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Life is amazing, with different and unique hair types. Several individuals love to experiment with their haircuts and wear all unique hairstyles. Most of the women love to try classic fashioned styles like 70’s styles. When we move back to the decades past, then feathered hair was one of the cool and trendiest hairstyles. The best thing is the Feathered hairstyle was never outdated; even this hairstyle is as admired as it was in the decades of the 70’s. Several celebrities like Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lopez have been still alive in this style by wearing this amazing cut in a modern or trendy way. 

If you are still perplexed by this 70’s trendy hairstyle, then take a glance at the given below information and explore this 70’s flair that you can still bring into the 21st century.

Introduction to Feathered Hair

Feathered hair was one of the stylish and trendy hairstyles during the 1970s. Moreover, this hairstyle gained much popularity amongst both women and men. The hairstyle is exactly designed like feathers of birds; therefore, this style was well-known with the name of feathered hair. The popular Celebrity face, Farrah Fawcett of Charlie’s Angel, gives high exposure and fame to this look across the whole world and even inspires several women to style this hairstyle and ask for the hairstyle for the “Farrah-do” style. 

This hairstyle can apply to all hair types, whether you have long hair, curly hair, or straight hair. Usually, as long as the haircut is nicely textured layered styling, thus it can be considered feathered. 

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Top Amazing Feathered Hairstyles 

In the midst of the 1970 or ’80s, there was an immense craze for this feathered hairstyle. Hair Stylists would cut the hair tresses in layers and then brush it back to get the fine look of feathered hair. Well, the center or side parting style of feathered hair was the preferable and popular choice amongst women. Apart from that, Stylists offer several amazing styles of getting a feathered hairstyle.

So, have a look at some of the gorgeous hairstyles for adoring your feathered hair look mentioned below: 

1. Feathered Haircut with Curved Fringes:

It is one of the highly styled feathered hairstyles amongst women. Those women who have no fear or want to flaunt their sensual and edgy nature can try this style of feathered hair. This feathered hairstyle has a high preference amongst youngsters, college students, or professionals of the entertainment industry. With this amazing eye-catchy hairstyle, all you do is wear a short sleek dress, and you will be ready to rock in the whole event. 

2. Cropped Feathered Haircut:

Those women with heart-shaped or oval faces can try this feathered hairdo without any concern of suitability or adjustment. However, this hairstyle of feathered hair has been noticed in several ramp events or fashion magazines on various occasions. Moreover, this hairstyle is worn by several celebrity faces of the 21st century with amazing styling. In case you have a wide forehead, then this hairstyle of Cropped Feathered haircut will be the best fit for your requirements and offer an amazing look to your personality. 

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 3. Feathered Bob Haircut:

The marvelous combination of these two amazing styles has given more attention or fame to Feathered hairstyling with Bob cut. This hairstyle looks stunning on women blessed with wavy or straight hair. If you do not want to cut your hair at the length of too short, then this Feathered Bob hairdo is a perfect fit for you. This hairstyle has all features of Bob cut, but the bottom strands of hair are styled with curl outward to give an amazing look of feathers of a bird. 

4. Blonde Side Fringe Feathered Hairstyle:

If you think your age can restrict you from adopting a feathered cut, then this style is mad for you. If you do not want to do any experiment with your hair, then choosing the Blonde Side Fringe Feathered cut is an amazing style to come for your personality. This style offers you an elegant, sleek, simple, or modern look. 

On the whole, these were a few of the top feathered hairstyles that you can ask your hairstylist for styling. So, go ahead or adorn your personality by listing your favorite style of feathered haircut.

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