8 Easy Steps, Learn How to Start a Subscription Box Business


When you hear about subscription box businesses, what comes to your mind? Do you know what it entails? You might have no idea, but you are interested and would like to own one.  

This guide will teach you what subscription box businesses are all about and also promises eight easy steps you can follow to start your own subscription box business. 

A subscription box business entails having a continuous agreement with your customers that they pay to keep receiving your products or services for a certain period, and they have the option of canceling their subscription anytime.  

When starting your own subscription box business, there are different packages you can choose to begin with; it could be weekly or monthly outdoor subscription boxes, beauty subscription boxes, or even food subscription boxes. 

These days people get subscription boxes for everything beauty, fitness, hiking, food, health, anything you can think of; it exists, and the duration of the subscription may be monthly, every year, or quarterly. 

There are several reasons people should learn to start a subscription box business. In recent years we have witnessed how subscription boxes have taken the world by storm, and it is hard to ignore the numerous benefits of this burgeoning industry. 

The benefits of subscription box businesses are numerous, including manageable stock control, ease to predict and measure revenues, requiring less capital, and targeting special interests. 

How do You Start a Subscription Box Business? 

Since you know what a subscription box business is and how it works, you might want to learn how you can successfully start your own. So here are eight easy, actionable steps to start a subscription box business. 

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BattlBox is survival and outdoor gear subscription box designed for outdoor lovers. Subscribing to this box means you get monthly outdoor gear, manuals, and survival tools.  

Like this company, you should decide on your target customers, make your business idea stand out, and provide a solution to a recurring need of these people.  

The term “BattlBox” resonates with outdoor gear and survival. Even without knowing details about the company, you can easily guess what they do from the brand’s name—little wonder why it remains one of the few subscription box businesses with a great brand identity.
Generating an excellent idea for your subscription box is the first step in starting a subscription box business, and it is a straightforward one. 


Crate Club  

You might want to learn a few lessons from Crate Club, a survival gear subscription box. They ship high-quality and industry-standard gear at ridiculous fabulous prices. 

If you opt for a quarterly subscription, depending on the package you choose, you will pay between $49.99 – $399.99 per quarter.

Just like this company, the price of your subscription box should resonate with your customers, and here are some things to consider when deciding on a price for your subscription box. 

  • The cost of the products from your suppliers
  • Box cost and its accessories such as stamps or stickers
  • Cost of packaging and fulfillment
  • The cost of acquiring the products yourself (shipping/postage)


Conduct Research on the Product’s Supplier, Competitors, and Packaging 


When you decide on the types of products you want in your subscription box, it is vital to identify the right supplier for the products by putting in the extra work to research the supplier’s reliability and determine whether or not their cost fits your budget. 

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The level of competition in the niche you have chosen has a significant effect on the growth of your business; that’s why it is essential to find a niche that is not overly saturated so you can have a place in the industry and improve on your products with time. 

One of the ways you can determine if the products you have chosen are the best for your subscription box business is to do some serious competitor research. 



The size and weight of your box can be a major issue when starting a subscription box business. To decide on the right size and weight of your box, you should create an outline for the products you are offering to determine the size of the box they can fit in. 


Get a Prototype Subscription Box 

A prototype box should be the same quality, quantity, and value of products you plan to deliver once you launch. A prototype box is one you can market to your potential subscribers; it introduces them to the types of products you will be offering to them. 


Begin Your Startup Phase 

Your startup phase is the period before you launch, where you market your box to incite the interest of potential subscribers. 

You can start by collecting email signups, and your startup phase could be anywhere from 15 to 60 days; it shouldn’t take too long, so people who signed up for your email list won’t lose interest. You can also create a prelaunch page and set up social media accounts to market your business. 

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Create a Website for Your Business 

Learning how to start a box business up to this point has been all about research and preparations; your website will become the public face and foundation of your brand.  

Creating a website for your box business can be challenging because it will determine how fast your business will grow, and you don’t want to turn off your customers with substandard web content. 

However, you should understand that your website doesn’t have to be perfect at the starting phase of your business as you can continually improve on it with time. 


Market Your Subscription Box and Start Taking Orders 

Congratulations! You have successfully launched your box business. Throughout your startup phase, you have been procuring and organizing products; now, it’s time for your anticipating subscribers to get a full dose of what you have prepared for them. 

In this step, you must clearly state your first delivery date and how long it will take your customers to receive their packages. 



Work to Retain and Grow Your Subscribers 

Now that your business is fully established, your goal is to continue to grow the business. To achieve this, you can set up referral programs and note that good customer reviews are essential in this stage of your business. 


Final Thought 

Are you considering starting a subscription box business? Nothing should stop you now. The suggestions in this guide will be helpful. And when you eventually kick-start your business, it could become one of the best decisions you have ever made.  



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