All You Need To Know About The Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine


The fingerprint time attendance machine is a popular and practical tool for companies to track employees’ attendance. The fingerprint time attendance machine uses a biometric sensor to identify the individual employee by fingerprint from the captured image. It is used as an alternative or supplement to paper-based time cards and other traditional ways of recording employee hours worked.

This article describes the difference between a biometric timecard and a fingerprint-time system, its benefits, applications, and many more.

A fingerprint time attendance machine is a relatively new solution that can be used to ensure employees’ presence in the workplace. The main objective of the fingerprint time attendance system is to improve productivity, accountability, security and ensure individuals’ privacy.

Advantages of The Fingerprint Time Attendance System:

  • It is possible to use this system with traditional paper-based time cards in a completely paperless way; however, it is still better to use this time attendance system as an additional tool.
  • A fingerprint time attendance system can also be applied in a hospital, school, or any other business office as a check for part-time employee workers.
  • This system can be used to ensure the overall working time of the employees. It will be easy to catch whether they are wasting time or not.
Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine
Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

Main Differences between Time Cards and Fingerprint Time Attendance Machines

The main differences between time cards and fingerprint time attendance machines are the way of tracking working hours, accountability, and privacy. A biometric fingerprint time attendance machine is not just for time tracking but also to secure employee privacy.

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It takes note of the absents as well. The company will automatically know which employee is absent for the day.

The fingerprint time attendance machine is more secure than a traditional time card system.

The data security and accuracy provided by a high-quality fingerprint time clock far exceeds that of any other biometric technology that we have tested to date.

The benefits of this security include not having to worry about:

Data theft and fraud

Many employees are not motivated to use their fingerprints for identification due to privacy issues. In some countries, installing a fingerprint scanner in a workplace has become an issue because of security and privacy concerns. As a result, the majority of businesses do not want their employees to put their fingerprints on their computers or IDs.

An employee can voluntarily use his fingerprint identification system.

The fingerprint time attendance machine does not just replace the traditional time tracking method but also uses other methods to ensure accurate employee records.

The fingerprint time attendance machine is fast and easy to use. Employees do not need to fill out paper forms or sign their names on a paper card each day. With this system, the employer can simply scan the employee’s fingerprint to keep track of hours worked. It is more efficient than time cards and paper-based timesheets.

Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine
Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine


The fingerprint time attendance machine is reliable, efficient, accurate, and it helps in enhancing productivity. The fingerprint time attendance machine ensures that only authorized employees enter a work location because only authorized employees to have access to it.

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A fingerprint identification system may not be possible to access in some circumstances, such as low traffic areas or highly secured areas.

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