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Massage is great for your health. Not only can it relieve the pain and stiffness caused by muscle aches, but regular massage can also reduce stress, elevate blood flow and circulation, ease anxiety and more. Massage (aka touch therapy) has been a way to physically and mentally relax for hundreds and even thousands of years.

It is estimated that 92-99 percent of women will have received at least one massage by their 18th birthday. There are a lot of places to get one. There is remedial massage in Sydney, but also almost every town of a certain size in Australia.

5 Health Benefits Of Therapeutic Massage

Ask anyone who’s ever had a professional massage: Some good links in the back can do some serious magic work. After a high quality, professional massage, you let it feel incredibly peaceful, yet somehow powerful. All you need to do is get some work done. As it turns out, these benefits aren’t just extraordinary. No – the power of massage therapy is backed by decades of scientific research, with some of the best studies under the age of 10 (in the world of science, it’s not that long).

You may already know that massage makes you feel better mentally and physically, but it is worth noting why. Ahmed Spruce, DC, and his staff Integrated Body & Medicine in Highland, Indiana, really want to know how your body responds to massage, so we’ve gathered information about the top five benefits of a therapeutic massage. Is the

1. Massage reduces muscle aches and pains

A strenuous exercise, whatever that means to you, makes you feel as though a regular flight of stairs is a 20-mile (uphill) journey. Therapeutic massage is a great recovery tool for injured muscles after exercise, especially in elite sports.

In addition to relaxing muscle aches, massage therapy can reduce physical pain in people who are struggling with chronic pain or have any side effects of any syndrome. Studies show that therapeutic massage can relieve pain associated with fibromyalgia, surgery, and more.

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2. Massage relieves stress and anxiety

Unlimited work lists, work dates, family responsibilities, trying to keep up with all your friends going – today most adults are tasked with duties and responsibilities, many more than they can handle on any given day. General Chat Chat Lounge While the world has become more attuned to the amazing state of mental health, engagement still seems like a badge of honor.

Regular massage can help you to reduce the level of stress and anxiety you feel on a daily basis. Not only does it feel good to take some time for yourself, but massage therapy has been scientifically proven to help relax your mind and body.

Physically, massage allows your body to strain and eliminate your fight or flight response (which is a constant for many of us); Mentally, massage creates a feeling of contentment and reduces anxious thoughts.

3. Massage can help you sleep better

As stress and anxiety move faster today, so does the lack of sleep. If you need a little help getting comfortable, consider incorporating regular massage into your health routine. Scientists have found that massage therapy can help you sleep faster, sleep better, and get better quality closed eyes. Massage therapy is still known to help people catch more ZZZs with insomnia.

4. Massage can improve your immune function

If you find that you are suffering from frequent or other common illnesses, you can benefit from a therapeutic massage. Research has shown that massage therapy can increase the number of lymphocytes – a type of white blood cell that protects your body from disease – in your blood. Science has also shown that massage therapy can reduce the symptoms of diseases, such as inflammation and cortisol.

5. Massage can increase your elasticity and range of motion

Can you wrap your fingers? If you try and feel that no, you can’t touch your fingers, you can benefit from a massage (though you can handle it, you can still benefit). By harnessing soft tissue throughout your body, massage therapy can improve your joint range of motion and flexibility.

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Sports massage, in particular, is known for its effects on movement performance, but any alteration of muscle and connective tissue can improve these parameters. Researchers believe that this happens because massage therapy Edmonton
stimulates blood flow in the joints, promotes lymph circulation, and relaxes the muscles. Ready to enjoy the benefits of massage? Schedule your appointment today at Integrated Body & Medicine by calling our office today.

What is involved with rehab?

Whether you suffer a sports injury or you have a debilitating illness, recovery is a way for you to build strength and get back to your normal activities. At Integrated Body and Medicine, we can help you get back on your feet with various treatments. We specialize in physical medicine and for the recovery of various conditions and problems.

What is rehab?

Recovery is a branch of medicine that focuses on getting your body back to normal. This can happen after the injury or as part of your post-surgical plan. Recovery also helps when you are suffering from a medical problem such as a stroke. The purpose of recovery is to help your body regain its function, while addressing any underlying issues, such as chronic pain, that are getting in your way. It allows you to learn independence in your daily life, such as work skills and leisure activities.

Recovery is not just a cure; It’s a multi functional way for your body to function properly. This can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and holistic approaches. Recovery also helps when you need to learn how to use a helper device, such as a conduit or drive. Education is a big part of recovery, as you are learning new ways to make life easier for whatever condition is affecting your body.

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When you need maintenance

Rehabilitation is a very versatile treatment that we recommend for many different issues. We help you determine which recovery method is right for you to ease your pain and increase your independence. An injury is the only reason you need to recover. The types of injuries that may require this type of treatment include:

  • Rotator cuff injury
  • ACL injuries
  • To count
  • Thick or thick spine
  • Spinal cord injury

You may need to recover after surgery to help you regain your strength and performance. Recovery often starts as soon as possible after your procedure to ensure that you get a jump start on recovery.

Understand the stages of recovery

To find the recovery plan that is right for you, we will discuss your condition at your initial appointment and we can do a physical examination. This helps us to understand what areas you need to focus on during your recovery. There is a lot that goes into your recovery plan, including many specialist and pharmaceutical areas. We help you: Providing exercises to increase strength Focus on your balance and cooperation. Working with you to increase flexibility

Providing a range of motion exercises Massage, heat treatment, and ice cream to ease the burden Physical therapy is an essential part of recovery. It focuses on the area of ​​your body that needs help by strengthening other support areas and improving flexibility. If you are hospitalized, we also use rehab to prepare you for home and release. We teach you how to make your home safer and prepare yourself for a life outside the hospital.

If you need rehab, call our office or schedule an appointment today through our online system. We serve the Greater Highland and Hammond, Indiana, area.

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