A Stairway To Winning Every Online Carrom Game


According to Wikipedia, Carrom is one of the most played tabletop games in the Indian subcontinent. It is so popular that the game has climbed its way up to become one of the most famous virtual games that has got everyone hooked to their screens. You can indulge in playing the virtual version of carrom with your friends or family members without any hassle.

Like the real-world version, online carrom also requires you to implement innovative strategies to emerge victorious against your opponents. To win against other players, you need to be fully aware of what is happening in the game. One of the most effective ways to get better at the game is to practice and gain experience. To begin playing and improve your online carrom gameplay, you can click on https://www.mpl.live/carrom.

To ensure that you excel in every online carrom game, we have come up with a list of foolproof strategies and tips that will significantly help you:

1. Clear Your Head Before A Match

It is said that a clear and focused mindset helps you achieve things. In the case of online carrom too, the saying holds significance. Before you start playing an online carrom match, take some time to calm yourself and clear your head. Replay your strategies once in your head to ensure that you are well-prepared and ready for the game to begin. Half the job is already done if you are calm, have the right strategies in place, and begin the game with a positive mindset. All you need to do is play the right shots and win.

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2. Avoid Distractions

While playing an online carrom game, you should emphasize all of your focus on the game. The first step to avoid getting distracted is sitting comfortably in a quiet environment. To perform well in the game, you also need to have the correct hand placement on your device. Therefore, ensure that you are seated comfortably and have a proper grip on your device. When you are settled and ready to play, start the game.

3. Break Precisely

Taking the first shot in a carrom game is called breaking. One of the best chances of making an early impact in the game is to break precisely. If you adjust the power of your shot and time it perfectly, you will surely pot some coins, which will provide you with a significant advantage in the game. Pocketing multiple coins in your break will give you an edge over your opponent because you will have the upper hand in controlling the entire game’s narrative. Therefore, before starting the game, do proper research regarding how you should break. Learning and practicing breaking techniques will help you outperform your opponent in the game. Aside from the in-game advantage factor, learning tricks will also help you get better at the offline version of the popular tabletop game.

4. Implement the Use of Trick Shots

Every game of carrom, whether it is an online or an offline one, requires you to pocket the maximum coins and accumulate more points to win. Therefore, once you have had a successful break, you should deviate all your focus towards raking in all the coins one after the other without any interruptions by taking smart shots. Even though they are risky, trick shots ensure that you pocket a coin if taken precisely. Unlike in offline carrom, you get a limited time to take your shot in the virtual format of the game. Therefore, be mindful of your finger placement on the screen and the sensitivity of your shots. You can either learn trick shots by watching online tutorials or invent new ones yourself during practice sessions.

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5. Imagine the Consequences Before Taking Each Shot

Play your shots sensibly if you are off to a good start in the game. Go for it if you can pocket a coin by taking a simple shot. Do not complicate things by opting for a trick shot. Trick shots are great for pocketing coins present in tricky positions, but you should always opt for a simple shot whenever you can. Moreover, think ahead about what effect your upcoming shot would have on the board, i.e., what will be the position of the other coins once you have taken the shot. Doing so will allow you to plan and take accurate shots. Remember that your ultimate goal is to win, and whatever type of shots you need to take to get there, you should take them accurately.

6. Do Not Lose Hope

If your online carrom game is not going as well as you imagined, do not lose confidence and hope. Remember – It is not over until it is over. If you are missing your shots and keep messing up your chances, take a breath and relax. It takes a string of accurate, well-timed shots to turn the game around. Do not lose confidence even if your opponent has one coin left to pocket. They may miss their shot, and you may get another chance to make a comeback.

7. Stay Focused on the Queen at All Times

Once players have pocketed all their coins, they need to pot the Queen to win the game. Keep the Queen in your sight at all times. Be aware of its position and try protecting it from the opponent in all instances. Suppose your opponent is inching closer towards victory and the Queen is present in an easily-pocketable position. In that case, you should use any chance to ensure that the Queen gets cornered in a difficult position.

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To become an expert at the online tabletop game, you need to practice as much as possible. Practicing regularly will make you get better at the game and give you insight into what factors contribute more to achieving victory.

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