5 Reasons You Should Give Cannabis Gummies a Try


When discussing cannabis gummies, you have to consider the varieties of cannabis plants and what they offer in chemical properties. 

Cannabis gummies can be of three different types depending on what they are made of such as hemp, marijuana, and CBD.

Before we jump into why you should give cannabis gummies a try, let’s try to understand the differences that come with the source products.

Hemp is a cannabis plant containing so little THC or none at all. But it’s rich in other cannabinoids and terpenes. Food supplements and other products made from hemp are also legal in the US. As such, hemp gummies are readily available.

Since CBD, a cannabinoid extracted from hemp and marijuana plants, is also legal due to its many benefits and lack of psychoactive properties, it’s also readily available. 

The difference between hemp and CBD gummies is that hemp contains other chemical compounds besides CBD.

Marijuana or weed gummies, on the other hand, will be a lot different from hemp and CBD-specific gummies due to the psychoactive nature of THC. 

Accessing weed gummies will depend on the legal status of marijuana in your state. If you’re approved to use medical marijuana, you may buy weed gummies at your local dispensary.

Now, regardless of the version of cannabis gummies, let’s take a look at reasons you should give them a try:

1. They’re Easy to Consume

Not everyone appreciates how cannabis tastes. You may want to enjoy the benefits of the drug but are reluctant to light up your stash because you can’t tolerate the taste.

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Tasteless tinctures or those carrying some of the original weed taste may be difficult for some people, but edibles offer an alternative delivery method.

Weed gummies are made to look and taste just like other gummies. If you’re uncomfortable with weed or its taste, gummies are discreet enough that you will likely forget what they are made of.

2. To Avoid Cannabis Odor

Besides the taste, cannabis has a distinct odor you can’t hide. If you smoke a joint, you’ll carry some of that smell on you.

Weed smell can also attach to household items, especially fabrics. Basically, if you smoke or vape inside a room, the odor will linger.

There are ways you can try masking the smell, but the most effective alternative is edibles like gummies. They don’t have the cannabis smell and are easy to consume if you don’t like how natural weed smells.

3. To Reduce a High

Taking cannabis gummies may not sound like a great idea when you’re already high. However, cannabis compounds function differently, and the only one responsible for the well-known head high associated with weed is the cannabinoid THC.

What you may not know is that the sister cannabinoid, CBD, has effects that can counteract those of THC. While THC is super stimulating, CBD is mellow with relaxing effects.

By taking CBD gummies alongside THC or weed gummies, you can reduce the intensity of the high you’ll get. We encourage learning more about counteracting the effects of THC in case the buzz becomes too much.

4. Are Great for Beginners

For beginners, cannabis can be scary, especially the prospect of smoking it. It may not be a pleasant experience if you’ve never partaken before.

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Gummies offer a less threatening method of ingesting the drug. Since they are small in size compared to things like cookies or chocolate bars, it’d be easier to start small by taking one gummy at a time until you’re comfortable with the cannabis experience.

5. They are Easy to Dose

One of the challenges users face with cannabis is dosing correctly. Consuming the right dose is especially challenging for newbies. What makes cannabis difficult to measure has to do with the delivery method.

When you smoke a blunt, you’ll have difficulties figuring out how much of it you need to get into your system. The same goes for edibles you prepare at home using cannabutter or any other concentrate.

Gummies, on the other hand, are well measured during the manufacturing process. They have exact doses, which means you can’t overdose unknowingly.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis continues to gain recognition in various industries due to its value. In the health and wellness industry, cannabis has become a household name.

You may not want to miss out on the benefits, but ingesting the drug can only mean smoking it, taking it orally and sublingually, and applying topicals. Edibles like gummies are not just easy to take but also effective.

Originally posted 2022-10-15 15:12:30.

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