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The Roots of Braiding Hairstyle can be tracked from African natives, but now it becomes a fashion statement hairstyle of all over the world. Braid hairstyles are styles that gaze best in every sense. Besides offering a fashionable and ever-lasting appearance, it is a protective hairstyle that prevents hair from damage.

In the current modern and fashion-conscious world, you will find a wide collection of diverse braiding hairstyles styles. Amongst all, Feed-in braids are highly fashioned or trendy hairstyles of summer. This hairstyle looks creative and provides a unique personality to everyone. In case you are excited to know much more regarding this sassy hairstyle, take a glance and read the information given below: 

Introduction to feed In Braids hairstyle! 

Feed-in Braid is the trendiest style of braid hairstyles.  It is widely well-known as the cornrows amongst people. To style the feed-in braid hairstyle, hair is braided firmly to the scalp to create continuous or straight lines likewise cornrows. The reason behind giving a feed-in braid hairstyle to the hairstyle is that feeding in broad parts of hair is utilized to shape this hairstyle. At times, Shells and beads are also worn to adorn the hairstyle of feed-in braids. 

How to make Feed-in Braids

If you would like to make this sassy feed-in braids hairstyle, here is the guidance mentioned below that helps you to easily make feed-in braids: 

Step 1: Separating Your Hair:

Firstly, you will divide your hair at the center of your head. You can take the help of a rattail comb for the great division. However, it would be best if you avoided the brush section of your comb as it may twist your hair. After that, take a 1/2 section of the hair along with rows. Generally, hair is parting into 3 sections; suppose if you would like to do more, you can divide accordingly. You can also make use of clip to stay the sections separately and make sure the clip must be put tightly on both halves. 

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Step 2: It’s time to braid:

Get a part of 1 section which is nearby to the forehead and separate it into three sections. Now, start braiding the hair and go on including a small part from each one side into a braid.  However, to make sure the braids stay nearer to the scalp and you must keep adding up hair without touching the division part of the hair every time to make the cornrows more prominent. 

Step 3: Addition of Extensions:

In case you would like to adjoin hair extensions, affix them at the start of cornrows. You will acquire little extensions and then fold up into the half along with the index finger or thumb. After that, put the extension next to the core string of your natural hair as well as one division part of the exterior string, in such a way you can simply merge the extensions with natural hair. 

Step 4: Finishing of Braids:

Forgetting the prominent finishing of the style, you must ensure that your hair is smoothening at the top and from all sides. It would be best in case you braided to the underneath of the hair. Lastly performing all steps, you must secure all sections with a hair elastic. Spray your feet in a braid hairstyle using hair spray to perfectly set the style. 

a). Top Stunning feed in braid Hairstyles

b). Long Feed-in braids Styles: It is a creative feed-in braid hairstyle that is shaped braid, and you would not be able to surely reject this style. 

c). Polished Hairstyle: It is a perfect-fit hairstyle for those who want the hair out of the face. The hairstyle contains only some tight braids which adorn this amazing look. 

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d). Star feed-in braids Styles: In this hairstyle, the cornrows are fashioned in such a manner to offer the facade of stars on the scalp. It is an artistic form of including some amazing basics to the entire hairstyle.

e). Tight Feed-in braids Styles: Generally, the hairstyles of feed in braids are tight, besides this hairstyle is much tight as the braids enfold around the entire head and mini in size. 


From the information mentioned earlier, it is concluded that feed in the braid is a perfect fit style if you go with the latest trend. Now, carry an exquisite look with different cool and stunning styles of feed-in braids simply at home by following the mentioned steps. 

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