How to Wear Chinos? Ways to Style it with Everything in your Closet


You know you will find endless articles on women’s fashion, from different styling tips to wardrobe must-haves, you find everything so easily. But what about men? Very little is written or heard about men’s fashion. But men need fashion inspiration too as they too like to look fashionable. Well, those who think that either has less scope of styling in men’s clothing think again. The clothing category may be lesser than women, but there is no end to styling and playing with outfits. This time, let’s talk about chino pants for men. We have seen chinos as a rising fashion trend, and men seem to like it. Why not? It’s comfortable and a fashionable twist to ordinary pants. From cover magazines stars to lead actors in movies, everyone is seen flaunting them. 

Chinos styling tips 

Wondering how to style chinos? Don’t worry; it’s not rocket science; you just need some outfit ideas. Chinos is a stylish piece of clothing that is really easy to style. You have invested in a must-have, and now you just need to learn how to make full use of it. Chinos normally are mid-rise that fit comfortably around the waist. Also, it comes in different fits, straight, wide-legged, tailored fit, and so on. The selection depends on your build. If you managed to find the right fit for yourself, let’s talk about how to dress them up. 

Chinos and bomber jacket

There are lots of ways to look chic and stylish by using this wardrobe staple in the right way. The first outfit you can create with chinos men’s pants is clubbing it with a bomber jacket. The season is slowly changing, and we are moving towards colder seasons. So, your bombers will soon be out of your trunk. The good thing is that bombers actually look great with chinos. You can wear a light knitted sweater underneath, depending upon the temperature in your area. 

Shirt with chinos

This is a common way to style your chinos. Shirts are the safest and the most popular way to wear your chinos. There are very few chances of going wrong with a shirt because the whole look is so chic and put together. The only thing you need to focus here is on the color combination of your shirt and chinos. Make sure you choose a shirt that compliments your chinos. It’s a great outfit idea for summer. 

Chinos with blazer

Looking for a more professional look? Again your chino can be a great help. Pair it up with your blazer and formal shoes and make all the heads turn in the meeting. His look is a savior when you have to go out but in a hurry; throw in this winning combination that gives an impression as if you have really put a thought on it. 

Pairing with coat

If you think you won’t see your chinos in colder months, think again. Chinos clubbed with a coat looks as chic as any other pants, only better.

These are some ways to style men’s chinos. 

Denis Ava
Denis Ava
Denis Ava is mainly a business blogger who writes for Biz Grows. Rather than business blogs he loves to write and explore his talents in other niches such as fashion, technology, travelling,finance,etc.


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