How to improve students with low academic performance: tips for teachers



Every teacher aims to provide students with quality education and assure their academic success. In a classroom full of students, all are different from one another. With the active performers and high scorers, some students have low academic performance. 


 As a teacher is your duty, to not only focus and appreciate the toppers but also pay equal or sometimes more attention to the students with academic difficulties. Let us discuss some effective tips that teachers can follow to work and improve the students with low academic results. 

Tips for teachers to improve students with low academic performance 

  1. Keep interacting with them in the classes

There can be many reasons behind a weak student’s academic performance. One of the reasons can be facing issues in understanding the topics and not asking doubts from the teachers. Many students have low confidence levels and fear asking doubts. They feel that they might be judged or scolded. 

Therefore they keep their doubts to themselves which affects their classroom performance and exam scores. To overcome this issue, the best top to regularly interact with such students. While explaining a particular topic in the class, ask students whether they are understanding well or not. Be welcoming and loving to them. Many Townsville schools have implemented this to make students feel comfortable asking doubts and get a proper academic understanding.

  1. Use technology in the classroom

Lack of interest and poor concentration in the classroom are also the reasons why some students have low academic growth. To overcome this problem, using technology helps. By using online teaching apps and sites, teachers can access several audiovisual tools like educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, and more. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and quicker. Also, they feel more interested in learning and engaging in the classroom.

  1. Conduct extra  classes

In a regular class, when teachers have to complete the target, rush with the syllabus, and conduct different learning activities, focusing on the students with low academic performance can become challenging for students. To overcome this issue, conducting extra classes can help. 

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By using LMS portals, teachers can plan effectively and manage to conduct separate extra classes for such students. To make it easier and more convenient, you can plan for online meetups in the evening time after the school hours get over. In these extra classes, re-teach the topics you did in the regular class. Ask students to get their doubts and queries answered. This will surely work to improve students’ academic results to a great extent. 

  1. Have regular meetups with parents

In the academic growth and development of students, along with teachers, parents play an equal contribution. One’s lifestyle habits and self-studies determine how well the students perform in the class and exams. To discuss all this, having regular interactions with parents are very important. Tell parents where their child is still lagging and what needs to be for the betterment. 

  • Ask them to make sure that their child self-study every day for at least one to two hours. 
  • Tell parents to help their ward without homework and keep a check on the notebooks and classwork. 
  • Tell parents to make sure that their child has the right lifestyle habits such as healthy eating, proper sleep, time for extracurricular activities, etc. 
  1. Give homework and ensure timely submission 

Only asking students to self-study and come to the classes prepared might not work well as some students don’t follow the instructions properly. For the improvement of low performers, giving homework helps. When teachers will give homework, this will ensure that students are actively involved and self-studies regularly.

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 This will make sure that are doing at least something, and are productive, instead of chilling and wasting all their time. Also, only giving homework is not enough, you have to make sure that students are submitting the work time too. Set deadlines, be strict with students whenever needed to ensure timely homework submission. 

  1. Have  practice tests to check their progress

Only conducting extra classes and moving one lesson to another is not sufficient. Other than having formal formative and summative assessments, teachers should have random practice tests for such students too. For example, after teaching two or three lessons in the extra classes, plan for a practice test for the next class. Using software for school management, keep track or record their scores. See what is the process, and who all are still lagging. This will help teachers to plan accordingly further for improvement. 


 With active performers, some students have low academic results. Their academic growth is quite limited. To become an effective teacher, you need to focus more on such students. By following the above-mentioned tips, teachers can enhance the academic performance of the students who were doing less till now. This will help teachers to ensure the academic growth and development of the students who face low academic performance. 



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