How to find the right product in our car DVD player comparison


You and your family are planning a holiday by car, but you are already afraid of the quarrels of the children during the long drive? Then a car DVD player is an ideal solution for you.

The car DVD players are available in a wide variety of variants; KEF Q500 floor standing loudspeaker some also allow you to play audiobooks, some also offer the possibility for games on the go and still others even have two independent screens. Find out now in our test or comparison table which car DVD player is best suited for you.

Buying advice: How to find the right product in our car DVD player comparison 2022

The most important in a nutshell

  • A DVD player in the car can be a blessing for you on long journeys as it will pass and entertain your children in the back seat. The screens are mounted on the headrests of the front seats so that passengers in the back seat can watch movies or series during the trip.
  • On most devices, two displays are connected to each other via a cable. However, if you want your children or passengers to be able to watch different movies on the screens independently, then you need displays that each has their own player installed.
  • Car DVD players are usually powered by the car battery and turn off as soon as you turn off the engine. If you want the DVD player to continue running anyway, we recommend buying a device with a battery.

“When will we finally be here?” – If you have children, you probably know this question all too well. Long car journeys can be a problem even for the most relaxed parents. Especially if you are still stuck in a traffic jam on an already long journey, the quenching of the children can rob the last nerve and make concentration when driving very difficult. In a 2015 survey by DA Direkt, 23% of respondents named children as passengers as one of the ten most common distractions in road traffic.

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A car TV that keeps the offspring happy in the back seat can be a real blessing. In our Car DVD Player Comparison 2022, we have taken a closer look at different categories and types of players for you. We will tell you how to find the best brand and model for your needs and which accessories and features are particularly worthwhile when purchasing.


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Watch movies on the go – together or rather separately?

A car DVD player, as the name suggests, is primarily intended for use in your car. It usually consists of two LCD screens mounted on the headrest of the front seats. On most models, the actual DVD player is installed in one of the two displays, while the second monitor is connected to it via a cable. Your passengers can then watch the same program on their own screen in the back seat. Alternatively, there are also models in which a separate player is installed on the monitors. Here, for example, your children can independently watch different movies in the back seat of the car.

The mobile DVD player is connected to the cigarette lighter and draws its power from the car battery. On most models, the car DVD player can only be put into operation when your vehicle’s engine is running. However, there are also DVD players for the car, which have a built-in battery. If it is charged, it is quite possible to watch films with the engine switched off. You can find out more about both variants in the following chapter.

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Good to know: Alternatively, there are other types of mobile and portable devices or so-called “portable DVD players”. These include, for example, those that are attached to the center console of the car or players that are attached to the vehicle ceiling as “overhead monitors”. You can then unfold them downwards and align them to the rear seat.

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