Electric Skateboards: You Won’t Be Able To Live Without Them!


It is a real phenomenon among young people and skateboard enthusiasts, electric skateboards or e-skates are trendy. More than just a means of urban transport, this everyday tool is very practical for getting around but also for having fun skating. And since the appearance of Hoverboards, electric skateboarding has gradually developed to now be a real obsession for skate fans of all kinds. And the brands like Voeep have understood this!

You will be spoiled for choice because there are many types of electric skateboards on the market, for all styles and at all prices. 

How do electric skateboards work?

An electric skateboard is a personal means of transport similar to a classic skateboard. More clearly, it is a hybrid version, a cross between a Hoverboard and a simple skateboard as we know it. But the main difference with the latter lies in the propulsion which is provided by an engine installed below the board.

Generally, the power generated by an electric skateboard motor is 1500 to 2000 W. Which is enough to ride this machine quickly. The weight of an e-skate varies between 6 to 13 Kg and can support nearly 120 kg of load. Thanks to this system, the user does not need to use his feet to move forward, he uses a remote control that starts and stops the engine as he pleases. Speed  is controlled by a manual throttle or by a weight shift set by tilting the board from side to side.

Electric skateboard or not… electric skateboard?

Many people think that an electric skateboard is no better than a classic skateboard. However, it must be admitted that when you want to go from one place to another by a “classic” skate (some already say “old school” ;-)), fatigue comes quite quickly. An electric skateboard can be used very well on a daily basis for commuting, for going to the office, for shopping or in class. It is much less tiring and above all much more practical. You can even use it to avoid arriving late for a date. 

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Electric skateboards roll faster than the regular skateboards we encounter every day in skate parks. The most efficient recorded can reach 50 km/h, which is a real record for this mode of transport. But let’s not panic too much, on average, the maximum speed is around 30 to 40 km/h. And at this speed the sensations are already guaranteed!

As for the so-called problems related to the use of an electric skateboard (weight, autonomy, durability), choosing a model of good quality is the solution. The robustness is also an asset of this product because it can last for years without frizzing or breaking. Yes, the board and the wheels are solidified giving undeniable durability to this modern means of transport.

What are the different types of electric skateboards?

When Hoverboards started popping up everywhere, skate fans longed for the creation of electric skateboard models. And it’s done. There are currently two main types of electric skateboards, which are:

The “Street” models are characterized by their maneuverability and lightness. These skates look like “longboard skates” or “cruisers” with more propulsion of course. They are designed to ride smoothly on asphalt, so are well suited for urban use. Moreover, they are also called “urban electric skates”. For your info, Voeep provides various street models at affordable rates;

The “Cross” models are all-terrain electric skateboards, hence their name “Cross”. This type of skateboard can go anywhere, even on gravel, rough paths or even difficult roads or grass. They are heavier and therefore roll less quickly than the “Street” at top speed.

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Who can use an electric skateboard?

Young and old can use an electric skateboard. Indeed, this type of modern and personalized transport is intended for an unlimited number of people. The user just has to have a taste for speed, thrills and love skateboards. There are even “toy type” electric skateboard models for children. Specially designed for the little ones, they are characterized by the size of the board which is quite small, the power of the motor and the printed cartoon patterns on it. And for adults, they can enjoy the larger, faster and more efficient models and choose between a “Street” electric skateboard model or a “Cross” skateboard.

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