What this Consulting Company is all about and what is its Primary Purpose?


Today, Nordrat Consulting Inc is somehow gaining great popularity. With a focus on helping clients and the goal of integrating various components, this company was founded with the sole purpose of helping clients. The goal of this strategy is to increase conversion sales and also increase them by incorporating aspects of the Northern Canada strategy.

This Nordstrom consulting firm is run and run by Lee Carson, an experienced mogul in the field. Aerospace as a Canadian defence community even knows and respects Mr Carson for many years. This is evident in the consulting firm he runs and in the ways in which he does so.

It also offers its clients some of the various features for playing this program. Some aspects are already known, while others have become preferred over time – let’s look at the famous one below.

  •         Monitoring of federally controlled koruna purchases
  •         Experience with the Arctic and maritime expansion

What is its primary goal?

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The primary focus or mission of the company is basically to assist clients in building the northern building as needed. This structure is especially useful for those who have assets for a business purpose to increase conversations. Through constant communication and improvisation efforts, the company meets the needs of the customer.

Who built it?

It is owned and is fully operated by members of the Norstrat Group, which is known as a group of former Canadian military officers, as well as bureaucrats and business leaders in the north.

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This group of companies operates these companies Incorporated as the main consulting component. The Northern Strategy is implemented by government agencies in charge of providing supervisory services.

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Many military productions in the private sector, such as research and development companies, are now contracted with Norstrat Group Of Companies. They can easily manufacture weapons, equipment and logistical support for Consulting’s most important client, the Canadian Armed Forces.

Main aim

The company’s main focus is government-funded infrastructure projects. The main focus remains the same, although it may include federal initiatives.

In addition to satellites, this includes transport and telecommunications, defence and socio-economic systems.

How does it work?

Customers are often assisted by the government in developing a general approach to the North and identifying opportunities related to this strategy. During this process, they help the customer identify and gain access to key stakeholders and related tasks. Sharing domain information on some key issues is one way to achieve this smoothly. Other opportunities for the development of northern infrastructure can be explored by sharing domain information.

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Successful management of infrastructure development projects is as important as the use of professional tenders. The customer can discuss this process before selecting a general consultation package.

What are his address and location?

Since its inception, it has been based in Ottawa and has worked with various federal ministries and agencies. ITK, the national representative organization, has a close headquarters. Inuit rights and interests are protected by organizations throughout Canada. Their clients are served on all continents and always at end on a global scale.

What are some of their major projects?

Two of the most important areas of their expertise are campaign strategy and commercial development.

The 1885 federal government infrastructure project describes the general population and the challenges it faces. It united eastern and western Canada and developed slowly.
Major projects | The Institute for Government

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However, no routes are currently planned because many infrastructure projects are connected. All these factors are important for great development and also for security in the northern region. Providing next-level project consulting services is a priority for this platform.


Nordstrom was hence created as a result of the joint cooperation between the northern business leaders, as well as bureaucrats and the military personnel. This is an important step that helps clients with planning and strategy. The main emphasis is on large infrastructure projects and measures of the Canadian federal government.

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