A Quick Guide On The Spiritual Benefits Of Moon Sun Necklace


With time and fashion, we have transformed our jewelry choices to necklaces and earrings that are celestial inspired. Motifs like moon, star, sun etc have become quite popular amongst jewelry lovers. These symbols look pretty on every individual and can also be styles in many ways. The beautiful accessories like moon sun necklaces are also said to hold a lot of meanings for the wearers.

A necklace that has the moon and sun in it can make a great addition to the overlook of an indiculad. These two symbols look fantastic together when worn on both, traditional as well as western attire. Also the fact that the sun and moon together define a solar symbol with a lunar motif in the jewelry creates a striking effect by being a beautiful piece of jewelry. So if you are planning to buy a moon sun necklace, you should definitely go ahead. There is a lot of spiritual significance too that comes along such jewels. Both these symbols have a strong historical and cultural presence. The way in which these symbols premeat in the society has provided a filter to the new age jewelry.

Things That A Moon Sun Necklace Represents

As you can see, moon sun necklaces fall in the category of celestial inspired jewelry. Since the sun is the reflection of growth and light, it provides a ray of hope and positivity to the wearer. And talking about the moon, it is a symbol of femininity. It defines softness, calmness, compromise, new life, knowledge and understanding. Therefore when the two different motifs come together in the form of a jewelry, they create an exemplary combination. To be more precise, the moon creates a calm in the chaos of the Sun. 

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As per Greek mythology, the moon is considered as the sun’s opposite. Sun represents yang in Chinese culture and moon represents yin. Unlike the bright and shining sun, the moon is all about thoughtfulness and change. The moon and sun together in a moon necklace are supposed to create a balance and bring a sense of equilibrium. The idea of balance is better reflected in the new age couples when we refer to them as yin and yang. It basically represents that though they are opposites but bringing them together can only create a balance.

Hence a moon sun necklace reflects balance, wisdom and growth. Though they are opposites, having one without the other can not provide these benefits. This also tells us how being balanced in real life is important.

There are many other pieces of jewelry like mandala gold necklace, star and moon necklace. These also have their own interpretations. Even the sterling silver cross comes with a belief of the wearer. Basically it also depends on the wearer. He or she decides what to believe and what not to believe. Remember the interpretation is dependent on the wearer and not the designer. So while you buy jewelry, think about what all believe you put in before wearing it.

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