Markets1 Review – No-frills CFD, Forex, and Cryptocurrency Trading


Markets1 has provided clients worldwide access to trading on the FX and CFD market since 2010. More than 5,000 trading instruments, such as bonds, are available to traders and investors. The trading broker is attractive because of its favorable trading conditions, popular trading terminals, super-fast order execution, and low spreads. 

Markets1 has raw pricing that it directly streams from its top-tier liquidity providers, such as banks, and clients can make the most of a large liquidity pool of leading financial institutions. At Markets1, there is a diverse combination of liquidity and competitive pricing.

 Offering of Investments

The trading broker offers about 120 tradeable symbols and an extensive range of CFDs and crypto assets to international clients, including more than 5,000 shares, 70 FX pairs, 5 metals, 10 indices, 10 cryptocurrencies, and four commodities. Crypto trading is available at Markets1 through CFDs and trading the underlying asset, such as buying Bitcoin or Litecoin. 

 Research Features

The trading broker provides daily written articles, posts, and video content, such as tutorials, on its YouTube channel. It is pleasing to see that headlines stream within the broker’s platforms from top-tier sources, including Reuters, Citibank, and other credible FX news providers.

 No Manipulation

With Markets1, there’s no price manipulation or requotes. This means that you can access institutional-grade liquidity with ease without any manipulation.  

 Mobile Trading

Markets1 offers a good variety of mobile applications for CFD and FX traders. The broker’s proprietary application has a nice and intuitive layout and has the advanced features that you would expect from the best trading brokers in this industry. 

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Award-Winning Execution

Markets1 uses a server cluster that offers low-latency execution. This simply means that the server can process a massive volume of trades each day with minimal delay.  


While educational resources are not Markets1’s strongest suit, the trading broker’s educational content and videos continue to improve with time, with content such as articles, podcasts, and archived videos on its official YouTube channel. Note that adding more advanced video lessons and courses would considerably improve Markets1’s educational experience.

 No Restrictions

There are minimal restrictions and limitations on your trading strategy. Hedging, scalping and many other trading strategies are allowed. The conditions for scalping are ideal since there is no min distance between the spread. 

 Pros and Cons 


  • More than 10  years in the FX and CFD markets 
  • Favorable trading conditions 
  • Over 5,000 trading instruments 
  • Order execution speed is fast.


  • Complex verification process.

 Who is Markets1 Recommended for?

Markets1 is an excellent, secure, and well-liked broker with plenty of educational tools, content, and resources to offer its investors and traders. While the broker may be a bit overwhelming for new traders with little experience in the world of trading and investing, for those with moderate experience (or more), Markets1 is an excellent and reliable choice. 

The vast and diverse range of account types and platforms and the trader-centric tools and educational resources all indicate that Markets1 works well for traders of all experience levels.

The responsive and friendly customer service, range of financial instruments, and high platform availability are all excellent traits that make this trading broker unique.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Leverage?

Forex brokers, such as Markets1, often provide leverage trading facilities on CFDs trading to meet your needs. This means that you can maximize your limited investment by simply putting down a small sum of capital while enjoying the profitability of a considerably larger trade value.

 What is Margin?

Margin is the sum of money you must have in your broker account in order to secure your open position. It is worth noting that different trading brokers require a different amount of margin money in order to keep your positions open.

Contact Markets1

Contact Markets1 and learn more or sign up to start trading FX, CFD, crypto and other instruments.

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