Social security disability attorney – What is the role played by them?


The social security disability benefits claim process can be quite tedious and overwhelming. It involves proper paperwork and documentation that is error-free and qualifies for benefits as per the Blue Book of the Social Security Administration (SSA). It is natural for people to feel uncertainty while applying for disability benefits. In such a scenario, you must hire a social security disability attorney to help you with the legal process. Also, if your claim is denied initially, having a phoenix social security disability attorney by your side will be really helpful. 

The role played by the social security disability attorney is:-

Prepare for the initial claim: Preparation for the initial claim is a crucial part of the claim process. It should be filed the right way. A social security disability attorney is an expert in this. They will ensure your application form contains all the necessary information that will help maximize your claim amount and reduce your waiting time. They will ensure all documentation is proper so that the claim is not delayed or rejected. 

Filing of appeals: The appeals process is quite important for obtaining disability benefits. You must understand that the majority of social security applications are denied or rejected. After this, you need to appeal. For such legal steps, the social security attorney steps in. They are familiar with similar situations and know how to prepare for an appeal. Some cases might involve several appeals and these appeals must be made within strict deadlines. The attorney is aware of the deadlines and the procedure and ensures that all appeals are filed on time. 

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Represent at your hearing: The attorney will represent you at your hearing in front of the judge. They will help you prepare how to answer the judge’s questions. They will also prepare the opening and closing arguments on your behalf. If there is an unfair testimony at the hearing an experienced attorney will make fierce statements and demand cross-examination from the same person. 

Legal analysis and brief writing: Some cases get so complicated that they end up being appealed in federal court. When the case reaches federal court it involves extensive legal brief writing. Only a social security disability attorney can write expert briefs as they have similar experience in the past.

As the social security disability claim process is so complicated, you must hire an attorney to address any legal challenges that come your way. The attorney speaks the same language as the SSA and therefore it will be helpful to get through your claim process smoothly and efficiently without much delay. 

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