10 Habits of People With Great Skin.


Stop envying people with ravishing skin. You just need to follow their healthy habits and well you will achieve similar results. Here, we have enlisted some basic habits you must incorporate in your lives. Let’s check out:

  • Remove Makeup Before Going to Bed:

Most of the days you come home too tired to do anything. You just think of getting straight into the bed, without even taking off your shoes. In that case, removing your makeup feels out of question, but it’s the most important of all. 

If you want your skin to stay young and beautiful, never sleep with your makeup on. Your skin needs to breathe naturally while you rest. Wearing makeup all day disrupts the natural healing and repairing cycle of your skin. Make sure you make it a habit to remove all your makeup before sleeping. You can use makeup removing oils, gels, or just wash your face with a suitable face wash.

  • Drinking Lots of Water or Herbal Teas to Stay Hydrated:

You must have read or heard people with good skin saying this. Water is life not just for surviving, but for your skin health too. It helps in removing all the toxins accumulated internally inside your body. This accumulation leads to breakouts, oiliness, and dullness of the skin. Keeping your skin hydrated gives you glowing and healthy skin.

Herbal tea is an excellent option for removing toxins and hydrating your body. Its natural ingredients promote skin health and heal any sort of skin damage. It boosts the toxin removal and restoration process of your body.

  • Get 8 Hours of Sleep:

Getting a good night’s sleep not only relaxes your body and brain but also works other parts of your body. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day is necessary for the smooth functioning of your heart and digestive system. Your gut is also responsible for your skin problems. Eating healthy is not enough, your body needs to digest and absorb all the necessary nutrients for best results

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Sleeping uninterrupted calms down your face muscles and gives time to your skin cells to prepare for the next day. This sleeping routine saves you from under-eye bags, puffiness, dryness and wrinkles too.

  • Wash Your Face Twice a Day:

Washing up your face with a gentle face wash that suits your skin type is the simple basic skincare you can offer yourself. Wash your face twice a day for a normal skin type. It removes extra dirt and any layer of makeup from the skin. You must wash your face every day in the morning before applying any makeup and similarly wash it at night to remove it all. Washing your face frequently is not a good option unless it’s recommended to you by your dermatologist. Excessive washing takes away the necessary oils from your face and leaves it dry and damaged. Twice a day is good enough for keeping it healthy and clean.

  • Use Minimal Makeup:

There are several versions of makeup available with an unlimited range of products. All the products claim to have zero side effects on your skin which is actually not true. Regular application of makeup damages your skin cells. Layer after layer makes it difficult for your skin to breathe naturally. If you like to wear makeup regularly, then try to keep it as minimal as it can be. A single layer of tinted BB cream with blusher, mascara and lip colour is all that gives you a natural glowy look. No-makeup look is always in trend. In case you need heavy makeup, skip the makeup for the next few days to compensate for the health of your skin.

  • Do Exercise Regularly:

You must have noticed people with regular fitness routines flaunt their healthy skin. Exercising not only works on your strength and fitness but also regulates blood flow. All the waste from your skin is carried away with good blood flow and increased oxygen level repairs your skin cells at a faster rate. It controls your sugar level too. All these factors combined makes your skin look refreshed and young. 

  • Don’t Consume Excessive Amount of Foods with Excess Sugar:

With all the important factors stated above, one more thing that affects skin health is what you eat. Your eating habits are always going to reflect your skin. You may follow all the important routines and suggestions stated above, but if your food intake is not unhealthy; it’s ultimately gonna show on your skin. Excessive sugars, oils and preserved food items must be avoided. Junk food is a complete no-no. You must increase your vitamin and mineral intake with fruits and natural juices. Avoid tea, coffee and other beverages with added sugar. Increase your fibre intake with fewer carbs and more protein. Keep a track of food items that lead to any skin-related allergies or breakouts. Stay away from chocolates, ice-cream and sweetened food items. You can have them just for taste once in a while, but need to break the habit of having them every day.

  • Don’t Pick Pimples:

As soon as you see that pimple popping out, you could/’t hold back the urge to pick it. Never do that again, it’s just gonna spoil it. Once you pick a pimple, its scar is gonna stay for a very long time. Let them go away naturally. You can apply any ointment or use an ice pack to heal it faster. Avoid touching your pimples always, bacteria on your hands is only going to make it worse. 

  • Handle The Stress:

Most people aren’t aware of the fact that mental health is also responsible for external health too. An increase in your stress level results in imbalanced hormones. It may seem out of your hands, but it isn’t that difficult. All you need is to relax and focus on yourself. Sit in solitude, listen to soothing music, try yoga, meditation, or anything that seems de-stressing to you. Dedicating ten minutes to this routine will give you wonderful results in future. You can feel the difference in just a few days. 

  • Cleanse and Moisturize:

To achieve that flawless, spotless glowing skin you must keep it clean on the microscopic level. Exfoliate your skin on alternate days during summer and 2 times a week during winter. Cleansing your skin opens up the clogged pores and removes any accumulated dirt on it. It removes the extra layer of dead cells. 

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Always moisturize your skin after washing your face. Never leave it bare after cleansing, it’s likely to get allergies and reactions as your pores are open. Moisturize well after bathing. It locks the hydration and shields your skin from getting dry.

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