A Guide to the Most Popular Model Types for Charity Campaigns


Running a charity campaign can be one of the most challenging forms of marketing. Due to their non-profit nature, charities try to generate as much attention and donations to their cause, but often with a fraction of the available budget of more traditional promotions employed by commercial firms. 

The Importance of Knowing Your Audience

Before starting to devise any charity campaign, you should first spend time working out your audience and trying to craft a message or marketing materials that will appeal to them the most. For example, you should have a clear idea of the social channels they use, the places and types of websites they visit, and so on, so you can find ways to grab their attention. 

Likewise, the message you convey and the types of media you use will vary from market to market, so you should define these early in your processes. 

Choosing the Right Campaign Style for Your Charity and Its Demographic

Where charities were once relatively limited in terms of how they could reach out to prospective donators, with the advent of the internet and associated web technologies, there are now multiple different campaign models you could choose from. 

Just a few of the models available for nonprofits are listed below, but you should take time to decide exactly which style you’re going to use and which is most likely to get the best results for your cause:

Specific funding campaigns: This model is probably the most familiar to people and aims to collect funds for a specific project or cause. They will usually be fixed in length and very clearly defined and focused. 

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Year-long campaigns to increase funds: Unlike a more targeted campaign, this model will typically run through the entire year, often with specific, scheduled events, but all aimed at reaching a yearly total set at the start. These campaigns will usually feature a range of other micro-campaigns, often in completely different formats. 

Campaigns to raise awareness: While the end goal remains the same (i.e. to raise money), an awareness campaign is more related to educating users about your cause to generate support. 

Campaigns on social media: Social media has transformed the landscapes of advertising and marketing and makes it possible to promote your cause online to a potentially massive market – all at a fraction of the cost of traditional media like print, radio, TV, billboards, etc. So long as you craft your message correctly and use multimedia wisely (video is proven to be the most engaging online format), you could see your campaign grow very quickly and reach your targets quickly. 

Campaigns using crowdfunding: The growth of crowdfunding sites in recent years has made this model one of the most popular funding methods for everything from charities to private ventures looking to secure money from backers to launch their ideas. Search online for the most successful platforms, but remember to choose one that suits your campaign goals and is likely to attract the right type of user – those that are interested in donating to your cause.

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