Foremost reason-Who killed Ben in Ozark and why?


  • “This is a dream” were the last words Ben spoke before being executed!!  The role of “Ben Davis” is played by “Tom Pelphrey” in seasons 3 and 4. He is Wendy’s brother and has a mental condition of “bipolar disorder”. Previously, he used to work as a teacher but was fired from there. Then he moves in with his sister and his family in Ozark.
  • On arriving there he developed a relationship with “Ruth Langmore”. Though he was suffering from a disorder, Ben was the only person who was logical and it was only his words that made sense in all the chaos!!
  • The activities of the “Byrdes” family did not remain hidden from Ben long enough. He was able to recognize their involvement in laundering money for the cartel and their hands in the drug business after Marty is kidnapped. The only hope for Ben was Ruth. While they both were together, Ben’s condition improved significantly without medications.
  • Alas!! their time together did not last long. He was admitted to a mental institution after an incident that happened at a fundraiser event where he assaulted “Marty”. Ruth is finally able to free Ben from the institution but he straight away heads to Helen Pierce’s residence in rage where he bombards her with questions about her involvement in the drug cartel and money laundering in front of her daughter Erin.
  • Seeing him as a constant threat to the family and cartel. Wendy and Ben leave Ozark but Wendy soon realizes that he won’t be able to keep himself safe longer, she abandons him at a dinner restaurant and drives away.
  • Then one of the Cartel members named Nelson arrives there and takes Ben to a secluded location to execute. In the episode, we can see that Ben constantly tries to persuade Nelson and ask him to apologize on his behalf. Before being shot right on the forehead his last words were “This is a dream”. Nobody has answers to his last words it can be due to his condition or by himself saying such a phrase.
  • After this, the status quo was disturbed. Ruth after Ben’s death stopped working for the “Byrde” family. Later in the last season, we can see Wendy accepting herself responsible for her brother’s death and feeling the guilt in front of her children.
  • For his role in Ozark Tom Pelphrey has won “Gold Derby TV awards” for “drama supporting actor” and was a nominee for “Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series” in the 2022 Emmy awards.

Here are some FAQs from the Ozark TV series

Where can I watch Ozark?

Ozark is made by  Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams exclusively for the Netflix platform. You will be able to see all of its four seasons available here.

Who killed Ben in Ozark?

Ben was killed by a cartel member Nelson but his sister Wendy played by “Laura Linney” is equally responsible for abandoning him at a restaurant.

What were Ben’s last words in Ozark?

“This is a dream” were the last words Ben spoke before being shot by a cartel member Nelson in an unknown location.

Who is Tom Pelphrey dating in real life?

Ozark actor Tom Pelphrey is dating the famed sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” actress  Kaley Cuoco since 2022.


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