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The full name of David Muir is David Jason Muir. He was born on 8th November 1973. He was an American Journalist. He was part of a news department named ABC broadcast-television network which is situated in New York. He works as an anchor in ABC World News Tonight. He is also a co-anchor of the ABC News magazine 20/20. 

Muir formerly worked as a weekend anchor and principal substitute anchor for Diane Sawyer on ABC’s World News Tonight before succeeding her on September 1, 2014. He has gained a lot of appreciation for his national and international journalism. He received many awards for his skills in journalism like Emmy and Edward R. Murrow. 

A report has been published named Tyndall Report, according to this report Muir has become the most visible journalist in America because his reporting has gained the most airtime in 2012 and 2013. In the United States, David Muir hosted World News Tonight which has become the most-watched newscast. TV Week gave him the title of “12 to watch in TV News” in 2013. In 2014, Muir was listed as one of the Sexiest Men Alive in People Magazine.


WTVH television

WTVH television is situated in the city of New York, Syracuse. He has worked as a reporter and Anchor in this company for 6 years (i.e. 1994 to 2000). There are several reports of Muir which has become the top honors for him from the Radio-Television News Direction Association, the 1995 assassination of Israeli Prime Minister (Yitzhak Rabin), and there are other reports, these are the report from Jerusalem, Israel, Tel Aviv, and the Gaza Strip. Muir has been honored for the Best Enterprise Reporting and Best Television Interview by The Association Press

“Best Local Newscast” is the name which is given to Muir by The Syracuse Press Club. He became the best Local News Anchors in Syracuse, New York. 

WCVB television

After WTVH, he has worked for WCVB televisions for 3 years. He has started his work in 2000 and left this job in 2003. He has received the post of anchor and reported on this television. The WCVB is located in Boston. While working in this company he did investigative reporting for which he won the regional Edward R. Murrow Award. On 11th September 2011, an attack has been constituted by some hijackers and he has reported this event for this he has won the National Headliner Award and Associated Press Honors. His news anchoring and reporting have been recognized by The Associated Press. 

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ABC News

After resigning from WCVB televisions, he joined ABC News in August 2003. He has worked efficiently as an anchor in ABC News. He has worked as an anchor in World News Now which was an overnight show. There was also an early morning newscast show named World News This Morning (America This Morning) which was hosted by him. 

Sometimes, in the year 2006, he worked as the co-anchor in the Primetime by the Newsmagazine. He worked as an anchor of World News Saturday in 2007. After all these, he has become one of the most popular anchors and reporters. He became the host of World News with David Muir which was a weekend newscast and telecasted in 2012.  After a year, he was promoted with Elizabeth Vargas and became the co-anchor of ABC 20/20. 

He has gained a lot of respect after his reporting in New Orleans where Hurricane Katrina hit. He went there and stayed during the time of crisis. He has reported a humanitarian crisis. He has revealed the severe condition of people in the Convention Centre and Charity hospital during the time of disaster. Many people have lost their lives. His report highlighted that water blocked the people inside the places. 

He worked hard and he has reported during the Israeli war in October 2006. He went to the Israeli-Lebanon border to report the correct news. He has also covered the news of the Hamas Coup after visiting Gaza in March 2007. He wanted to tell the live news to the people who has reported from the Gaza strip. Muir has visited Peru when an earthquake destroyed the state in October 2007 for reporting. 

Muir did reporting highlighting several events. In 2009, he and Diana Sawyer reported on the issue of guns in America and they mentioned how America is getting disturbing results through guns on 20/20 hour. This was published by the New York Daily News. 

In 2009, the number of homeless children in America has suddenly increased and this issue has also been reported by Muir. BP Oil spill has become a major issue for the nation; he has visited multiple times to the Gulf of Mexico to investigate this issue. He has visited several nations during times of crises and disaster. He has also visited Haiti in 2011 after the hurricane. 

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During the time of the Presidential election that helped in the USA in 2012, he served as the reporter who led ABC’s lead correspondent. He talked about the issue of economics and immigration policy of the United States of America in an interview with Mitt Romney who was the Republican candidate and he presented his views in this interview. 

He was conducting his reports from the inside of Iran and he has carrying on a talk on nuclear in January 2013. Before him, there was no western journalist who went to Mogadishu and Somalia on the issue of the Famine. When he went to Mogadishu with his colleagues, they came under fire while reporting. After these events, he became one of the most loved and famous reporters so he had received Edward R. Murrow Award in 2013. 

We have discussed this early that he has received several titles and awards during his career. He worked hard in his career to get success. His “World News Tonight with David Muir” has become the most-watched news telecast in America in April 2015, it has outpaced the NCB Nightly News which was telecasting since 7 September 2009. 

In 2016, he has also won a very prestigious award named the CINE Golden Eagle Award for his excellent reporting for his report on the crisis of Heroin in America. He took over as ABC News’ principal anchor of breaking news and special event coverage in 2021, replacing GMA anchor George Stephanopoulos, who held the position from 2014 to 2020.

Is David Muir Gay?

Everyone knows that David Jason Muir who is a reported in ABC News Tonight is a talented actor and reporter. He is not only the anchor on ABC but he is also a part of its department which is based in New York City. 

The attractive journalist knew from an early age that his amazing line of work was to turn into an anchor. From the viewership appraisals, David has reliably enchanted the watchers, and gratitude to his diligent effort, he acquired a few Emmy awards.

But many people often question his sexuality, they want to know he is married or single or he is gay? But the answer to the question of his marriage is that he is not married. But as I told you that many people believe that he is homosexual. This gossip started after he replaced Diana Sawyer on ABC News. There are some in the United States who claim that even Muir has accepted this openly that he is gay. 

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The next rumor that was circulated among the people is that as he is gay so he had a relationship with Gio Benitez who is a field reporter. A fact that somehow tries to prove this rumor is the statement of Gio, “ Muir was one of my top three “Golden Followers” on Twitter”. 

Gio never stated or showed that he had any problem with this rumor but Muir never want to share anything about his personal life and he also tries to hide his private life from the media and people. A picture has been circulated in the media and on the internet of David Muir and Gio, they have clicked this in a gay bar. But, this rumor has stopped when Gio get married in 2016. 

The Emmy-winning writer is an extremely private individual. We realize that he is unmarried and he is making every second count in New York. Whenever he isn’t working, the fans seldom see him within the sight of other female companions. Thus, that prompted his fans to find out if he lean towards men.

In 2014, David received the title of “Sexiest Man alive” by the people. It’s no big surprise why so many of his female fans need to know whether he has a sweetheart or then again in the event that he is a closeted gay.

No matter what his sexual direction, we can slobber over the attractive journalist who has clarified that he needs to stay quiet about his private life. As of June 2021, it’s as yet hazy whether he is single or has a partner.

He has never told anyone about his sexuality and he wants to keep his private life secret.


In this present article, we have covered the life and career of David Muir who is a famous reporter in the USA that’s why the name of this article is “Who is David Muir and Is he Gay?”. We tried to answer the question which people often ask about his sexuality. But, I know that there is no direct answer to this question because he never spoke about his personal life in public. 

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