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Disney+ Hotstar is one of the best pocket-friendly OTT platforms where you can enjoy a multitude of amazing web series and movies from worldwide industries. It offers some of the best Crime, Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi, Anime, Kids, and Documentaries, along with the live telecast of some leading sports championships and franchises. Time and again we have seen that all the movies, and web series that are either released by the Walt Disney production house or the Marvel franchise are soon made available in the platform that too in multiple audio formats but here we will be selective about our choices and will cater to some of the best Crime Drama Web series/movies, best Crime Thriller web series on the Disney+ Hotstar platform.

The platform is presently operating in many countries across the globe and has collaborated with other platforms like Pixar, Marvel, HBO, Star, National Geographic, ESPN, Hulu, and many other studios either for live broadcast of sports matches or for the release of movies/web series in order to attract more viewership in the platform. The pricing of the subscription has also been kept competitive with other leading OTTs like Prime and Netflix. It has more than 8000 content from Hollywood to Bollywood and even some of the leading content of other foreign industries like Japanese, Korean, South Indian, Spanish, and more.  So whenever you feel like watching some of the best Crime, Action, Drama, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi, etc web series/movies, you can visit Disney+ Hotstar without any guilt. Here are some of the best web series from these categories which will make your work of selection a lot easier.

Best Crime Drama web series on Disney+ Hotstar

Prison Break

Prison Break series

  • The first name in the category has undoubtedly be of this American web series named “Prison Break”. Prison Break is one of the best Crime Drama web series on the Disney+ Hotstar Platform having above average reviews. This particular web series has five seasons so far. The first season was launched in the year 29 August 2005 followed by the next four seasons in the subsequent years till 2009 with a bonus episode while the fifth season was released after a long duration on 4 April 2017. Seasons 1, 2, and 4 have 22 episodes each while the third season has 13 episodes. The bonus episode that was released on 29 May 2009 was followed by the fifth season having 9 episodes.  Prison Break is highly popular amongst its viewers and the same can be verified from its rating across different platforms. The leading IMDb platform rating site holds 8.3/10 for this series while the Google Review platform has rated it a near-perfection number of 4.9/5. The viewers in the Rotten Tomatoes platform seem to be divided and only 61% of the viewers have recommended the web series to other viewers but the Google users have to say the contrary, 94% of the users have given the green flag for “Prison Break” crime drama web series. Apart from this the series has also been nominated for various awards like the Golden Globe Award for Best Crime Drama in the year 2005 but could not win but things turned around in 2006 when “Prison Break” web series won the prestigious “People’s Choice Award” for the “Favorite New TV Drama” category.
  • The cast of the Prison Break web series is star studded and includes prominent actors like Dominic Purcell, Robin Tunney, Wentworth Miller, Sarah Wayne Callies, Danay García and, others in lead roles while Paul Scheuring is the creator and director of the “Prison Break” series.
  •  The story involves two brothers named Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield where Lincoln is charged and proved guilty of a crime which he did not commit. His brother Michael Scofield deduces a plan to help his brother escape the prison and unravel the people responsible for his miserable state. Lincoln is accused of murdering Terrence Steadman who was the brother of USA’s Vice President, Caroline Reynolds. Lincoln has been awarded capital punishment for this crime which he did not commit and is waiting for the execution day in “Fox River State Penitentiary ”. Michael Scofield, who is a structural engineer by profession, has planned his brother’s escape route beforehand. In order to get an entry to the Fox River Penitentiary, commits an armed robbery and on arriving there befriends the doctor incharge named “Sara Tancredi ”. Another character of the series Veronica Donovan is self-investigating the conspiracy that led Lincoln in these circumstances outside the prison. Michael meanwhile is able to befriend other inmates while in jail and is able to escape the prison in the very first episode of the season by digging a tunnel. To watch where the other end of the tunnel opens, you must keep “Prison Break” in the watchlist in the Disney+ Hotstar platform.

The Punisher

The Punisher series

  • While scrolling on the Disney+ Hotstar platform, you must have come across this Crime Drama web series available on Disney+ Hotstar platform at least once. It is one of the best web series from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has nerve grappling thriller, action, Drama, Crime, and also can be categorized under the Superhero category. The series is originally created and directed by Steve Lightfoot and is based on the popular Marvel comic “The Punisher” by Gerry Conway. The ratings and review of this web series is also self explanatory. In the IMDb platform, it has a score of 8.5/10 while on the Google Review platform it has a rating of 4.8/5. Among the Rotten Tomatoes viewers, it has been recommended by 85% of the viewers and liked by 82%. 
  • Here in the web series, “The Walking Dead” actor “Jon Bernthal” is in the lead role along with other prominent actors like Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as David Lieberman, Ben Barnes as Jigsaw, Michael Nathanson as Sam Stein, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont, Jaime Ray Newman as Sarah Lieberman, Paul Schulze as William Rawlins, and few others. 
  • Punisher is spin off of the another popular Marvel series named “Daredevil”. In “The Punisher” web series there are a total of 2 seasons having 13 episodes each. The first season was launched in 2017 while the next one arrived two years later in 2019. Jon Bernthal who is lead character of the series and playing the role of Frank Castle who is ex-marine avenges the people who were responsible for the death of his family he soon finds that there are things beyond this incident and soon turns up to become a vigilante fighting with the underworld to restore peace in the city. Though like other Marvel series/movies the outcome might seem predictable to you but it is not and to find the exact reasons for the same you must consider watching the web series on Disney+ Hotstar platform once but before you proceed, you might consider watching the “Daredevil” series. 

National Treasure 3: Edge of History

National Treasure 3 series

  • National Treasure 3: Edge of History is part of the popular classic Walt Disney franchise “National Treasure”. The name itself is enough to make some viewers nostalgic about this Nicolas Cage movie but National Treasure 3 is an action and adventure based web series on the similar theme with his absence. This particular web series was streamed worldwide on Disney+ Platform and can be considered the continuation of the original film series. The series is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and was shot at various locations in Louisiana and New Mexico.
  •  After its release, the series remained in the top ten most streamed programs in the US for the week and later jumped to 5th position. So far only one season is available on the platform and the status of the second one remains canceled as of now. It has a total of 10 episodes and when it comes to the rating it is not justified. In the IMDb platform it has 6/10 but in Google Review platform it has 4.6/5 to balance the act while 77% of the Google Reviewers are positive regarding this web series.
  •  The movie has some introductory faces when it comes to the cast. Here Lisette Olivera is playing the role of Jess Valenzuela who is in the lead role here. Zuri Reed is playing the role of Tasha Rivers who is Jess’ friend and roommate. Other cast of the National Treasure 3: Edge of History include Justin Bartha, Jake Austin Walker, Lyndon Smith, Jordan Rodrigues, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Harvey Keitel, and Antonio Cipriano. The first episode of the web series takes us back to 2001, where an explorer named Rafael Rios discovers an artifact that he sends to his family before he is killed by Salazar. Jess, who is the lead in this web series, is her daughter now and is living in Baton Rouge with her friends, Tasha, Ethan, and Oren. Jess and Tasha are able to decode the puzzle for the treasure. Now the question of whether she will be the first one to reach there arises and to find the answers you must watch National Treasure 3:Edge of History on the Disney+ Hotstar platform.

Snowfall Disney+ Hotstar

Snowfall Disney+ Hotstar

  • The last web series that can be considered the best amongst the Crime Drama category in Disney+ Hotstar is Snowfall. This web series is not for all types of viewers as it showcases substance abuse, drugs, violence, and usage of fowl language. Snowfall web series has a total of 6 seasons so far with 10 episodes each and all are available in multiple languages along with subtitles. Undoubtedly it is one of those web series that do not keep their viewers waiting for a long time. 
  • The first season was launched in 5 July 2017 and the later seasons were subsequently released in the upcoming years till 2023 except the year 2020 as due to COVID restriction the shooting of the web series lagged behind. Taking the reviews of Snowfall web series into consideration, in the IMDb platform it has a rating of 8.3/10 which is considered to be high for the Crime Drama web series while for the Rotten Tomatoes platform, only 64% of the viewers found this web series that they can refer to someone else further. The web series is created and directed by John Singleton along with Eric Amadio and Dave Andron as co-directors. 
  • Talking about the actors and actresses from the web series, Damson Idris is playing the role of Franklin Saint who is a young drug dealer. Another character is Teddy Mcdonald who is a CIA agent and his role is played by Carter Hudson. Emily Rios is playing the role of Lucia Villanueva whose father is a drug lord of a Mexican drug cartel. Michael Hyatt is playing the role of Shoron who was a real estate agent. Then we have Angela Lewis as Louie, who is Jerome’s girlfriend. Apart from these cast and characters there are many other recurring characters in the “Snowfall” web series spread across 60 episodes of this web series. 
  • This web series will take you back to the 1980’s and 1990’s era when the Los Angeles city was in the hands of a drug epidemic. Our lead character, Franklin Saint is struggling to sell cocaine during this era to make some money at a tender age of 20. He picks up the area of Southern Central Los Angeles in the year 1083 where his first customer was his uncle Jerome. On the other hand his favorite wrestler “El Oso” works for a Mexican Cartel named “Villanueva” operated by Lucia Villanueva’s father. “El Oso is in the midst of a robbery where he kills a man while they are busted. Another scene shows Logan Miller who is a CIA agent dies from drug overdose. Franklin is asked to smuggle and sell a kilogram of drug by Avi Drexler, an Israeli drug lord to which he refuses initially. Later his girlfriend Luie Jones introduces him to Claudia Crane who operates a nightclub and soon becomes a regular customer giving bulk orders. After the deal is done, Franklin and Louie come across an alcoholic person named Alton Williams who is his father but denies speaking with Franklin. The story as well as the characters of the web series evolve with time and show their true colors. To get more insight into the Snowfall web series, visit Disney+ Hotstar platform soon. 

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