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You may have not heard of Picuki if you are not an active user of social media platforms. Picuki is a tool that works for the online platform. By using this tool you can easily download any photo and video of your Instagram account online. One of the most important things is that there is no need to register on this platform before using it. You don’t need to log in yourself on Picuki. You don’t need any specific ID. First, you have to enter the account ID from where you wanted to download any photo, then you may get all the public pictures that were posted by that account. 

Many viewers have stated that picuki has amazing features, one of these is that you can edit someone else’s photos online by using this application. You can set any filter or you can crop any picture. You can also adjust saturation, contract, and much more. You can do almost anything with the picture on any Instagram account. 

It works anonymously. As we have told you earlier that this is a website that works for all Instagram (IG) users. Anyone can search for any other profile by using this website. But, we don’t support this kind of stalking or editing anyone else’s profile without their consent. There are many names for Picuki. Some of these are pucuki, pickiu, picucki, pocuki, pickuki or pickuci. People usually use it if they don’t have an active Instagram account and they like to watch their friend’s Instagram. 

Someone has shared his experience of using this website. He stated that he has taken a screenshot of The Rock’s(Dwayne Johnson) picture and he tried to set that picture as his wallpaper, but that picture was buried. He became sad because of the quality of that picture. Then he thought of the way and tried picuki. 

There are many people who usually face this kind of problem. There are many people who want to watch someone else’s story or post but they don’t have any Instagram ID. So in that case they can look for some legal ways. 

It may be possible that you wanted to save or download others’ pictures or videos but you are not getting any option for that. 

But there is no need to worry about any of these problems that we have mentioned above. Picuki is an amazing website that will resolve all of your problems related to downloading any picture. This website not only allows you to see Instagram posts but by using the website you can download any picture.

What is Picuki Instgram?

Picuki (also known as Pickuki or picuki Instagram) is an online platform. You can also call it an online Instagram viewer site. It is a good website. You can easily browse Instagram content without any kind of logging process. We have already mentioned that anyone can easily edit posts and watch anyone’s video for a never-ending time. 

It is a website that will keep your activity secret. It may not possible for the account holder to know that anyone has viewed his account. The other thing is that this website has several names, there are many people who call it Pikuki. The other great thing is that it is a free Instagram viewing website. You can view or download any post. The size of the post doesn’t matters. You can save or download any post, story, and Instagram profile picture. You can download any picture in full size. 

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While looking for pickuki on Google, I discovered that many people are curious about the picuki app.
picuki google

I did some investigation and discovered that there is no picuki app. There is no such app; this is merely a website that can be searched on any browser.

However, we’re also pointing out that you might be able to discover any Picuki software. You should thus check it once.

Is Picuki Instagram legal and safe?

It is very important information for you if you wanted to try this website. You can check it once again. But according to some reports, it is legal and safe. Many people have stated that it is a simple way of enjoying posts on Instagram. 

How do people search Picuki on Google?

To understand this thing, you have to know that it may be possible that there are many words that sound similar but their spelling may be different. This could be the same case with Picuki. For Example, the meaning of “Not” and “Knot” is different, but the way it is pronounced is the same.

The same thing has happened with this website named Picuki. People sometimes confuse the spelling of picuki. there are many people who write it as pucuki, picuki search, pickiu, or pocuki. There are many other names also pickuci or pickuki. 

Picuki vs. Instagram: Difference between Instagram and Picuki

There is a number of differences between Picuki and Instagram. As you know that Instagram is a social networking application. On Instagram, you can connect with people. You can upload stories and post pictures. 

As you know that Picuki is a website or you can also call it an Instagram web viewer. On this platform, you can view Instagram Content without creating any account through API. 

The other important thing about this website is that it works with the consent of Instagram. If Instagram stops giving it access then this website will not work.

There are many features that you can only get on Picuki search and not on Instagram that is why there are many people who prefer using Picuki over Instagram. Some of the features that are present in Picuki and not on Instagram are downloading, editing, and much more.

Important Differences between Picuki and Instagram

  • Connection with People: On Instagram, you can connect with people and you can also make new friends. Whereas, on Picuki there is no feature by which you can connect with people. You can watch their profile but can’t send them to follow requests. 
  • Chat with people: There is a feature on Instagram that enables you to chat with your friends and you can even call them. But, there is no feature for chatting on Picuki. There is no possible way by which you can contact them. 
  • Downloading profile pictures and reels: You may know that you can’t download profile pictures or any reel from Instagram. This could be the reason why people choose Picuki. On Picuki, you can easily download any picture or any reel just by clicking on it. 
  • Deleting the content: it is very easy to delete posts, stories or profile pictures on Instagram. But, on Picuki you cannot delete anything.
  • Editing Pictures and video: if you are using Instagram then you may know that you can only change filters and adjust the brightness of the picture. You may get many different features to edit the post on Pichuki.
  • Growth of Account: you can see the growth of the account on Instagram. Whereas, you cannot see growth of your account on Picuki.
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How to use Picuki?

It is very easy to use Picuki or Picuki Instagram. There are some easy steps that should be followed if you want to use this application. The Use of Picuki is divided into 2 different sub-points, these are;

  1. Steps if you want to see someone’s account
  2. Steps to search for hashtags
  • Steps if you want to see someone’s account

There are some easy steps that you should follow if you wanted to stalk or see any account on Instagram. 

  1. First, you have to visit the website named Picuki.
    picuki or pocuki
  2. Then, on the screen, you will get to see a search bar which will help in searching any username that exists on Instagram.
    picuki search bar
  3. You will see a list of accounts on the screen. There may be a number of options to choose from. You just have to click on the account that you are looking for.
    options picuki
  4. After clicking on that account, the account will open. Then you can see someone’s account without any restriction.
  • Steps to search for Hashtags

  1. First, you have to visit the website named Picuki. 
  2. Then, on the screen, you will get to see a search bar which will help in searching for any hashtags you are looking for.
  3. After receiving the search result, click on the “tag”.
    picuki tags
  4. Now, you just have to click on the hashtags that you are looking for. 

Why you should choose Picuki?

Let’s talk about its amazing features once again, so that you will need clarification about this application. Now, you will understand why this application is different from other applications.

  1. This application is completely free of cost.
  2. You can save any Instagram post on this platform.
  3. You can edit any Instagram post by using this application.
  4. There is no need to sign up or create any account before using this application.
  5. You can easily look for any hashtag and different accounts on Picuki.
  6. You can easily copy any caption and hashtags from Picuki.
  7. You can download any Instagram picture in full size by using Picuki.
  8. You will get many filters and several kinds of editing features.
  9. Picuki is completely secured and safe. 

Alternative websites for Picuki

You may know already that everything present on the internet has an alternative. Picuki also has its alternative option. Users also get the option to select from 2 different options. 

You can easily use its alternative website. The name of that website is Reegram. You can search for Reegram and try this website if you want. 

You can use its alternative if it is unable to use picuki because it is quite possible that some glitches occur. You can use Reegram without any problem as picuki alternatives.

What are the things you may not get on Picuki?

In the difference section, we have mentioned some of the features which are not available on Picuki because it is an Instagram Viewer website. It is free of cost. 

It has several features but there are several things that it does not provide. Some of these are:

  1. You cannot post pictures or videos.
  2. You may not able to comment or like someone’s post.
  3. You may not able to edit posts that contain more than one picture.
  4. There is no option to tag someone or to put a story.
  5. There is no option to chat with anyone. 
  6. On Picuki, you will not any option for access to other social networking sites. 

How you can download and Photo and videos using Picuki from Instagram?

If you have learned how to open anyone’s profile on Picuki then it will be easy for you to download anything from Picuki. It is very easy to use Picuki. There are simple steps that should be followed if you want to see someone’s account. We have mentioned the steps in this article, you can check that. 

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If you have opened the account then you will get an option of download on the screen. You can then click the download option to download any picture or video from Instagram. 

How Picuki is Unique?

We can say that everything has something special or different. Picuki also has something special that eventually makes it different from other applications that are available online. 

There are some features of Picuki that make it unique for the users. Let us talk about those features.

  1. There is no need to log in for downloading any post in high quality.
  2. You can know about others’ activities on Instagram. 
  3. Whatever you do on this website is completely secret.
  4. You can edit pictures and videos with some unique editing options.

The editing method of Picuki will make your photo unique

As much as we talked about it above, you now understand that the only Instagram stories viewer that lets you modify photos and videos is picuki.

Aside from modifying choices for brightness, colour, background, and other factors, one may simply click to download the changed image.

All that is required is:

  • First, you have to visit the website and click on the selected image.
  • Then choose the option for editing.
  • Now, you can begin modifying with the many options at your disposal.

Why Picuki is not working?

There are many people who are worried about picuki website. People are going through several problems as they found that picuki website is not working. We want to tell you that there are some technical glitches that people are facing before using this website. It is a regular issue with Picuki. It may be possible that the server is slow or the network is not working properly. There is no need to worry about this. All of these are temporary problems. 

If this problem remains for a long period of time then you can use the alternative that we have mentioned in this article. If you have read this article properly then you have noticed that we have stated that Reegram can become a good alternative option for Picuki.


We have mentioned in this article that Picuki is a legal website but it is important for you to check its legality in your country before using it. You can easily use this website to download any image or video. 

Your pals will frequently ask you if you like a particular image or video yet be unable to download it. Although you also want to assist them, you are unsure of how to handle the situation.


So, if your friend had brought up this issue to you or if you were asked about it the next time, you would need to assist them by letting them know about this fantastic website. Like a dream coming true. Without having an account, one can grab images or videos from Instagram, use incredible editing tools for postings, and stalk people.


This is only possible because websites like picuki and reegram.com offer all the functionality that Instagram does not offer.

Originally posted 2022-08-21 11:18:57.

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