Things to Consider While Selecting Dark Coloured Swimming Pool Tiles For Your Home


Iceland is one of the most picturesque and exemplary Tourist spots in the world with its exotic dark water beaches. As you close your eyes and imagine taking your toes into beautiful beach sand, it’s far better than your average beige and looks stunning with black sand and water. 

If this is your ideal holiday situation and with the lockdown still going on headstrong in the virus still out loose, you can easily create these luxurious dark-colored water feels in your own swimming pool in the backyard just by switching out swimming pool tiles. You can use dark color tiles in your swimming pool, which will create new depths and maturity to your swimming pool.

All about dark-colored swimming pools tiles

More homeowners today are leaning towards a dark Modi contemporary how much you’re feeling aesthetic when it comes to home and lifestyle choices. This is the new trend, an exciting option available in the market today. When you’re considering buying swimming pool tiles in a darker shade are some things that you must keep in mind before placing your order of samples.

How to achieve a dark swimming pool using swimming pool tiles: 

1. Black Swimming Pool Tiles

This is the most common and obvious place to start. Suppose you’re looking for the perfect Iceland black beach style of waters, Black tiles with shimmer and gloss a perfect for that aesthetic. The shimmer and the glass in the styles enhance the sunlight and the shine on it. It will give the water a dark teal look rather than just plain a black look.

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2. Dark Blue Swimming Pool Tiles

These darker blue swimming pool tiles are easily available on any tile shop racks. They gave the water a deep blue color, which looks luxurious, just like a hotel swimming pool. Wouldn’t you love deep blue waters in your backyard?

3. Dark Green Swimming Pool Tiles

the dark green tiles placed in your swimming pool bed will give the water a green tint that will make your water look bush-themed. They are rarely used but do give a natural look to the ocean.

4. Dark Grey Swimming Pool Tiles

They give a teal color, watercolor that works extremely well for a bush setting and a contemporary looking swimming pool.

Some of the important things to consider while buying dark-colored Swimming pool tiles: 

  • Lead Time

The color tiles are not instantly available most of the time. Not many countries stock dark-colored tiles on hand, which means that there will be a certain amount of weight period, which is about 6 to 8 weeks, in order to arrange the chosen color and send you a sample before you can make your decision. If you do not have that much time frame to wait, then avoid going for dark-colored swimming pool tiles.

  • Grout Choice

Even when you choose dark-colored tiles, Make sure you make the right grout choice to go along with your tiles. In order to give a seamless look to your tiles, prefer using grout that also is dark-colored. This will make sure that your tiles are the hero of your swimming pool rather than part and parcel of it. Light-colored grout will make the grout stand out in between these tiles, Taking away the feel of a dark water beach.

  • Perception of a Depth
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If you are a non-swimmer or a timid swimmer having a dark bottom tile can make it difficult for you to see the bottom of the pool. This could aggravate issues of confidence in timid swimmers and be scary for small children. At the same time, if you are in love with deep-sea diving, these dark-colored swimming pool tiles will be the favorite thing about your swimming pool.

  • Water Will be Warmer

Having dark-colored swimming pool tiles means the water will be warmer as darker colors seem to gather more sunlight. This could encourage the growth of algae, which means a double level of maintenance and cleaning will be required to ensure that your swimming pool water health is well and safe for you to swim along with your kids.

These are all the things you need to consider before purchasing a dark color tile for your swimming pool. 

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