How to Find A Great Venue for Your Next Corporate Event


When you are hosting and organizing a corporate event, you need everything to be just right. If you find there are problems or glitches, it will affect how smoothly the event runs. It will also cast doubt on the business or organization you are trying to promote or endorse. One of the main key elements when holding a corporate event is the venue. Now, what must you take into consideration to ensure you find the best venue?

It is all About the Location

Some venues can look fantastic. However, if they are not situated in the best location, it can have an impact on the guests who attend your event. If the location is off the beaten track, or if it is in a less desirable part of town, you may struggle to reach the numbers you wish. When looking at location, you must look at accessibility from the view of those who are attending. What do they need from a location, and what do they find appealing in a location? For example, if they are staying overnight, will onsite accommodation be a requirement?

Parking and Transportation

As you are creating a shortlist for venues, you are going to need to look at the logistics, from the parking to the transportation on offer. If you have guests or attendees that are driving in, is there suitable and adequate parking for them? Or, if they are relying on public transportation, are there sufficient transportation connections and links that are affordable? Again, look at parking and transportation through the eyes of those guests or attendees. Think about what they will need and want, and then draw up a list of key points. When you have these key points to center your search around, you will find it easier to find the right venue.

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Specialist Venues

There are going to be unsuitable locations for your corporate venue. So, it is important that you only look at specialist venues. Searching specifically for business event venues is what you must now focus your time and efforts on. Not all venues you come across will be set up (or even able to cater for business/corporate events). So, be sure to save yourself time by focusing your efforts on those that offer this. If you are unsure, look at past events they have hosted and see if there is something that is similar to yours. Specialist venues will not understand what a business or corporate event needs, and this could be detrimental to your efforts and hard work.

The Capacity and Layout

Establishing how many guests or attendees you will have is going to be important. Ensuring that a venue can hold the numbers you need it to (without being over capacity) is crucial. If an event feels too small or too cramped for the number of people that are attending, then it will have an impact on the atmosphere of the day and how successful the event is. If people feel they are just crammed in and simply a number, you are less likely to get the conversions you require.


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