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As a second-generation cryptocurrency, Cardano aims to address several of Bitcoin’s shortcomings. It’s an open-source cryptocurrency released in September 2017 that operates in a similar fashion to Bitcoin. Cardano employs the ADA token but it usually goes by the name Cardano.

Cardano aims to separate itself from Bitcoin by providing a more robust and long-lasting blockchain that can safeguard user privacy and accommodate regulation. It also boasts that it was developed by scientists and professors who are familiar with business requirements.

It’s true that Cardano isn’t the most accessible cryptocurrency, but its adoption is steadily growing. Compared to investing in Litecoin or Ethereum, it has a few more stages. But let’s break this down and show you what to do.

What Makes Cardano Unique

The key difference between deciding to buy Cardano or other currencies is that Cardano operates on a two-tiered network, which facilitates the instantaneous processing of transactions.

A settlement layer, connected to a control layer, provides the basis of Cardano’s multi-layer protocol, which is capable of complex operations. The unit of account will be in the settlement layer, while the control layer will operate smart contracts and be designed to verify individual identities to facilitate regulatory compliance.

Users’ right to privacy is prioritized alongside meeting the requirements of government agencies. That has never been done before in the world of cryptocurrencies.  Cardano’s supporters believe that, since it is agreeable to regulators, it has a good chance of being widely used.

How to Purchase Cardano

Previously, investing in Cardano required first purchasing Bitcoin or Ethereum, then moving those funds to specialist exchanges before you could really buy Cardano. However, as of right now, ADA may be purchased on almost any market. Here’s how.

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Choose Your Crypto Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are online marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers of digital money. There are a variety of cryptocurrency trading strategies available, with some geared toward novices and others being more complex and better left to pros. Look for an exchange with cheap account minimums and trading costs to discover the best match.


In order to start using your new account, you’ll need to deposit money into it. There is a wide variety of ways to finance your cryptocurrency wallet, including transferring funds from another cryptocurrency wallet or using a bank account or debit card.

However, you should exercise extreme caution if you decide to pay with a credit card. This kind of purchase is sometimes classified as a cash advance and thus incurs additional fees and interest rates from many card issuers. Furthermore, due to the market’s intrinsic volatility, it is probably not a good idea to begin your crypto investment adventure while in debt.

After you have added funds to your account, it is time to start making purchases. To invest, you’ll need to look up the stock’s ticker symbol ADA and input a monetary amount. You may choose between a market order and a limit order on several markets.

Store Your ADA

If you’ve earned any ADA, you’ll want to keep them safe in a cryptocurrency wallet. You may pick from many different kinds of wallets, including:

  • Hardware wallets. These are tangible devices that look like flash drives and store private information for storing and transferring digital currency. Hardware wallets, in contrast to other storage alternatives, are not linked to a network or the internet. As a result, they are referred to as cold storage and are often more secure than other solutions.
  • Paper Wallets. To keep your private keys safe, a paper wallet uses a printed QR code or a sheet of paper. It is important to have a safe location to keep your paper wallet if you choose to use one, since losing it will result in the loss of all of your money.
  • Software Wallets. Storing your cryptocurrency via a program or app is a viable alternative. The software is less secure than hardware or paper wallets since it links to the internet, but it provides easier access to your cryptocurrency assets.
  • Crypto Exchanges. You may keep your cryptocurrency holdings at certain exchanges. However, putting your storage trust in an exchange is dangerous, so you should only do it for very tiny amounts, and for very brief periods of time.
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Final Thoughts

Investing in Cardano carries a significant risk, as it is with any currency. Despite this, the cheap entrance cost and great potential reward make this an attractive option.

In a few years, you could be glad you invested in Cardano if it experiences the same meteoric rise in value that Bitcoin has just experienced. A further plus is that it has the potential to be widely used as more respectable money. But don’t get too excited; there’s still a lot at stake.

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