Grocery Shopping on a Budget Like a Pro: 13 Tips


Budget grocery shopping may be a great way to save money if your salary has been cut, you are still feeling the effects of a recent move, or you are simply trying to stretch your food budget a little farther. To help you get the most out of your money, we’ve compiled a list of our top 13 budget-friendly grocery shopping ideas.

1.  Establish a Realistic Budget

To develop an efficient food budget, you need to take a look at your current spending habits and figure out how much money you want to spend. The first analysis informs you where you are, while the second tells you where you should be. Check your bank app to discover how much you spend on groceries each week or month compared to your weekly or monthly salary. Aim to spend no more than 6% of your gross monthly revenue on food.

2.  Make a Record

When you go to the grocery shop with a budget in mind, it’s much simpler to keep to it. In addition to providing guidance on what you need to purchase, making a list reinforces that you don’t need anything that isn’t on your list. Make a running note of the essentials you’ve run out of and need to replenish on your phone or pad of paper, and then add goods you’ll need for snacks and meals to your list. This will help you stay on track when you’re shopping, but it will also allow you to price out what you need and see if there’s anything you can live without.

3. Don’t Go to the Grocery Store Hungry

One of the most okay things you can do to save money on groceries is to go to the supermarket while you’re full. Buying extra food at the grocery store while hungry is a well-documented phenomenon. If you go to the supermarket hungry, the novelty products and sugary snacks at the front of the checkout line will seem much more appealing—and you will be much more inclined to buy them. Going to the supermarket while you’re not hungry means you’ll be more likely to stick to your list of essentials, so eat something before you leave.

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4. Spending Less Money

Even in the best of circumstances, it’s human nature to bring home a few extra items from the grocery store that we didn’t need. And the more you go to the store, that one product adds up. To minimize the damage, try to shop once a week instead of many times a week. Aside from helping you stay within your budget, making fewer visits to the store also challenges you to be more creative with your meal planning and the way you use up your leftovers, both of which may result in significant financial savings over time.

5.    Beware of Salesmanship

A solid rule of thumb for budget grocery shopping is that if you didn’t need it when it wasn’t on sale, you generally don’t need it now, even if you use coupons and take advantage of store promotions. You should avoid the temptation to purchase anything simply because it’s a fantastic offer unless it’s a necessary item that you should have on hand.

6. Check your calculator before you leave the house

Have you ever been taken aback by the final bill at the register? After careful food shopping, it’s still possible to wind up with a bill more than you expected. Keep a calculator on hand (or simply use your phone) and tally up the costs as you go to avoid this from occurring. To avoid overspending on products you don’t need, use this simple method to keep track of your total.

7.    Sign up for a Reward Program at Your Favorite Retailer

Members of many shops’ loyalty programs may take advantage of special discounts and promotions. If your shop provides one, sign up and utilize it. Spend less money at the grocery store by using coupons and an app to customize your shopping list based on what’s on offer.

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8. Comparison Shop

The 99 cents for a can of tomato sauce is an excellent bargain, but if you grab it without glancing around, you could lose out on the 87 cents for the second can of tomato sauce on sale. In a large store, you’re likely to have a wide range of choices for many products you’re considering purchasing. Comparing prices is the best way to ensure you’re getting the best deal. If everything else is equal, even a few pennies may be saved.

9. Go Meatless (at Least Some of the Time)

To save money at the grocery store, you don’t always have to become vegetarian or vegan. It’s far cheaper to purchase the ingredients for meatless options like vegetarian stir fry, omelets, and grilled cheese than it is for meat. Are you unsure how to make the transition? Meatless Mondays are an excellent place to start, and you can see how much money you save by comparing your shopping expenditures after a few months.

10. Round-Up When You’re Shopping

Why are groceries priced at $1.95 instead of $2? Or why are they $9.78 instead of $10? There’s a good explanation for this. As a result, we believe we’re spending less money than we are since our minds fool us into believing the numbers seem smaller than they are. When calculating the cost of an item, round up to the closest dollar to get around the system. To urge you to think carefully before purchasing extra things, inflating your total will make for a pleasant (rather than startling) surprise at the checkout.

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11. Use Cash

Having a few extra dollars in your wallet might be a lifesaver when you’re on a tight grocery shopping budget. After following the advice above and creating a detailed budget and itemized list, all you need to do is walk over to the bank and withdraw the money you’ve budgeted for. To avoid overspending, leave your credit and debit cards at home while you go shopping. Just remember to carry a few extra dollars with you to pay any applicable taxes.

12. Grow What You Can

It’s easy to overspend on fresh herbs at the grocery store, and purchasing more than you might be a waste of money. It’s simple to cultivate your herbs at home, and they may be grown either inside or outdoors, depending on your local environment. Consider growing scallions, peppers, and tomatoes while you’re at it. If you put in some effort and care, you may have a bounty of fresh vegetables at your disposal at any time.

13.Buy Generic

The generic “cinnamon morning oats” will be just as popular with your kids; we guarantee it. Cereal, spaghetti, canned goods, and frozen pizzas are just a few of the products found at many supermarkets at reasonable prices. Third-party suppliers frequently employ the same ingredients as those used in the original product. For those of you who have previously resisted the idea of purchasing generic products, give them another chance. You’ll save a lot of money on something that’ll be nearly as good.

When shopping for Singapore grocery online on a tight budget, you don’t have to skimp on quality. With little pre-planning and self-control, you should be able to minimize your spending while still acquiring the things you need at the grocery store.


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