The SEO and PPC 2022 events I recommend to attend


In the world of web marketing there are many events, some historical and that have lasted for several years now, and others that are born and die in a short time. Given the high number of proposals, it could be difficult to choose the right event for a not very experienced person.

On this page I would like to collect the most important SEO and PPC events in which we Italians can participate, so as to have a reminder (especially useful to me) of the situations to monitor and to possibly participate in.

Those who follow this blog know that I undertake to participate as a speaker at at least one event a year, then I participate as a normal user in several other events because I have always thought that curiosity is the spark that keeps my passion for this job alight and I hope never wear out. I also believe that the comparison with other professionals is too precious an opportunity not to exploit it.

Curiosity, passion and networking are therefore the reasons that more than others motivate me to buy tickets right and left to attend these meetings of NERD colleagues and friends.

What events do I recommend? Which ones should you participate in?

Below I list some (few) events that I personally always keep an eye on when I have time to dedicate to these precious occasions.

Search Marketing Connect

The old ConvegnoGT saw the first edition in 2013 and is an event focused on SEO. The speakers, established professionals and SEO consultants, present technical interventions and practical cases. I think it is the best event of the lot from a training point of view.

  • Website:
  • Creator:Search On Media Group
  • Where:Rimini
  • Duration:2 days
  • Date:December
  • Participants in the last edition:about 500
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Web Marketing Festival

This event is currently the largest in Italy both in terms of turnout and number of speakers. Given the great variety of topics covered in 3 days, I cannot tag it as a properly SEO event. The #WMF indeed offers many thematic itineraries but the SEO room is always the largest, the most followed and the most popular.

  • Website:
  • Creator:Cosmano Lombardo
  • Where:Rimini
  • Duration:3 days
  • Date:4, 5, 6 June
  • Participants in the last edition:about 6,000

Advanced SEO Tool

Advanced SEO Tool is the advanced event on SEO tools that allows you to improve your work and achieve concrete results. One of the most advanced SEO training moments on the Italian scene with the best professionals who transmit their experience in a day full of interventions. Moments of sharing and discussion mixed with real practical and operational activities ranging between the more technical themes of search engine optimization.

  • Website:
  • Creator:Giorgio Taverniti
  • Where:Bologna
  • Duration:1 day
  • Date:March 27
  • Participants in the last edition:about 400

ADword Experience

Event dedicated to Google AdWords with national and international guests and speakers. The last edition offered 2 parallel sessions (Italy & international), 20 real PPC optimization cases, 5 advanced seminars.

  • Website:
  • Creator:Gianpaolo Lorusso
  • Where:Bologna
  • Duration:2 days
  • Date:23 and 24 April
  • Participants in the last edition:about 350

SMXL Milan

American event imported for the first time in Italy in 2013, this year it presents 5 parallel sessions, masterclasses, site clinics, intensive workshops and the participation as keynote of world marketing protagonists for the first time in Italy. The format of the interventions cadenzia conference and SEO workshop. We are not only talking about SEO but also SEM, Online Marketing, Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Optimization and Conversion.

  • Website:
  • Creator:Business International – Fiera Milano Media SpA
  • Where:Milan
  • Duration:3 days
  • Date:10th, 11th, 12th November
  • Participants in the last edition:about 500
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New event held in the city of Verona. Different types of intervention are proposed: single speaker, multiple speaker and interviews. A journey to discover the best Content Marketing strategies and techniques to increase the visibility of our contents thanks to the participation of 42 speakers, more and less experienced, of the Italian market.

  • Website:
  • Creator:Salvatore Russo
  • Where:Verona
  • Duration:1 day
  • Date:March 14
  • Participants in the last edition:about 250

This article will be updated every year proposing only the most valid events. I will try to visit them all and you? Which event do you prefer and why

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