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How to Encourage the Right Candidate to Apply to Your Recruitment Ad

How to Encourage the Right Candidate to Apply to Your Recruitment Ad

It is a good idea when you are writing your recruitment advertisement to include an area where you can introduce your business to your prospective candidate. In this area, you should present your business as an up-and-coming enterprise, embracing new working practices and technologies. Too many recruitment advertisements concentrate on what the company wants from the candidate, rather than providing the candidate with a window into the type of business that would benefit both parties. 

However, some improvements in key areas could encourage the right candidate to apply to your recruitment drive, rather than dismissing your advertisement and moving it to the bottom of their pile.

#1 Offer a Compatible Salary

You must offer a competitive salary for the role that you are advertising. Expecting someone who has the relevant experience and qualifications to apply for a job role that is significantly less than other companies would offer is, at best, naive and, at worst, foolish. Likely, you will not get the right amount of interest for the type of candidates that you want, and if you do, they are not likely to hang around for long. Instead, they will be continually looking for the perfect role with the correct salary attached.

#2 Include Extra Benefits 

Most businesses, nowadays, offer extra bonuses to their employees, such as medical, dental, or vision. These company benefits are likely to be the difference between a candidate applying to your business for a job, or you being passed over for another business. 

Of course, it is totally up to you if you want to offer one, two, or all three of these benefits to gain additional interest with your advertisement but you will have to remember that you will need to offer the same package to all your current employees as well.

#3 Ensure a Career Path Within Your Business

Another area that could have potential candidates sitting up and taking attention to your advertisement is to ensure that there is a career path within your business. Those that are highly qualified and experienced are likely to want to better their career prospects, as well as a salary and benefits. 

Even if you feel that there may not be any openings for these employees further up the line, you can still offer them the chance of learning additional skillsets and increasing their salary accordingly during their time with your business. 

#4 Be Flexible with the Working Conditions

Being able to offer flexible working conditions could pique the interest of your desired candidate pool. Whether you choose to offer flexible working hours or shifts or decide to offer the job role in question as a remote or hybrid role is totally up to you. However, you do need to think that by offering remote working conditions or even hybrid, your advert could also appeal to those individuals that are situated a little too far away from your place of work for a daily commute.