How Do Bottled And Jarred Packaged Goods Affect Our Lives?


In today’s materialistic world, time is changing rapidly and we as consumers have been out in the open to numerous fascinating things to ponder upon. The most interesting and important thing in our life is food. It is an industry that can never be seized because it is essential and crucial for life to live. We cannot think of doing something without food as it is the main source of energy to do any function. For making our life simple and expedient, bottled and Jarred packaged goods play a significant role. This kind of food saves our time of cooking as well as energy.

What exactly do the bottled and jarred goods mean?

It means the food items that reach us in bottles and jars. It has been in the trend for the last many decades or we can say since the beginning of time. In old times, people stored their goods in glass jars and bottles to keep the food safe and to protect it from contamination. Their jars and bottles were made by them at that time. Now there are numerous industries to make these bottles and jars on a large scale. People rely on bottled and Jarred packaged goods as it is a comfortable and convenient way to save goods. Everything has its pros and cons and these bottled jars and bottles are not an exception. 

History of usage of bottles and Jars packaging


You might have heard from your grandparents and must be looking into the earlier state of affairs that our forefathers used glass jars to store pickles and other food items to keep them long-lasting. Now, in recent times people make use of plastic jars to keep such food items, but old things are always perfect. So, more and more people are showing interest in bottled and jarred packaged goods nowadays. As a result, supply of such containers also increased. People are now becoming more health conscious and they came to know the adverse effects of plastic containers. That is why they are shifting towards packaged goods of jars and bottles. If its use is increasing then it has become a debating matter because some people think it is healthy and others have thought of its unfavourable environmental and ecosystem effects. 

Benefits and drawbacks of bottled and jarred packaged goods!!!

Everything that we use in our routine has certain pros and cons as well. Because access to everything is bad and leads to devastation. Unluckily, no one of us know something in the world that does not have any negative aspect. There are certain advantages and disadvantages of using these storage containers:

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Advantages include:

  • Clean and germ-free: When we pack our eatable stuff then hygiene and cleanliness of storage container plays significant role. Glass neither affects the contents nor oxidise. Thus, glass jars do not emit harmful radiations that may affect the food product. Therefore, bottled and jarred packaged goods are kept safe from being contaminated. This is important to consider that this effect varies from the packaging type and commodity as well. For instance, if a glass container is appropriate for a particular product, then it is not sure that another type of good can also be stored in a glass jar. Maybe another type of container made of aluminium or steel is suitable for those goods. With the help of food packaging, various food products are hygienically transported and stored from one area to another. Proper packaging reduces the chances of any bacterial infection like food poisoning as there is no direct contact with the food products as they are now considered as safe bottled and jarred packaged goods. Moreover, with this packaging type, you need not expose food to the environment. Thus, this bottled jar packaging keeps your foodstuff safe at your home. There are a thousand microorganisms and germs that can badly affect your food item or commodity. That is why this kind of packaging is used because it keeps the edible items safe for up to a few months.
  • Transparency of glass- As glass bottles and jars are transparent by nature and you can easily identify the product inside. It makes the bottled and jarred packaged goods convenient and provides ease to store and shop.  
  • Eco friendly: Glass containers do not only keep your products safe rather this kind of packaging is eco friendly too. It is biodegradable by nature and does not contaminate the surroundings. In addition to this, glass jars can be reused after thorough washing and cleaning. 
  • Well-situated and versatile for consumer protection- This is also a fantastic benefit of glass jars that it was easy to carry with convenience. Its versatile nature allows it to keep the container anywhere. You can take them safely in your journey by putting food items or other products. Sense of safety is critical in the case of plastics as the container can squeeze with pressure and the food product can leak out. Glass jars and bottles give you the guarantee of leaking safety. Their caps and manufacturing material do not allow compress to split anything from it. Thus, it is safe and sound to keep these containers at home and while commuting as well. 
  • Storage space- This is a beneficial aspect for the companies that sell food products. Both provider and consumer can take it as safe packaging with bottled and jarred packaged goods. The consumer can take it for granted that the product inside is safe enough for their family.  Thus, it is worth it for food production companies and packaging stores to use this packaging. 
  • Duration- Bottled packaging enhances the lifetime of the food item and beverages as well.  In such packages, products stay fresh for a long period. Despite hygiene and storage, this might be the other advantage of using bottled and jarred packaged goods. Apart from all this, this happens to be the perfect thing for the transport and delivery of items from place to place. Good packaging for travel for a long time is the whole thing in today’s time. Perfect packaging just makes everything a lot easier.
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Drawbacks of bottled and jarred packaged goods comprise:

  • Delicate packaging: It is a well-known fact that glass is a very fragile material to handle specifically. Although this type of packaging is convenient and safe, handling it with proper care is its biggest disadvantage. For instance, if you are going to carry bottled and jarred packaged goods on your trip then you need to take extra care of this packaging. It can break and can spoil everything in your luggage. Moreover, it can also hurt someone if it breaks by mistake. 
  • High-priced: As we all know better glass is a breakable material, apart from this it is also very expensive to be afforded by all classes of people. As a result, packaged goods in jarred bottles are relatively pricey as compared to other types of packages. As a consumer, you might have noticed that packaged goods and other food items in tin, aluminium and plastic jars are cheaper than glass bottles and jars. This is the reason numerous populations are moving towards plastic containers. Consequently, it would not be incorrect in saying that this kind of packaging increases the cost of packed products. Storage as well as transportation of bottled and jarred packaged goods appears to be very costly as compared to other binding commodities.
  • Undesirable effect on wellbeing and surroundings- It is the biggest shortcoming of bottled and jarred packaged goods that it has a bad impact on living beings’ health. To make the food products long-lasting and prevent them from contamination many artificial flavours and other food additives have been used in the containers. These flavours are not only harmful to an individual’s health but also worsen the taste of food products inside the container if it has not been used for a long time. A few health-hazardous include allergic reactions after consuming the packaged food item, digestive disorders and even leads to a range of other injurious diseases like lung or heart problems.
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There are a few glass container types that have an unpleasant influence on our surroundings. They contain some amount of synthetic material that is full of pollutants and is also non-biodegradable by nature. Contained plastic takes millions of years to degrade and thus contribute to soil contamination. In addition to this, it will impinge on the reproductive system to great extent. Its non-biodegradable nature makes it harmful to marine life as well. Because sometimes many sea creatures swallow this packaging with the water and lead to serious health issues. All in all, it not only has a detrimental effect on humans but also is more harmful for animals and sea creatures. 


All in all, bottles and jarred products have various benefits along with some drawbacks. Everything on the earth has negative as well as positive aspects so it is your choice to use bottled and jarred packaged goods to a large extent or to avoid using them wherever and whenever possible. The outer covering is imperative with the fact that the products are kept safe and sheltered from external damage to the environment. For a few months, this packaging proves to be pretty proficient and essential for daily use. As a result, glass jarred foodstuff contributes in decreasing the cost, flavours and hazardousness by offering customers a simple, perfect and healthful choice to their usual diet.

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