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Wakfu is a French anime series whose season 1 was telecasted in 2008  in English and French language on France 3 television channel based on the video game Dofus. 

The Wakfu series has three seasons already been telecasted and popularized among anime lovers. All anime lovers are expecting the release of Wakfu Season 4 soon in 2023 or 2024. 

In this article, we will discuss everything about the Anime series Wakfu Season 4 and will reveal the release date of Wakfu Season 4 release date, the Wakfu Season 4 story plot,  cast, and all other details about Wakfu Season 4.

What Would Be The Cast Of Wakfu Season 4?

Although the publishers have not officially announced the release of Wakfu season 4 based on the previous three seasons, we are expecting the following star cast and developers of the Wakfu series. 

Director – Anthony Roux

Cast Members with Voice Artists –

Anime Characters French Voice Over English Voiceover
Yugo Fanny Bloc Jules De Jongh (season 1 and 2)

Erika Harlacher (season 3)

Az a bird
Amalia Sheran Sharm Adeline Chetail Jessica Bell (season1 and 2)

Christine Marie Cabanos (season 3)

Personal or Dally Thomas Guitard Ross Grant (season 1 and 2)

Kyle McCarley (season 3)

Rubilax Gerard Surugue Keir Stewart (season 1 and 2)

Doug Erholtz (season 3)

Adamai Dorothee Pousseo Joanna Ruiz ( season 1 and 2)

Cristina Valenzuela ( season 3)

Grufon Damien Da silva Taylor Clarke Hill
Elely Caroline Lallau Jules De Jongh (season 1 and 2)

Cristina Valenzuela (season 3)

Flopin Karl-line heller Julie ann dean

Marcy Edwards

Alibert Thierry Mercier Joe mills


Besides these, there may be many more anime characters in Wakfu Season 4 than there were in the previous three seasons. 

What Is The Release Date Of Wakfu Season 4?

Wakfu is a French Anime series released in English and French language telecasted on France 3  television Channel in 2008 by Ankama Production. 

Now all episodes of all three seasons of Wakfu anime are available on Netflix to watch legally all around the world. 

Wakfu Season 1

Wakfu telecasted season 1 on France 3 television channel on October 30, 2008, and continued till June 5, 2010, with a total of 26 episodes. 

Wakfu Season 2

Wakfu thereafter released season 2 from February 26, 2012, to March 3, 2012, with 26 episodes. 

Wakfu Season 3

Wakfu season 3 was telecasted from  September 2, 2017, to September 17, 2017, with only 13 episodes. 

Wakfu Season 4

Anime fans worldwide are eagerly waiting for the telecast of Wakfu season 4 in 2023 or 2024.

Wakfu Season 4 is expected to have about 13 to 20 episodes with an average duration of 20 to 25 minutes based on previous season episodes. 

The Wakfu Season 4 is expected to be released soon in 2024 as announced by developers that Wakfu Season 4 is in progress. 

What Would Be The Storyline Of Wakfu Season 4?

Wakfu anime series is an adventure and action genre-based drama anime series that revolves around the main character of the story Yugo which is based on the video game Dofus. 

Yugo was given to a hunter in a small village who raised Yugo and Yugo tried to find his real biological parents when he grew up with his supernatural powers, Wakfu. 

Yugo uses his supernatural powers, named Wakfu, to help his friends,  villagers,  and family in an adventurous way in all three seasons. 

Wakfu season 4 may have the storyline in continuation with it to entertain its fans and makers may start the series in continuation of the last episode of Wakfu season 3. 

Where You Can Watch Wakfu Season 4?

Wakfu series earlier seasons were first telecasted on the France 3 television channel. 

Now, the Wakfu series with all first three seasons is available to watch on Netflix and Anime Digital Network. 

Wakfu Season 4 is also expected to be telecasted originally on France 3 channel and later be available on Netflix worldwide. 

Wakfu Season 4 Production

The Wakfu series is produced by Ankama Animation and is based on the video game Dofus. 

The Wakfu seasons are animated by Adobe Flash software. 

The production of all episodes is done in France except two special episodes which were produced in Japan. 

Wakfu season 4 is expected to be produced in France by director Anthony ‘‘Tot’’ Roux like earlier episodes and series. 

Xavier Houssin and Kim Etinoff may design the character of Wakfu season 4 as done by them in previous seasons. 

Final Wordings

Wakfu is a famous French anime series with three seasons and fans eagerly waiting for the next season. 

Anime fans avidly waiting for the takeoff and telecast of Wakfu Season 4 on the France 3 channel and Netflix. 

It is expected that The Wakfu Show’s producers and developers will work day and night to get the Wakfu season 4 show to be telecasted on television and Netflix as soon as possible in 2023 or 2024. 

Wakfu Season 4 whenever telecasted will be popular and have millions of views on Netflix as the first three seasons induced a tremendous enthusiasm in millions of people worldwide.

Stay connected with us for the exact date of release of Wakfu Season 4.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of anime is the Wakfu Series?

The Wakfu series is an action-adventure drama anime. 

2. How old would Yugo be in Wakfu Season 4?

Yugo is a 12-year-old Eliatrope with special powers who sets out on a mission to find his real family and uncover the mysteries of Wakfu. So he may be 12 or 13 years old in Wakfu season 4.

3. Who is the God in the Wakfu series?

The Gods in the Wakfu series represent ideas in life such as time and war and are related to them.

The Gods and Goddess are: 

  1. Cra, 
  2. Ecaflip, 
  3. Eniripsa Goddess, 
  4. Enutrof, 
  5. Feca, 
  6. Iop, 
  7. Osamodas, 
  8. Sadida, 
  9. Sram, and 
  10. Xelor. 

They are the ten Gods who subsisted new life into the World of Ten after the Eliatrope civilization went extinct. 

4. When will Wakfu Season 4 be released on Netflix?

The exact release date of Wakfu Season 4 is yet to be announced officially but it is expected to be telecasted in 2023 or 2024.

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