In this article, we will discuss a list of Sikkim Traditional dress. The state of Sikkim has a lot to give! Exquisite views, peace, delectable delicacies, vivid clothes, a rich and enthralling culture, and, of course, beautiful dance styles!

Sikkim’s clothing reflects the sociocultural lifestyles of main ethnic groups such as Nepalis, Bhutias, and Lepchas. These three communities wear a range of costumes that are further separated into subgroups. 

Punjabis, Marwaris, Bengalis, Biharis, and South Indians have all settled in the state from different areas of India. They have their own traditional attire that they wear. Lepchas are the true residents of the state, dressed in a variety of brightly coloured clothes.

Sikkim, as a multi-ethnic state, has an unique culture and traditions practised by the various communities that make up the state. Each tribe has its own distinct clothing style that distinguishes them from other communities.

People’s attire reflects not just their traditions, but also their social standing and religious views.

In Sikkim, there are primarily two sorts of tribes. Here’s everything you need to know about these two tribes’ Sikkim traditional dress.

Sikkim Traditional Dress for Men:

The most common attire worn by men in Sikkim is Thokra-Dum. It is made up of shirt and pyajama. It also includes shambo and Yenthatse. This kind of clothing is suitable for the work. Most of the men use the wear this while farming. 

In Bhutia trive, many men wear kho which is also known as Bakhu. The waist and neck of men were tied up with a cotton or silk material. In Nepal, men used to wear Shrval which is a traditional tunic pyjama churidar. 

Bhutia Tribe

Bhutia tribe has adopted a predominant traditional garment. This garment make up a significant portion of the sikkimese people. It is known as bakhu in Nepalese dialect and kho in Bhutanese language.

People from the Bhutia tribe dress in costumes that are quite similar to Tibetan attire (known as Tibetan Chuba).

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Lepcha Tribe’s Sikkim Traditional Dress for Men 

Thokro Dum 

In lepcha tribe there were many other types of dress but  Thokro Dum is the essential dress among this community . A pajama that arrives at the calves is incorporated. Thokro Dum is worn with an exemplary Lepcha shirt and a Shamo hat.

They likewise wear rattan and bamboo caps looking like pyramids at marriage ceremonies and other significant events like heavenly and bubbly occasions.
Sensitive stalks from bamboos, straws, and leaves are utilized to make these caps. To complete the image, a hand-woven belt named as Dupra is tied at one of the shoulders and afterward hung around the midsection.
The men’s Pajama has an exceptional incentive for the clan on account of its short length. It implies that the folks are native to marshy spots.

Sikkim Traditional Dress for Women:

Dumdyam additionally alluded as Dumvum, a type of agreeable and sleek dress. The clothing comes till the lower leg of female. This outfit is styled like an ordinary saari and is the innate clothing of Lepcha females.Large number of female in Sikkim wears this clothing. 

Tago is a flawless light fitted dress utilized with a tunic named Nyamrek, a kind of lash, and Taro, an exemplary headpiece. 

Ladies showcase earnings called as Namchok and jewelry for the wrist called as Gyar, which are both attractive jewellery. There is also a Bhutia tribe, which originated in Tibet and has spread throughout Sikkim. Bakhu or Kho is a smooth loose tunic,it generally has full-sleeves and worn by Bhutia women, and Kushen is a coat. 

Nepali ladies wear stunning gowns in a rainbow of colours. Pharia is a popular saree among them, and it comes in a variety of colourful tones. This saree likewise comes with a blouse.

Bhutia Tribe’ Sikkim Traditional Dress for Women 

The Bakhu is worn with a luxurious complete sleeve pullover named as honju, which is a wide outfit like dress with a lash clamped folded over the midriff.  

A streaming sheet of colorful woolen material with strange mathematical examples is tied in the front segment. This apparel is known as the pangden, and it addresses a wedded lady. 

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Adorned boots comprised of calfskin, worn by the two guys and females, complete this exemplary group. 

Women from the Bhutia people group have a fundamentally more noteworthy higher status from different clans. Conventional adornments is for the most part developed of 24 carat (100% ) gold, so the two people have an affection for gold in its most perfect structure.

Lepcha Tribe’s Sikkim Traditional Dress for Women


Sikkim culture wear for women of the Lepcha clan is made of a delicate material that gives a lady’s attire an exceptionally exquisite and ladylike allure. 

Dumvum is worn by the females of the Lepcha clan. It’s anything but a tasteful sari. It is additionally called as Dumyam in Sikkim’s local gathering. 

This outfit is very comfortable to utilize and tumbles to the lower legs. It improves a lady’s wonder, yet additionally represents her poise and regard. This saree is ankel length and matched with a free tunic. This tunic is likewise alluded as Tago. 

The tunic and the sari have a totally unique shading plan. Nyamrek, a kind of clasp, and poi, a sort of cap worn to disguise the temple, complete the troupe.

Sikkim Traditional Dress for People:

The most notable Sikkim ethnic clothing is the Bakhu, otherwise called “Kho,” which is worn by the two people. 

It’s a shroud like article of clothing with a cotton or silk tie around the neck and midsection that folds over the neck and packs around the midriff. Except for the shortfall of sleeves, Bakhu is extremely indistinguishable from Tibetan Chuba. 

Ladies have started to join it with some pants as western culture’s effect in the nation has ascended over the long run, giving the customary appearance a western touch.

Sikkim Traditional Dress

The Lepcha gathering’s male outfit is intended to help guys with their ordinary field undertakings. They’ve been planned with the extreme idea of male’s farming work and ranger service in thought. 

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The Lepcha people group’s men wear “Dum Praa,” which has the accompanying examples. 

Tagaap: Dum Praa’s most established craftsmanship, Tagaap! It is comprised of colorful themes and plans. 

Khemchu: There are cutting plans in this plan. 

Tamblyoak: This Sikkim conventional apparel configuration highlights butterfly designs. 


A Sikkim conventional clothing comprising of the twofold breasted, broadened piece of clothing known as Shuruval. It has a streaming appearance. A churidar makes up the least half. 

It is normal worn with a shirt, otherwise called a Daura or a plain shirt. This entire Sikkim social attire gives guys a lovely and trendy look.

Changes in Sikkim Traditional Dress over the Years

Sikkim has seen a multidimensional transition as a result of development and modernization activities. The standard of living is reflected in terms of per capita income, primary and secondary products production.

One of the most visible changes is in people’s lifestyles. They could have a greater level of living not only as a result of development operations, but also as a result of the central government’s generous funding.

In truth, the society has an air of prosperity. Some women still wear their traditional attire, but for men, traditional attire is now exclusively used for ceremonial purposes.

Bakhu, a native Sikkimese garment, is worn by gentlemen and ladies and is combined with cotton or silk straps on the waist and leather footwear.

However, as fashion has altered, recent designs were added to Sikkim’s traditional dress. Including the Sikkim traditional outfit, communities have begun to wear a vest called as Jya Jya, a shambo which is an ornamented headgear, and a coat named as Kushen.

The whole traditional aspect of Sikkim is now more graceful and attractive as a result of these new improvements. So there you have it: the list of Sikkim traditional dress for males and females.

Which one of these formal clothing appealed to you the most?

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