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Are you are a binge web series watcher and frequently hop from platform to platform in search of the best content, then here is the best Drama series for you to watch. “Tell Me Lies ” is one of the best drama series available but the first season ended with many unforeseen outcomes leaving the fans bewildered. 

  • Now the fans are aggravated for the “Tell Me Lies season 2” and are curious to know about the whereabouts of the second season. All their queries and doubts will be solved and they will be given a satisfactory answer to their query here in the blog.
  • To begin with any facts and figures let us get a quick recap of the first season of “Tell Me Lies”. The season for the first time was released in the Hulu streaming platform towards the end of 2022. After this, the viewers are still hoping for the sequel of the series but all their struggles are going in vain. 
  • The first season had 10 episodes having a runtime of one hour each. The news about “Tell Me Lies Season 2” again resurfaced in the following year when on May there was a rumour that the next season will be brought up on the Hulu platform in the same late 2023. The basis of all these rumors was the fact that Hulu was posting short clips of the first season in various social media and Youtube which convinced the fans that season 2 of “tell me lies” is soon going to be released. 

Tell me lies Season 2 cast:

Tell me lies Season 2 cast

  • Whenever the show resumes on Disney+ or Hulu, the cast of the second season of Tell Me Lies is more or less going to remain the same. All the actors and actresses involved have done their best to make the series a hit. In the lead role, we have young actress Grace Van Patten who is playing the role of Lucy Albright opposite Steven DeMarco whose role is played by Jackson White.  
  • The dorm roommates of Lucy include Pippa and Bree whose roles have been fulfilled by “Sonia Mena” & “Catherine Missal”. The role of Steven’s best friend, Wrigley is played by Spencer House while the role of Drew is played by Benjamin Wadsworth.  The arched rival Diana’s role in the Tell Me Lies season 2 is played by Alicia Crowder. Other cast members of the show include Edmund Donovan as Max, Tyriq as Tim, Gabriella Pession as Marianne, and Natalee Linez as Lydia Montgomery.
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Tell Me Lies season 2 background:

Tell Me Lies season 2 is the sequel to the famous TV series “Tell Me Lies“. Season 2 of this amazing TV series is yet to come but the official announcement regarding the same has been made. The show is based on the popular novel of 2018 that goes by the same name. The novel was written by “Carola Lovering” while the TV series was created by “Meaghan” & “Oppenheimer”. The show is based on the drama genre which depicts the story of Lucy Albright and Steven DeMarco. The first season was released on  7 September 2022. The first season consists of 10 episodes having a runtime of approximately one hour per episode.

When is Tell Me Lies season 2 arriving?

Tell Me Lies season 2 is anticipated by many viewers but no news confirms the same. Even the official production house had once declared that the next season will soon be launched over Hulu but there is no news of it till now. From all the information across the internet, many are busy claiming different dates regarding the Tell Me Lies season 2 but nothing on the concrete level worked. So fans should either look for alternative shows or wait patiently till the next season arrives. There is no point in making any guesswork. Whenever any announcement from the official handle is made, you will be given exclusive information regarding the second season. 

Tell Me Lies Season 1 quick recap and story so far:

Tell Me Lies Season 1
Tell Me Lies Season 1
  • In the first episode itself, viewers witness Lucy dreaming of having passionate sex with her former lover Steven. After this, she prepares herself for her friend’s wedding and again she sees Steven live in front of her eyes. Then there is a flashback where Lucy has been recently dumped by her boyfriend Parker. It was in the first year of college, that Lucy and Steven went out for their first official date. Steven makes the first move which she denies initially. 
  • The next day they discover that Macy has a major accident and cannot survive. Macy was Lucy’s roommate and this news came as a shock for her. That night she was not in her senses and kept on drinking the whole night. Steven at that time helps her and drops her to the dorm room. The next morning they begin making out but all of a sudden, Lucy stops Steven. 
  • As soon as Steven is out of Lucy’s dorm room, Diana confronts him and from their conversation, it becomes evident that they both had previously dated for two years. Then after they make out, Wrigley calls Steven and calls him at Drew’s place. Drew seems nervous and from the episode, it becomes evident that it has something to do with Lucy’s death. Later during the conversation, Drew reveals that the night Macy died, he was on a bear run and was about to crash with her. After Macy crashed, Drew panicked and fled the scene. 
  • After all these incidents, Lucy finally agrees to go on a date with Steven but he is interrupted during the date by his mother. Later Diana and Lucy talk for a while which makes Lucy realise that after all Diana is not as bad as all have portrayed her to be. Lucy’s other friend, Pipa is dating Wrigley but she asks him about Drew and why has he bailed out on so many events. Drew on the other hand is having a hard time coming out from the trauma he is undergoing through. Steven, Wrigley, and Pipa bring Drew to his dorm after he is intoxicated. Drew murmurs something about Macy and Pipa is able to spill the beans out from Wrigley. 
  • Now all the characters of the web series meet each other after vacation. Diana reveals to Steven that she had slept with Wrigley during the welcome week which mentally disturbs Steven and the thoughts keep on haunting him. After getting betrayed by Diana, Steven tries to go back with Lucy but Lucy has decided to end their relationship with Steven because he was hiding the fact that he was dating Macy before she died in a horrific car crash. 
  • The reason for Macy’s death is revealed in the 6th episode of the first season when Lucy confronts Steven with the gift, he reveals that Macy and he were in a secret relationship but he had promised to keep it a secret. The night before when Lucy died, he was there with her. Macy dropped Steven and to dodge a speeding car, Macy hit the tree and crashed. Steven was in tears while explaining the incident to her. Lucy now felt sympathetic towards Steven and consolidated him. Steven is also suffering from the trauma he being deceived by his girlfriend Diana and his best friend Wrigley. He confronted Diana and broke up with her.
  • Brie and Pipa had earlier warned Lucy about Steven’s lying tendencies and when they both were together again, they seemed to be unhappy with the outcome. Turn by turn Steven confronts each of the other characters and makes them feel guilty about their involvement in his relationship. So after all this will you think that things will get normal between this estranged group? To know better wait patiently for the Tell me Lies Season 2 official announcements or trailer.
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