Can Packaging Inserts in Retail Packaging Supplies Increase Customer Loyalty


What are packaging inserts? We all have seen what they are and know of their presence in most retail packaging supplies that come one’s way during delivery of the items you may have ordered from your favorite e-commerce store. Using packaging inserts could easily level up your shipping & fulfillment game by being a great strategy to use in the long term.

They are unexpected and build a great rapport with the new customers or even existing ones. However, do they work to improve customer loyalty is a question that we must consider? 

What is a Packaging Insert? 

You may wonder exactly what a packaging insert is! For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s an additional item that most e-commerce retailers put into shipments for customers. 

Why Should You As A Business Consider Packaging Inserts? 

If you are a retailer who is considering going the route of building your customer loyalty with new strategies, especially through custom retail packaging and amplifying your retail packaging supplies, then packaging inserts are a great option for your business

Here’s why:

1. Discount Offers

This is one of the most straightforward yet effective ways of using a packaging insert. By including discount offers through the retail box could deliver them to the customer, bypassing their inbox or spam folders. It leaves them a reminder that is tangible. Loads of brands use several different types of packaging inserts that include discount codes for e-commerce transactions on their next purchase on the website. This drives forward customer loyalty. For example, you could send in a 25% off on your next order discount coupon. 

2. Product Samples

By including samples of your new products, you increase the value of each of your packages. In fact, you can easily get free samples from your vendors of the products that they sell and pawn them off to your customers as a way to introduce them to a new product or product line that they may not have previously tried. This could help cross-sell customers to pique their interest in more than just the products that they order and expand their horizon while continuing to build trust in your brand.

3. Small Gifts

Just like samples, when you send in small gifts in the retail packaging supplies, it can create a great delight and surprise for your customers. This is a great way to market new products to them without making it seem like you’re selling them products. Your customers will be baffled in surprise at the wondrous ways you treat them with small effective gifts that could make their life amazing in the long run

4. Personal Notes & Cards

One of the simplest yet cost-effective ways to add character and a personal touch to the packages you send out is by using personal notes and thank-you cards or even birthday cards to customers. Knowing that you keep them in mind and appreciate them shows that you care and helps build loyalty. It can be surprising how far a thoughtful gesture could take one. It adds an angle of personalized packaging, making you wish to keep the alliance strong. 

Originally posted 2021-03-23 11:39:09.

Denis Ava
Denis Ava
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