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Hulu is one of the emerging OTT platforms, based in America and is owned by The Walt Disney Group along with NBC Universal Studios. There are many versions of the platform available but it is the contents of the Hulu platform and its subscription model that make it unique. On Hulu, you can find web series, movies, shows, anime, and live telecasts of various industries across the world which primarily include Hollywood, Anime, Korean, Bollywood, and some others. This blog is about keeping you equipped with the best crime drama and thriller web series that are available on Hulu along with their reviews. In the end, you will also be informed about the best anime that you can watch on the Hulu platform if you are a die-hard anime fan. By just paying their basic subscription price, you can enjoy a multitude of web series and movies of genres such as Thriller, Crime, Drama, Comedy, Sci-fi, Romance, Anime, and more. Despite being a new OTT platform all the content can be enjoyed at a competitive price without compromising on the quality. The streaming options range from 480p to HD on the Hulu platform with multiple audio and subtitle options. To begin with, let us first check out the best Crime Drama web series available on Hulu along with their reviews.

The Rookie

The Rookie movie

  • The Rookie is the best Crime Drama web series on Hulu having 5 seasons in total. The first season was aired on 16 October 2018 and was followed by other four seasons in consecutive years till 2022. The first season and the second season has 20 episodes each while the third season has 14 episodes followed by season 3 and 4 with 22 episodes each. Here popular actor Nathan Fillion is playing the role of John Nolan who is the senior rookie in LAPD. He is an ex-real estate employee who is currently divorced and has one son named Henry. Actress Alyssa Diaz is playing the role of Angela Lopez as a detective in the LAPD. The other actors include Mercedes Mason, Richard T. Jones, and others. 
  • Considering the reviews and ratings of this Crime Drama web series on the IMDb platform, it has a rating of 8/10 while on Google Reviews, it has a rating of 4.4. Another popular platform, Rotten Tomatoes has rated this Crime Drama web series 68% out of 100 for all its seasons combined. The web series depicts the life of John Nolan who is a man in his mid-forties and is recently divorced. He is the oldest Rookie in the LAPD. His transition from his previous job to a Rookie happened when he helped the LAPD in mitigating a robbery in his hometown Foxburg, LA. He has yet to face many challenges while in his role and later it was also discovered that his role was inspired by Bill Norcross who was a college friend of one of the producers, Jon Steinberg. So to seek more into this Crime Drama series, you must watch The Rookie web series on the Hulu platform. 

Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds movie

  • Are you looking for a web series that you can watch for a long time? Then you must check this Crime Drama web series on Hulu named Criminal Minds. Criminal Minds has a total of 16 seasons and has 334 episodes in total. Even if you choose to watch one episode per day, it is nearly going to take a year for you to finish this crime drama web series. The first episode of Criminal Minds premiered in the 2005 year and has been running till 2022. Approximately there are 20-22 episodes per season. It is one of the best shows where characters have evolved naturally with time. The show has also been renewed in 2023 for the seventeenth season and the same will also feature in the Hulu platform.
  • Taking consideration all the seasons of Criminal Minds, on the IMDb platform it has an average rating of 8.1/10 while the reviewers on the Google Review platform have rated it 4.8/5, and 95% of the Rotten Tomatoes users have found Criminal Minds to be one of the best Crime Drama web series on Hulu. Since it is one of the long running web series, the cast members of the series have often been replaced or their characters are dead. In the series still there are some prominent actors and actresses like Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini, Shemar Moore, A. J. Cook, Kirsten Vangsness, and others. 
  • In the series, a group of criminal profilers works in coordination with the FBI as members so that the FBI is able to study the behavior of criminals. The team also involves linguistic experts, forensic experts, rookies, to top management of the police system. The series of thrillers and mysteries will keep you enthralled making you feel that you never left a police station. 
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Bones crime drama

  • Bone is another Crime Drama web series from the Vault of Hulu having 12 seasons spread across 246 episodes. The first episode was aired on 13 September 2005 and each year later a new season was released by the makers till 2017. Bones also has episodes ranging from 22 to 27 per season while some of the seasons in between have 12, 14, and 15 episodes.  This show also has many records under its name. In the year 2016, it had the most number of likes on the Facebook social media platform. The web series was also nominated for the prestigious Emmy Awards and People’s Choice Awards twice. Apart from Hulu, Bones web series is also available on Netflix, Prime, and MySpace platforms under the Crime Drama category. 
  • The main cast member of “Bones” includes Emily Deschanel who plays the role of Temperance Brennan and works at Jeffersonian Institute as a forensic anthropologist in Washington DC while David Boreanaz plays the role of Seely Booth who is an FBI agent and often consults Brennan on matters where her expertise is required. Other actors include Michaela Conlin, Eric Millegan, T. J. Thyne, Jonathan Adams and others.

Good Trouble 

good trouble webseries

  • Another web series is not a Crime Drama or Crime Thriller category but is more inclined to Drama. Good Trouble is available on other platforms as well which include Prime, Disney+ Hotstar, and Hulu. The first season of Good Trouble was released in 2019 and after quick succession but season 5 part two is the most anticipated one.
  • The season has 5 seasons available on the Hulu platform but the fifth season is incomplete as it has only 10 episodes and Good Trouble season 5 episode 11 and beyond are yet to be released. The dates for the same have been announced for January 2024. Almost in all reviewing platforms, it scores above average in IMDb it has a score of 7.5/10, in Google Review it has 4.2/5 while on Rotten Tomatoes it has a slight decline when compared to its counterparts. Here it has been rated as 44%. Still it remains one of the most anticipated shows having an exhausting list of cast members which includes Tommy Martinez, Sherry Cola, Maia Mitchell, Cierra Ramirez, Roger Bart, Bryan Craig, Josh Pence and many others. 
  • The web series is a spin-off of another popular series called “The Fosters”. Now the Foster siblings Callie and Mariana move to LA to land a good job. Since they are living in an apartment building called “The Coterie”, they start interacting with neighbors and befriend them. Meanwhile Mariana becomes a software engineer while Callie becomes a clerk. It will be interesting to know more about these characters after you sign in for Hulu Platform. 
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Are you looking for the best Crime Thriller web series reviews on Hulu? Then there are some more web series that you must watch after arriving on the platform along with their detailed review, ratings, and plot for you to watch. The web series has some grappling thrillers and mysteries that will blow your mind and keep you entertained throughout.

The act

The act webseries

  • The act remains the most sought web series on the Hulu platform in the Crime Thriller category. The season was created by Nick Antosca, Britton Rizzio, and Gregory Shephard and was launched in the year 2019 on the Hulu platform. The Act consists of just one season as of now having eight episodes with a runtime of 60 minutes approximately. Talking about the reviews and ratings of this web series, on the IMDb platform it has a rating of 8/10 while on the Google Review platform, it has a rating of 4.8/5. 90% of the Google Users have given positive feedback for the show while the percentage for Rotten Tomatoes viewers is 88%. Still, these ratings should not be part of your consideration for watching this web series, rather you should watch it for Crime and Thriller content.
  • The cast of The Act web series includes Joey King as Gypsy Blanchard in the lead role, Calum Worthy as Nick Godejohn, Chloë Sevigny as Mel Hutches, Patricia Arquette as Dee Dee Blanchard, and AnnaSophia Robb as Lacey Hutches in supporting roles. Apart from these main characters, there are also some recurring characters like Poorna Jagannathan as Dr. Lakshmi Chandra, José Alfredo Fernandez as Officer Cox, Denitra Isler as Shelly, and Steve Coulter as Dr. Evan. 
  • The Act web series revolves around a girl called Gypsy Blanchard who is in a wheelchair due to some illness. Her mother, Dee Dee was extremely protective regarding her daughter and always kept her indoors. The relationship between the two began to rift when Gypsy was heavily restricted by her mother. Later her mother started being more abusive. After some time Gypsy is able to reveal that she was not sick at all but was made to believe so by her mother. Her mother had also convinced relatives, friends, and even medical professionals for the same. Her illness which was faked by her mother is called Munchausen Syndrome, and becomes the purpose of Gypsy to kill her mother with the help of her boyfriend. Will the law enforcement agencies ever doubt Gypsy for this incident? To get all the answers about the act crime thriller web series follow Hulu.
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Dexter series

  • Are you looking for a serial killer web series? Here is another best Crime Thriller web series on the Hulu Platform called Dexter. It is one of the highly popular shows having 8 successful seasons. Since Hulu is a subsidiary of the Disney+ Hotstar group, this web series is available on both platforms. Dexter web series has 8 seasons with 96 episodes in total. The season was made available on the Hulu platform in 2006 while the last one was in 2013. The web series derives its inspiration from a novel called “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” by Jeff Lindsay and later the web series was adopted by James Manos Jr. Talking of the various awards and recognitions this series has received, it includes two Golden Globes won by the two lead actors. Another milestone the series hit was when the finale episode of the fourth season of Dexter premiered, it had an audience of over 2.7 million making it the most-watched series episode of the time. When the show was nearing the end, the final season’s last episode was watched by 3 million viewers, and to date, the record has not been broken by any other web series/show.
  • Now, from these records, it is evident that there is not much left to go for reviews and ratings still for the record, it has a 4.9/5 rating on the Google Review platform and an 8.7/10 rating on the IMDb platform. Rotten Tomatoes viewers have given it a score of 75% while the Google users have increased it and given it 90%. The cast members of the web series include Michael C. Hall in the lead role along with Julie Benz, Erik King, James Remar, Jennifer Carpenter, Aimee Garcia, and some other actors/actresses in other supporting roles. 
  • The web series’ lead character is Dexter whose role is played by Michael C. Hall. Dexter becomes an orphan at the age of three and later is adopted by a police officer called Harry Morgan whose role is played by James Remar. Since Dexter was traumatized when his mother was brutally murdered in front of him, he developed sociopathic tendencies. On Harry’s advice, Dexter becomes a vigilante and kills criminals who bypass trials and other laws. To avoid any suspicion, Dexter starts working in the Police Department as a Forensic analyst. Will Dexter ever come under any scanner? To hunt down this question watch Dexter on the Hulu platform.

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