Who Is The Cast Of “Avatar 2: The Way Of Water”?


Who are the actual actors and characters behind the Avatar 2? 

After a wait of 13 years, Avatar 2: The Way of Water, continues the story of the Na’vi clan team as they try to protect their family from the sky people to pandora. 

Many moviegoers are wondering what the cast of Avatar 2 looks like. 

So we are showing the faces of the main and side characters in the cast of Avatar 2 in the article. 

The Main Cast Of Avatar 2: The Way Of Water

Cast Of Avatar 2

Sam Worthington As Jake Sully

Sam Worthington returned as the main character of Avatar 2 in the main role of Jake Sully to lead its Na’vi clan – The Omaticaya. 

Zoe Saldana As Neytiri

Zoe Saldana plays the role of Jake’s wife, Neytiri, in Avatar 2 and acts as a protective mother of her children and a warrior of the Omaticaya clan. 

Kate Winslet As Ronal

Kate Winslet played the role of Ronal in Avatar 2 who is the Tsahik of the Metkayina clan. 

She is the mother of two and is expecting a third in the movie. 

Cliff Curtis As Tonowari

Cliff Curtis portrays the role of the Ole’eyktan of the Metkayina tribe, Tonowari, and is the husband of Ronal. 

Stephen Lang As Colonel Miles Quaritch

Stephen Lang made a surprise return to Avatar 2 cast as Colonel Miles Quaritch who was supposed to die in the first movie. 

Colonel is a Na’vi avatar in the cast of Avatar 2.

Minor Role Cast Of Avatar 2

CCH Pounder As Mo’at

CCH Pounder is in the cast of Avatar 2 as Neytiri’s mother, Mo’at, and the spiritual leader of the Omatikaya Clan. 

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Edie Falco As General Frances Ardmore

Edie Falco is in the cast of Avatar 2 as General Frances Ardmore – the commander in charge of securing Pandora as humanity’s new home. 

Sigourney Weaver As Kiri

Sigourney Weaver is portrayed in a new role in Avatar 2 as Kiri the 14-year-old biological daughter of Grace who died in the first movie. 

In the Avatar 2 cast, Kiri is adopted by the Sully family and tries to gather information about her biological mother. 

Jamie Flatters As Neteyam

Jamie Flatters is cast in Avatar 2 as the oldest son of Jake and Neytiri who is forced to protect his younger siblings and is shot dead in a battle against RDA while protecting his family. 

Britain Dalton As Lo’ak

Britain Dalton plays the role of the second son in the Sully family as Lo’ak.  

Lo’ak is a troublemaker for the family as he never follows his father’s rules. 

Trinity Jo-Li Bliss As Tuk

Trinity Bliss is cast in Avatar 2 as the youngest Sully sibling, Tuk or Tultirey,  and acts as a friend and mentor for Kiri. 

Jack Champion As Spider

Jack Champion plays the role of the only human child of the Sully family in Avatar 2 named Miles Socorro or Spider. 

Bailey Bass As Tsireya

Bailey Bass is cast in Avatar 2 as the daughter of Toniwari and Ronal – Tsireya or Reya – who is a free diver and loves Lo’ak. 

Filip Geljo As Ao’nung

Filip Geljo plays the role of the second child of Tanawari and Ronal- Ao’nung – who bullies Kiri in Avatar 2 and is a hunter and diver. 

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Supporting Cast Of Avatar 2

Duane Evans Jr. As Rotxo

Rotxo, the role played by Duane Evans,  is a friend to Ao’nung and is friendly with the Metkayina’s Na’vi visitors to learn free dives. 

Brendan Cowell As Mick Scoreby

Mick Scoreby, the cast of Avatar 2 of Brendan Cowell,  is a side villain responsible for RDA’s tulkan hunting endeavors. 

Jemaine Clement As Ian Garvin

Jemaine Clement is cast in Avatar 2 as Ian Garvin who is an RDA field researcher on Pandora’s xeno marine biology. 

Dileep Rao As Dr. Max Patel

Dileep Rao plays the role of Dr.  Max Patel who is one of the remaining Pandora scientists. 

Final Thoughts

Avatar 2: The Way Of Water casts many actors and characters from its earlier movies and few characters are replaced by new faces or names. 

The movie is getting popular among movie watchers and the Cast of Avatar 2 is getting famous among its fans and followers.

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