Top 51 things you should know about Green Belt Certification


Well, 51 could seem like a lot of information to have. In light of this, I ask that you refrain from being bogged down by it. It covers the fundamentals of Greenbelt, as well as its details.

  1. Obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) certification is not difficult, nor does it need extensive knowledge of statistical methods. What’s more, you may use the skills you gain in your existing position, whether at work or at home.
  2. The LSSGB certification is highly sought after. According to, the average annual pay for a Green Belt in the United States in 2016 is $83000.
  3. For the LSSGB course with training, there is no qualifying requirement. Enrolment is open to anybody who wishes to learn about Lean Six Sigma.
  4. The LSSGB program teaches students how to improve their operational efficiency. Spending some experience working in a company or sector before enrolling is highly recommended, but not required. This will aid the student’s comprehension of the strategies’ application.
  5. In the Quality Management field, the LSSGB course is highly sought. A non-quality background or job may likewise benefit from this. Green Belt Six Sigma Certified Professionals in the United States earn, on average, the following yearly salary, according to data from, which was last updated in January 2017:
  6. Non-Six Sigma employees benefit greatly from hands-on Six Sigma training.
  7. To begin a career in Six Sigma, LSSGB is the best place to begin. You might then progress to Black Belt and Master Black Belt positions via continued study and shown success.
  8. In both manufacturing and service firms, Green Belt Six Sigma specialists play a critical role.
  9. Research from Invensys Global Learning Services demonstrates that Lean Six Sigma is the most widely accepted process improvement technique. The Six Sigma approach resulted in 66% greater project savings for companies.
  10. Market research and innovation are huge priorities for businesses. It’s all about lean, structured lean, and six sigma here.
  11. Change is inevitable in the modern world. It’s all about adaptability in Lean Six sigma. It’s a way of thinking that promotes both quality and timeliness improvement through time.
  12. There are many more aspects of Six Sigma that are not related to statistics. Six Sigma is a problem-solving methodology that makes extensive use of statistical methods. To be a Six Sigma professional, all you need is a passion for exceptional customer service, a willingness to challenge the current quo, and a working grasp of statistics.
  13. The LSSGB training may be provided in-house by certain firms, as well as through well-known training institutes, such as GreyCampus.
  14. In addition to online and instructor-led classes, the courses are accessible in a variety of formats. The length of the training is generally 2-3 days, with an examination on the last day of the session.
  15. A major focus of LSSGB training is on describing the issue and developing a business case for solving it. Useful tools for selecting projects are provided to help with cost-benefit analyses.
  16. DMAIC, the abbreviation for Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control, is one of the problem-solving methodologies taught in the course.
  17. You’ve heard that “95% of mistakes are caused by poor processes”? During LSSGB training, the emphasis is on improving procedures so that mistakes are minimized.
  18. Both Six Sigma and Lean are used to enhance corporate operations and results. Lean focuses on improving the flow and efficiency of the processes in order to reduce waste and increase productivity. Six Sigma is a quality-improvement methodology that aims to maximize production while minimizing waste.
  19. LSSGB is a repository of customer-driven enterprises’ best practices and methods for delivering high-quality goods and services. The consumer is the center of attention.
  20. Six Sigma training teaches you how to find out exactly what your customers want and how to measure that outcome. There is no more uncertainty in the “What is good?” discussions.
  21. In certain service firms, poor quality might cost as much as half of their budgets. Using LSSGB’s proven methods, you can cut the costs of low quality while also increasing earnings for your company by Sprintzeal.
  22. LSSGB training teaches you how to reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction. Simple topics like waste management, such as 8 wastes, are introduced in this course.
  23. The course teaches you how to use basic and effective approaches like 5S to organize your work and resources more efficiently.
  24. Six Sigma-like problem-solving strategies, Voice of the Customer/Employee/Business, are all discussed in detail. It serves as an introduction to the various Six Sigma job functions.
  25. You’ll learn about fundamental concepts like critical to quality measurements, metrics, defects, and opportunities via real-world scenarios.
  26. You’ll learn how to utilize basic tools like Fishbone and Pareto’s 80/20 rule to find the main cause of an issue.
  27. Basic statistical principles including measures of central tendency and variance are used in this course to help you better understand how to assess performance.
  28. It teaches you how to use tools like the Affinity Diagram and PICK charts, among others, to arrive at better solutions.
  29. Failure to maintain and monitor better processes may result in even the greatest Lean Six Sigma programs failing. So that you can guarantee that the gains are maintained over time you use training methods such as control charts, dashboards, and governance structures.
  30. To ensure that controls are effective and manual checks are minimized, LSSGB training includes information on both traditional methods of control and cutting-edge approaches for error-proofing processes.
  31. A student’s grasp of the ideas is tested via online assessments. Time frame: 3-4 hours with multiple-choice questions.
  32. The IASSC and ASQ are two of the most common accrediting bodies for the certifications that training centres provide their students. The accrediting bodies also organize exams.
  33. As a result, certification from approved organizations is a good idea since it provides legitimacy to the training results.
  34. You will always have access to the resources provided to you throughout your training. You can always stay up to speed on the newest news and developments in the Lean Six Sigma field thanks to most training websites.
  35. Putting what you’ve learned into practice in the workplace guarantees that the principles you’ve acquired in the course are firmly established in your mind. Remember that if you don’t apply, you’ll lose the opportunity.
  36. Learnings and best practices may be embedded and shared by using simple tools and strategies in the workplace.
  37. A tried-and-true strategy to bring your teams on board with the good effects of an operational excellence approach is to begin with a work or resource organization utilizing 5S principles.
  38. Poor quality is expensive for businesses in both production and service. In certain cases, service organizations’ budgets might be as much as 50% of their total expenditures. This is where the strategy of Six Sigma and the use of LSSGB-certified experts makes a difference.
  39. Six Sigma also provides a wealth of learning opportunities for everyone involved. You may also be able to teach people how to use the same tactics and methods that you’ve used in your own teams. Personal growth is also an outcome of this.
  40. Lean Six Sigma certification is beneficial for quality workers in manufacturing or service organizations since it helps them grow their abilities and acquire new methods. In addition, it provides them with a foundation of information on which to instruct their employees.
  41. A Lean Six Sigma certification may assist an organization’s operations, service, or manufacturing managers in better- comprehending metrics and procedures. They may improve the problem-solving abilities of their employees by providing further training in this area.
  42. Regardless of whether you work for a start-up or a well-known company? Whether or whether your company uses the term “robotics” or “AI” Companies are eager to hire Six Sigma experts in order to implement long-term, measurable gains.
  43. If you want to start a company of your own. Organizations seek consultants and trainers with experience in Lean Six Sigma. Certification might be the beginning of your career as a businessperson.
  44. You may apply the principles of Lean and Six Sigma Green Belt to your work environment as well as your family or community. Both your home wardrobe and your workplace design will benefit from its use. In addition to reducing expenses in the workplace, it may save you money on your power bill at home as well.
  45. You can be the change you wish to see in the world by doing what you can. Your team will follow your lead if LSSGB teaches you how to look at your challenges as chances for growth.
  46. Having a GB certification on your CV is a huge boost to your professional standing and may help you get a better job.
  47. People with problem-solving and design skills are in high demand in all industries, from start-ups and established businesses alike.
  48. A qualified LSSGB may also be an efficient Project Manager. In addition, you may utilize your LSSGB PDUs (credits) to enroll in PMI and other institutions’ courses using your PDUs.
  49. If you are a Six Sigma professional, you belong to an exclusive group of alumni who share their best practices across sectors and continents.
  50. Demand for Lean Six Sigma expertise will continue to rise as firms seek new ways to innovate and survive in the current business climate.
  51. Get in charge of your own life. A Green Belt certification is a definite step forward in your profession.
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