Which Party Bears Responsibility for a Sideswipe Crash?


There are numerous collision scenarios for which establishing fault is simple. In most cases, the negligent motorist is the one in the back during a rear-end collision. There may be surveillance footage of the automobile that ran the red light and crashed at an angle. However, avoiding a sideswipe is trickier. While the driver of the vehicle that swerved out of their lane is usually at blame, identifying which vehicle swerved can be difficult.

Is there anything you can do to prevent a sideswipe, and what should you do if one occurs? Discuss your case with the Macon personal injury attorney.

Common reasons for side collisions

When one car changes lanes or merges into traffic and brushes the side of another car going the same direction, it is called a sideswipe. Vehicles can also sideswipe immobile objects such parked cars, mailboxes, and curbside buildings.

Such mishaps may occur when:

  • Accidentally cutting into the space of a passing automobile, one motorist switches lanes without first checking mirrors and blind spots.
  • A driver makes a lane change without properly alerting oncoming traffic.
  • In the middle of a multilane highway, two drivers try to merge into the centre lane at the same moment without first making sure it is clear.
  • Without first making sure all lanes are clear, a driver attempts to cross several lanes all at once.
  • Distracted by anything like a phone or game console, a driver fails to detect when his or her vehicle has crossed over into oncoming traffic.
  • Too hastily, too slowly, or without monitoring for traffic, a driver merges onto a road or motorway.
  • A motorist recklessly cuts in front of and behind of other vehicles, fails to check for open lanes, and speeds around intersections.
  • Accident was caused by a motorist hydroplaning and colliding with another car
  • Most lane-change accidents have the other driver at fault. Yet, the hit driver isn’t always at fault. The driver may be at fault if he or she speeds up as another vehicle approaches from behind or tries to prevent the other vehicle’s entry into the lane.
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How to Find Who’s at Fault in a Side-Swipe Accident

Never hesitate to dial 911 and seek medical attention after a sideswipe collision. Ideally, you would photograph the situation, including the damage to your car and the other vehicle, as well as any tyre marks.

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