gruesome murder of the pastor at the hands of the internal military. This was an attempt by the government to hide their wrongdoings. They then capture Erwin Smith, commander of the Scouts, and declare them as traitors. The government’s next action is to capture Eren and Historia Reiss. Levi Ackerman’s prediction becomes true that the government wants to keep the secret about Titans hidden from the people therefore they were being dismantled. 
  •  Levi and other members of the  Scout arrive at a conclusion to move to Trost City to keep their identity hidden from the government. Levi and Scout ensure that Erin and Historia do not end up as prisoners in the hands of the government. All their plans are shattered when Kenny who is an ally of the government intervenes and both Erin and Historia get kidnapped. 
  •  Levi then interrogates a merchant who had helped in the kidnapping. The merchant reveals that he made an attempt so that he is able to protect his city, Trost. Levi vows to protect Trost to the merchant and in return, the merchant reveals the names of two assassins who had murdered partner Nick. One of the assassins whose name was Djel Sannes reveals to Levi that the present king is not the actual heir to the throne and Historia is the natural heir of their kingdom. 
  • Then a flashback about Historia occurs where her dad Rod Reiss was from the actual family and was involved in killing her mother. Then Rod changes her name to Krista Lenz. Rod also sends Kenny to kill Reaves for betraying him where his son Fliegel secretly watches his dad being killed. Back in the camp Hanji and Eren discover that whosoever consumes “Titan shifter”, he/she can transform into a Titan and this was the main reason why the government was after Eren so that they could get possession of the Titan associated with Eren. While on the political front, Erwin and his commander, Pixies prepare to overthrow the government and make Historia the Queen of the kingdom. 
  • The government on the other hand spread a rumour that all Scouts are traitors and Reeves was killed by Erwin leading to the arrests of many Scout members. Two of the government soldiers named Marlow and Hitch are convinced by the narratives of our heroes and help them by guiding them toward the least secured camp from where they could operate and launch attacks. Levi tortures the head of this camp and is able to gather the location of Eren and Historia. 
  • Back in Trost, Hanji meets Reeves’s son Fliegel and busts out the modus operandi of the military. The people of Trost are furious with the government and want to take matters into their own hands. Erwin also wants the government in court and said that they are on the verge of a political collapse. He mentions that people will soon revolt either after the wall is breached or due to a shortage of grains. Then the news comes that the wall has been breached and the government haphazardly closes the walls leaving some of the citizens outside. This decision of the government exposes the true intention of the government towards the public. But all these are a prank on the government planned by Erwin and Pixies as there was no such breach in security. Dahlis Zackery then arrives at the scene and exposes the government in front of the citizens. The very next step the military and the Scouts to align together and overthrow the government.
  • In all this jiffy, our main character is seen tied and Rod and Historia appear. He then memorizes how he had eaten his father. Rod makes a revelation to his daughter that Eren’s father was responsible for killing many members of their family. Rod then consumes the compound and transforms into the giant Titan ever seen. He and Eren are shown in a fighting sequence where Eren is able to eliminate Rod by throwing tonnes of grenades in his mouth. After the fight ends, Levi also discovers that Kenny was his uncle and receives the last Titan serum from him. Historia reveals her past to the public and is made the Queen. 
  • Back in the town, Hanji is able to build a Titan killer and meanwhile, Eren also discovers the hardening power during his fight with Rod. Our Scouts receive a victory welcome from the public and the season ends here. 


  • At the beginning of the second part of the third season, Eren is seen in a different attire and is on a mission to harden the Shiganshina District. Suddenly out of one of the walls, Reiner Braun appears and turns into a Titan. His transformation is followed by the emergence of Beast and other Titans in the scene. The Beast Titan throws a huge rock towards the Scouts rendering them into two units. The first unit is trapped with the Beast and the remaining ones are trapped with Reiner. Our heroes have nearly defeated Reiner but they discover that Reiner can transfer his consciousness to other parts of the body making him almost indestructible. Reiner then signals Beast to release Hoover who transforms himself into Colossal Titan. In this battle, many of the Scouts are lost and our heroes are outnumbered. Levi is the hero in this battle and destroys Beast Titan. Armin on the other hand notices that each time Colossal Titan uses steam his body shrinks to some extent. Erwin forces the Colossal Titan to use maximum steam to distract him meanwhile Eren sneaks from behind and frees Hoover from the Colossal Titan. Scouts are able to capture Reiner in the end and discover a letter written by Ymir. 
  • Zeke Yeager comes to save Hoover but Eren stands in the way. He confesses to Eren that they both are responsible for the death of his father and flees the scene after taking Reiner. Armin and Erwin are the two survivors and to revive back they require the only shot left to survive. The group decides that Erwin should be saved but he declines the offer and the shot is given to Armin. Arimin then transforms into a Colossal Titan as soon as he receives a shot. 
  • After the fight sequence, the survivors from the Levi squad reach the basement and discover that their country is just an island called “Paradis Island” and beyond that, there is a highly civilized civilization thriving in a country called “Marley”.  In the basement, they also discover three books where they find that the people from Paradis Island are called “Eldians” or “Subjects of Ymir”.  
  • Eren ventures into his father’s memory where he finds that his aunt was brutally murdered by a Marleyan officer. He also comes to know that many years ago Ymir Fritz had made a contract with the devils after that she started transforming into a Titan. After her demise, her soul was divided into 9 parts each representing a Titan. These 9 Titans were the actual Eldians or the ancestors of our main characters in the season. These Titans created havoc on the Marleyans but the Marleyans were able to set up a feud among them. Karl Fritz the ruler during that time took 7 Titans to paradise island and constructs 3 walls surrounding them. There are still many Eldians remaining in the Marley who are ill-treated by the people. Grisha Yeager becomes a founder of the Eldian restoration group and according to this group, Ymir was not a devil but a goddess. Grisha meets Dina Fritz and falls in love. The couple also has a son named Zeke Yeager making him Eren’s step-brother. He trains Zeke to send him to Paradis Island and retrieve the founding Titan so that they can use it for the betterment of the Eldians. Zeke tells this plan to the military resulting in the execution of all the members of the “Restoration Group”.
  • Later in the series, it is revealed that the “Smiling Titan” is none other than “Dina Yeager” and the “Owl spy” was Kruger who was himself a Titan shifter. Kruger tells Grisha Yeager that the lifespan of a Titan shifter is of 13 years. His death is approaching and he makes her in charge of the mission he left incomplete and hands over his attack Titan to her.
  • In the next scenario, Historia is seen reading Ymir’s letter that she had received from Reiner. Eren then is able to discover the reason behind his strength in the second season. He was able to use his powers because he was in direct contact with his stepmother Dina. Hanji explains all the secrets they have discovered so far in the basement about Paradis Island. In this way, people knew the exact reasons for all the incidents that have occurred so far in the series. The season ends with a beach scene that our heroes Erin and Levi squad members are seen enjoying. Erin hopes of settling matters with the Marleyander and the season ends here. 


  • In the first part of the fourth season of the attack of Titan, the scene opens with a battle between the Marleys and another nation. This season begins with the addition of more characters to the series. In the beginning, Commander Magath, Colt, and four Warrior kids are shown. These four kids are Gabi, Falco, Udo, and Zofia who are the warrior candidates. Marley is struggling to overpower the foreign invasion in the absence of Titans. Other countries have made significant advancements while Marley is lagging behind. Gabi one of the probable warriors, makes a significant move giving Reigner and Zeke an upper hand in the battle. In the end, the Jaw Titan and the Beast Titan come to their rescue, and Marley’s soldiers are able to win over the war. 
  • The Marleys review their status post-war where in a discussion Zeke suggests they should bring back the founding Titan that is inside Eren so that they become superior to other nations. In this season you will come to know the exact reason why Annie, Reiner, and Bertolt visited the Paradis Islands and joined the training corps. The first part of the fourth season is filled with many flashbacks about the characters which will keep you interested during the series. Porco is the Jaw Titan here in this season and Pieck is the Cart Titan. Zeke plans for a war on Paradis Island with the help of the Tybur family. Later in the series, Willy Tybur reveals that King Fritz himself went to Paradis Island. In the same meeting, Eren transforms into a Titan and has a scuffle with the War Hammer Titan. Levi and other warriors flee the scene and a tragic moment occurs when Shasha is shot by Gabi post-war scene. 
  • Then a scene shows Zeke betraying again but this time it was the Marleyans. Three years ago Yelena arrives in Paradis Islands and reveals that all her member including her are Anti Marleyatian members. She wants that rumbling should occur from which the Eldians will benefit more than the Marleyans. But for rumbling to occur they require the founding Titan as well as royal blood. In short, they require Eren and Zeke. At the end of this part, Marleyans attack the Paradis Islands, and Eren and Jaw Titan once again engage in a fierce battle.


  • The second part of the fourth season begins with a tragic incident. A blast occurs into the woods where Levi is severely injured. There is also a dead Titan from where Zeke emerges. Hanji somehow manages to sneak away along with Levi. In the next scene, we the Marleyans have arrived at Shiganshina where we witness an epic battle between Eren, Reiner, and Galliard. Onyankopon then rescues all other Levi squad members from the prison. Armin tries to convince others that Eren cannot betray Eldians at any cost then the Survey Corps depart to save Eren.
  • Our heroes deceitfully trick the Beast Titan and launch a lethal attack on him. Zeke then roars loudly which converts all the people who had drunk the liquid to convert into Titan including Falco. The turning point in the season occurs when Eren traps Reiner by using a hardening technique and Eren escapes. While running Gabi aims towards Eren and shoots him. Eren’s head goes flying into the air but is caught by Zeke before touching the ground. The flashback appears where it is shown how Zeke and Eren were brought up differently by Grisha Yeager since childhood though they were brothers.
  • There is also a little flashback shown about Ymir. Ymir was created by King Fritz to fight against hostile kingdoms. The king and Ymir had three children. One day in an attempt to save King Fritz Ymir sacrificed her life but the greedy King wanted that he should have more Titans on his side therefore he fed Ymir to the children in an attempt to make them Titans. 
  • In the midst of the battle rumbling starts and all the colossal Titans appear after breaking the walls. After this Eren along with other Titans steps outside as a founding Titan. All the eminies including Reiner and other characters who were once fighting against each other unite only to stop Eren. The last episode ended with Titans reaching the Marleyan country and Eren’s Titan avatar staring above them looking more dangerous and lethal than ever.




Eren Yeager Yuki Kaji Bryce Papenbrook  He is the main lead of this series.
Mikasa Ackerman  Yui Ishikawa Trina Nishimura Eren’s childhood friend.
Armin Arlert  Marina Inoue Jessie James Grelle A close friend of Eren
Reiner Braun  Yoshimasa Hosoya Robert McCollum Armored Titan
Ymir  Saki Fujita  Elizabeth Maxwell Cult leader
Krista Lenz/Historia Fritz Shiori Mikami Bryn April Royal Heir
Erwin Smith Daisuke Ono  J. Michael Tatum  Commander of the Survey Corps
Hange Zoë   Romi Park  Jessica Calvello  Strong and intelligent warrior
Levi Ackerman Hiroshi Kamiya Matthew Mercer  Best warrior 
Dot Pixis Masahiko Tanaka R Bruce Elliot High ranking official
Fritz Osamo Sunoe Charles Campbell  First king from the noble Fritz family
Rod Reiss Yusaku Yara  Kenny Green Father of Historia
Grisha Yeager Hiroshi Tsuchida Chris Hury Responsible for killing the royal family
Minister Nick Tomohisa Asō  Francis Henry Pastor of the city who guides them to unravel secrets
Zeke Yeager Takehito Koyasu and 

Daiki Yamashita (for young Zeke)

Jason Liebrecht Beast Titan

Brother of Eren

He was trained by his father Grisha to retrieve the founding Titan.

Bertolt Hoover Tomohisa Hashizume David Matranga Has the possession of the Colossal Titan.
Annie Leonhart Yū Shimamura Lauren Landa Is the female Titan in the series
Gabi Braun Ayane Sakura Lindsay Seidel Warrior candidate for Armoured Titan
Falco Grice Natsuki Hanae Bryson Baugus Another Warrior candidate for Armoured Titan
Colt Grice Masaya Matsukaze  Griffin Burns Warrior candidate for Beast Titan
Connie Springer Hiro Shimono Clifford Chapin Member of the Survey Corps
Marcel Galliard Masamichi Kitada Nathan Sharp Has the power of Jaw Titan
Captain Kenny Ackerman Kazuhiro Yamaji  Phil Parsons Leader of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad
Sasha Blouse Yū Kobayashi Ashly Burch (for seasons 1 – 3)

 Megan Shipman( for season 4)

She was previously a hunter

Here are some Faqs about the Attack on Titans anime

What are the names of 9 Titans in the Attack of Titan series?

In the series there are nine Titans whose names have been mentioned below:

Founding Titan  Eren and previously by Royal family
Colossus Titan Bertolt Hoover and later by Armin Arlert
Attack Titan  Eren Kruger followed by Grisha Yeager then Eren
Beast Titan  Zeke
Jaw Titan  Marcel Galliard and later by  Falco Grice
Female Titan Annie Leonhart
Cart Titan Pieck Finger
Armored Titan Reiner Braun
War Hammer Titan  Lara Tybur and Tybur family later passed on to Eren


Besides these 9 Titans, there are also some other Titans shown in the series

Pure Titans – Sonny and Bean are the pure Titans but are killed by Annie.

Wall Titans – These are thousands of Colossal Titans that were fabricated into the walls but woke up in the fourth season after the “Rumble”.

Who is the strongest character in Attack on Titan series?

Without any doubt, Eren Yeager is the strongest character in the series. The Founding Titan possessed by him is the strongest among all. His powers include strength, hardening, and telepathic communication. 

When will season 4 part 3 arrive at AOT?

By the end of 2023, the makers will release the final part of the final season. The trailer has already been released so there isn’t much time left for the last part to premiere.

Who is the best Titan hunter in AOT?

Levi Ackerman is the ace Titan hunter. He has deceived the Titans many times. He is one of the finest warriors.

Where can I find Attack On Titan Season 4 dubbed in English?

Almost all platforms that provide you with the streaming option give you access to multiple languages. You can simply select your desired language from the given available options. Generally, there are all widely spoken languages available that include English, Hindi, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and Japanese by default. If your preferred language is unavailable, you can watch the series with the help for subtitles.

Where can I watch Attack of Titan all seasons?

AOT is available on all platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Crunchyroll, and Disney+ Hotstar. You can enjoy watching this series after you pay for their subscription. 

Where can I watch Attack on Titans for free?

There are certain platforms that provide AOT as well as other movies, web series, and animes for free however these sites are not promoted. You can visit these platforms some of them are mentioned below:

Anime Planet 

Soul Anime

Tubi TV


Filmy4wap XYZ









You can also download the Telegram app and search for movies there. Additionally here are some other websites that can help you in your search:










In all the sites mentioned above you just have to look up your desired movie/series/anime and begin binge-watching them. Almost all sites provide you with multiple options you can either choose to watch online or download in various formats available.

Can a 14-year-old watch Attack on Titan?

It is not suitable for all audiences. AOT contains gruesome scenes of murders and violence hence it is not suitable for children who are below 18 years of age. Even if you are eligible to watch, viewers’ discretion is required because you might encounter certain visuals that may be disturbing.


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