What is the story of Edna Cintron- A 9/11 Attack Victim at the World Trade Centre


Edna Cintron was a worker at the World Trade Center at the time of the 9/11 attack and became a victim at the time of the attack as well. She is in highlights because it is collected through sources that she was photographed waving for help from a hole in the North Tower by multiple news channels, when the building was struck by a plane on September 11, 2001. But it was her fate that unfortunately she remains unknown at that time and dies with other people. But her iconic photograph waving for help has become a symbol of the tragedy of 9/11. In today’s post, you will come to know each and everything about the 9/11 attack victim

Who was Edna Cintron?

Who was Edna Cintron?

Edna Cintron who became the 9 / 11 victim was an employee for Marsh and McLennan. She was working as an administrative assistant there. Her office was located on floors 93–100 of WTC1(North Tower). It was an insurance company and was located right on all 6 floors of the impact. When the tower was attacked by a plane then almost everyone working there would have died instantly, but Edna Cintron as you can see in the picture below survived the big explosion and its impact. Since floors 93–99 of the tower were hit, you can see the woman at the bottom of the hole. 

It is assumed that she was on the 93rd floor of the World Trade Centre. With the assumption that she was on the 93rd floor, it is also read through online sources that her insurance office was on the 93rd floor. For this clarification, we can compare the two pictures here. It was regrettable that after her efforts to get help, she died with 294 office employees and 63 contractors who were on those eight floors of the north building

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Some personal details of Edna Cintron!!

She was born on 14th October 1954 in Puerto Rico and was 46 years old when she became a 9/11 attack victim. At the age of 5, she moved to New York with her mother. As per the online reports, she was a gentle lady and did her work with all of her skills and efforts. She was married to William Cintron and she lived happily in her married life for 12 years before her death. She was beautiful and had a long, curly and blonde hair. According to her husband, she was a perfect wife and a business-minded person. They both also opened a florist business together with their skills. 

Her Waving Footage For Being Rescued

Here you can see the footage of Edna Cintron waving from a hole in her working floor. She hoped to be rescued by the team and was captured in a video. This video of a few minutes has been a refutable subject for discussions and conspiracies. Her actions of waving and demanding help were miscomprehended with some evidence that the wreckage she was holding was of metal and was not melting at that time. 

Some remembering tributes to Edna Cintron

Edna Cintron is honoured by many people after her courageous death and her sacrifice on that tragic day. Her friends and family have shared many remembering sayings and tributes. Here are some of them:

“Hello Edna, We are truly sorry for what happened to you on 9/11. We just hope you’re in heaven now and will always remember your strength and courage. You were an amazing woman and a true hero from Calgary Alberta Canada.” 

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“I just read the story of Edna who became a 9/11 attack victim, and I owe to her sacrifices and the way how she ended up working at the World Trade Center. May her soul rest in peace and be with the heavens and Angels up above. 

Edna is one of the abiding images of that 9/11 terrible day. The persons who were there on that day often think of Edna standing and waving for help. She left a mark of courage and we hope that she is in heaven. We all can feel her sadness at the time she was waving and the rescue team couldn’t reach her. She became a symbol of standing in Tragedy. 

Concluding words of Edna Cintron!!

The sad story of Edna Cintron is a poignant reminder for all of us. She became a 9/11 attack victim and also sought help to live in. Her actions and the memories of her loved ones will always be remembered as a tribute to her life. However, she may not be here in this world anymore, but she is in the memories of her family and friends. Even she is remembered by many others who just know her with this accident. She was a brave woman and her bravery and persistence will genuinely stay with us as an inspiration. 

RIP, Edna Cintron!! 

Frequently Asked Questions!!

  • What happened to Edna at the 9/11 attack?

Edna became a 9/11 attack victim when the north tower of the World Trade Centre was struck by American Airlines Flight 11 in New York City. However, she survived for some time and waved for help but could not survive for long and died along with others. 

  • How many people died in the 9/11 attack in New York City?
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The exact number of people who died in the attack on the North Tower is difficult to determine. Approximately, 1400 people lost their lives on that day including office workers, responders and many others. 

  • What was the tragic attack of 9/11 in New York?

It was United Airlines 175 that had slammed into the southwest tower of the World Trade Centre in New York City. The impact of the attack was imposed from the 78th floor to the 93rd floor of the tower. People from other floors exited the mall connecting the WTC complex through the stairwell.  

  • Who else was with Edna Cintron at the time of this 9/11 attack?

According to the reports, at the time of the attack, there were 4 men and a woman working in the office. Because of her unique and charming look, Edna was identified as waving for help. She had curly, blonde hair, while the four men were white and short with dark hair. It is difficult to identify those Italians.

  • Why didn’t rescue helicopters evacuate Edna Cintron? 

Because it was impossible at the time as the smoke had covered 90% of the roof area. She was waving for help and the rescue team wanted to save her and many others. But it was difficult for helicopters to go there for rescue.

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