What To Do In Case Of Wrongful Termination From My Job?


If you feel that you are being wrongly terminated for your job or you are being terminated without serving any notice period you can take help from a Connecticut wrongful termination attorney. There are different kinds of reasons that are held as wrongful termination:

  • If you are being terminated based on your cast, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
  • When the termination guidelines laid by the company are violated by themselves.
  • If public policy is not abided by.

The employment contract that you sign when you are joining the work is a deed of agreement between you and your employers. The contract is drafted and signed is made under the influence of labor law. According to the labor law, there are two right ways to terminate  an employee:

  1. Termination by contact: There is a specific way of termination of an employee as per the labor laws, termination by contact and this is popular among the two. It is more prevalent in the fixed-term employment contract, where an employee serves for a fixed period. If the employer is not renewing the contract, the employee will get automatically terminated. This, can not be considered wrongful termination.
  2. Termination by law: If there is no specification that a company has laid for the termination of the employee, the employer should follow the state laws while terminating an employee.

How can a lawyer help?

If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated, contact a lawyer and ask them to go through your employment dee and tell them the situation under which you were being terminated. If the lawyer finds a breach of contract, you can sue your employer with their help and demand compensation or retain your job.

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There are other circumstances where you do not have to take the help of a lawyer to determine you were wrongfully terminated but you know the reason, like being terminated for your sexual orientation or your religion. In this case, you need to contact a lawyer and they will advocate for you to build a strong lawsuit that will sue your employer.


When you are looking for a lawyer, ensure that they are experienced in dealing with wrongful termination cases, along with a good track record. Also, take note of how good their communication skills are as this is a key feature in a lawyer. 

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