Choosing Between a Twin XL Bed and a Full Bed


If you are shopping for a new bed for your child, you must be wondering which is better: a twin XL bed or a full-size one. Both are equally comfy, but which is the right for your child? This article will explain the differences and benefits of each. Keep reading for tips and tricks on choosing the right bed for your child.

If you’re having trouble deciding between a twin xl bed and a full bed, you might consider getting the former. The size difference isn’t as large as it might seem, but it’s significant, as the twin XL mattress is wider and longer than its full-sized counterpart. If you share a bed with a partner or plan to sleep with a large pet, a full-size mattress is better.


The twin XL bedding dimensions (38 inches wide, 80 inches long) are the most appropriate for single sleepers who are 6 feet tall or above or kids and youngsters who might surpass 6 feet in due course. A Twin XL is inadequate for couples with kids sharing the bed.

The full mattress dimensions are 54 inches wide, and 75 inches long, and they are more flexible. Full, or twofold, bedding is a decent decision for a solitary grown-up less than 6 feet tall who needs a more extensive feel. Full beds can likewise be utilized by couples, albeit some might find them somewhat squeezed. Full bedding is 6 inches less wide and 5 inches more limited than a queen, the most well-known bed size option for couples.

While you go shopping for a mattress you need to think or consider certain factors which will help to pin down which bed you need to buy, a twin XL or a full bed.

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Factors To Consider While Choosing Between Twin XL And Full Bed 

Number of people sleeping: When choosing a new bed, it’s important to consider the number of people who will be sleeping in it. A twin XL bed is small enough for one sleeper, but a full-sized bed can feel cramped for two people. Similarly, a full-sized bed is more appropriate for a couple with small children or pets. However, for single sleepers and those who do not have children or pets, a twin XL bed might be better.

Height: If you’re a tall person, a twin XL mattress will give you more space. It’s five inches longer than a standard twin and gives you extra legroom. However, the full-sized mattress will only fit into a room that is eight by 10 feet. The standard twin-sized bed will fit into a full-sized room, so you can get two of them if you need to.

Size: Although they have similar mattress sizes, the twin-sized one is considerably narrower. Twin XL mattresses are only sixteen inches wider than a Full, making them a more difficult choice for couples. While they are fairly common, they are less widely available than the Full. The twin-sized mattress is a good choice for a single adult under six feet tall, but a full mattress is a good choice for couples.

Sleeping position: The position you sleep in also needs to be considered while choosing the mattress. The size of the mattress can be determined by the positions you sleep. Whether you curl up like a baby or spread your legs or arms, it all can help determine the exact type of bedding you need.

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Cost: Full mattresses typically cost 200 dollars to 300 dollars more than a twin XL mattress. This difference, though, is minimal. A full-size bed’s mattress will cost roughly 200-300 dollars more than its twin XL counterpart, but you may spend an extra 40 dollars or 50 dollars on accessories.

Bedroom dimension: The ultimate place the mattress will be placed has to be considered. Measure the dimensions of the room you are planning to place the bedding into. Both twin XL and full should fit pretty well in any room size. But twin Xl is more ideal for compact spaces.

Make sure the width of the mattress is about half of the total width of the room. While a full-size mattress will fit comfortably into a room of at least eight by ten feet, a twin XL will likely fit better in a narrow room.

Should you buy a twin XL or a full bed?

Since you have full information on twin XL and full bed, let’s make your choice a lot easier by further disintegrating the distinctions between twin Xl and full

Pick a Twin XL if:

  • You don’t have a huge space in your room yet you need that extra legroom
  • You want more space for your child to develop into the bed yet you’re not exactly prepared to put resources into a double or a full
  • You need to set up your adolescent child with new bedding for their room
  • You are a couple who needs to sleep independently however you need a similar measure of legroom as you had with a queen-size
  • You call for a more reasonable choice than a full
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Pick a Full Size if: 

  • You need to choose a bed with more inches that your child can develop into
  • You need more space for a king-or queen-size however you like some additional width on your sleep arrangement
  • There will be two individuals sharing a bed yet you don’t have the space for a bigger one
  • You look for a more reasonable choice than a king or a queen bed

When you are done sorting out your ideal sleeping mattress, the excitement sets in. Besides the fact that you get to pick the proper mattress sizes for sleeping, however, you additionally get to search for sheets, a blanket, and a tough bed edge or box spring to hold up your bedding.

Final Verdict

Both twin Xl and full-size mattresses are perfect for solo sleepers. Twin XL beddings are better for tall youngsters and undergrads, while full beddings are intended for single adults. Remember the contributing factors before settling on a legitimate mattress size.

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